Site Speed Optimization

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Why do you need to Improve your Site Speed?

For starters, Google thinks site speed is important. Some would even go as far to say that Google has a bit of an obsession with how quickly a page loads.

Which isn’t exactly breaking news. Google has always rewarded sites that have clean codes and download quickly. This became particularly apparent when the Big G announced its Speed Online Tool in 2011.

From its Webmaster Central Blog, here’s a description of the tool:

“At Google, we’re striving to make the whole web fast. As part of that effort, we’re launching a new web-based tool in Google Labs, Page Speed Online, which analyzes the performance of web pages and gives specific suggestions for making them faster. Page Speed Online is available from any browser, at any time. This allows website owners to get immediate access to Page Speed performance suggestions so they can make their pages faster.”


Site Speed Optimization and Maintenance:

  • Improving existing caching capabilities
  • Setting up Content Delivery Networks
  • Loading all static files (CSS, JS, Images, Scripts, etc.) from CDN
  • Database Indexing
  • Optimizing database tables
  • Optimizing image sizes
  • Asynchronous Loading of Javascripts
  • Enabling SPDY technology
  • HTTPS compatibility
  • Monthly Monitoring and Reports
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