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Implementing Hubstaff


As you all know, a brave, intimate group agreed to test Hubstaff for us. Looking at the results of the test, I would say that I’m really impressed how the tool works.

I’ve asked around and so far as I’ve heard is that it does make the team more efficient as a whole. Our ‘free trial’ is coming to an end. I took the extra effort to communicate with the owner of Hubstaff. We exchanged a few emails.

The good news is, we are going to be able to use Hubstaff – for free. In exchange, I have agreed to promote them in my blogs.

That being said, I am now officially implementing Hubstaff as one of our measures of accountability as a team. For those who don’t have it installed, please do so as soon as you can.
Some things to be mindful about:
1) If you are not able to maintain at least 7 hours and 45 minutes (we have a full 8 hours to work not considering the 1 hour for lunchbreak and 15 minutes for the ‘free’ break), please send an email to your team leaders and CC me for the reason.

2) If you are not comfortable Hubstaff being turned on while doing something ‘private’ in your laptop, please feel free to pause it.

3) I don’t want to hear any excuses of ‘forgetting to turn Hubstaff on’ so as to not achieving the 7:45 we are all required to undertake

4) If you have problems running Hubstaff or syncing it to your laptop, please make sure to have me check it on Monday

5) I will be regularly checking Hubstaff however I won’t be regularly checking the screenshots as it is too tedious for me. I will only check screenshots of people who are under performing or who are mounting up less than 7 hours per day.

6) Remember that you are serving the Lord and integrity is highly valued. If the output has been awesome and the work ethics has been impeccable, Hubstaff would NOT HAVE BEEN NEEDED.

7) If you have any questions or concerns, please email me or set a meeting with me on a Monday.

I expect everyone to have Hubstaff installed and running this Monday 12nn.

Testing time is over. This is the real deal.

Thank you very much,

– Sean Si

SEO Hacker Team

Respecting the Company and Company Policies

Company Policy

To whoever it may concern in the SEO Hacker team,

I know that getting to work early is a thing mostly overlooked by other company cultures. I want you to know that we’ve been lenient with that for almost 3 years now.

I will be completely transparent with you as I have always been. I’m not really happy that we have a 15 minute grace period and still people come to work late. I can simply accredit this as due to our lacking of any negative consequences for people who are regularly late BUT I will definitely not concede to this as being part of our company culture.

I know that you try to extend hours to keep up with your lates – however, if you can finish work early and go home early, wouldn’t that be all the better? But getting to work on time has to be respected – both for yourself and for the company.

Train Tracks

When will the train arrive?

Not knowing what time the train will leave means that people in the next station won’t know when it will arrive. This is something I think should be addressed. We want to eliminate the constant question of “When will the train arrive?”

Go to work on the right time. Don’t be late.

You maybe thinking “it’s not the company it used to be” – you’re right. It’s not.

We’ve grown – and we are growing in an unexpectedly rapid rate. At that, we all have to adapt. For most of you, your salaries are not the same as well – and we have the company and God to thank for that. The growth has sustained our payroll and has even expanded our office to where we are now.

As all growing things, it connotes change – change in culture, change in management, change in leadership, change in efficiency, change in style… Basically change in everything.

Please do not be so surprised as these changes are happening. It’s extremely hard to keep a culture the way it is from start to finish. Apple started in a garage – do you think they logged-in and logged-out with their hours during their early days?

Hell no.

Jobs and Wozniak

Jobs and Wozniak at the Apple Garage

What they did was burn their assess off in making the company good. And once it reached a net worth of more than a billion dollars, things changed. They had to take the company from good to great.

That means they did have to log-in and out. They had to be efficient. They had to produce. They had to deliver on time. They had to keep warehousing low while keeping supply and demand at a consistent rate. They had to deal with numbers. With a board. With shareholders.

In short, they had to deal with a lot of stuff they really didn’t deal with before.

I don’t need to write this letter to you. Let’s face the cold, hard facts: I can simply implement a policy whenever I want because SEO Hacker is a sole proprietorship – and I’m the sole proprietor. Of course, that is with the implicit knowledge that I won’t implement a stupid or harmful policy – and that, with each policy I implement, I myself take the lead.

The point I want to make is that change happens. We all have to deal with it. I used to be able to lead and deal closely with the ENTIRE TEAM – that’s because the entire team used to consist of just 4 – 5 people.

Now there’s almost 20 of us.

I know that you may not like the new policies. You may not like the Skype sign-in, sign-out, you may not like Hubstaff and how it’s taking screenshots of you and pushing/pressuring you to be more efficient, but hey, these are measures that we need to implement because we’re a business.

At the end of the day, we need the output. Our clients need the output. And there are times when the teams are really producing bad output.

I can’t deal with bad output.

Please understand, I’m a solo salesman. I’m not even a super salesman. I’m just an SEO salesman and God knows I’m doing my very best to close deals and renew contracts so that the company can grow and thrive and we’ll all have work to do and income to look forward to.

Do you know how hard it is to close a deal? Much more, to sell a service that is relatively ‘uncommon’ at a high value-for-money price?

I need the operations’ output to be good. No, not just good – great. Because that’s what we say and that’s what really makes us different.

Do you understand how much bad output frustrates me?

I’m not writing this to demoralize you or to tell you you’re doing a bad job.

I’m writing this to you to ask you to do your best in where you are. Because #1, God put you there, #2, you owe it to yourself and to the company to do great things, #3, because I am personally eyeing people who are A players and taking note of people who are B players or otherwise.

And right now, I don’t see that happening.

I’ve been reading the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. It shed a lot of light to where we are and what I’m supposed to do. One of the key points he makes is that the company should have the right people in the right seats. A players.

These people are self-motivated and have the company’s best interests at heart because they know, at the end of the day, the company is going to be the one to support them.

Someday things will change once more – and the company will need A players in the team. Perhaps only the A players will make it to the end.

Here’s one of my favorite nuggets of knowledge from ‘Good to Great’:

“Yes compensation and incentives are important, but for very different reasons in good-to-great companies. The purpose of a compensation system should not be to get the right behaviors from the wrong people, but to get the right people on the bus in the first place, and to keep them there.”

So far SEO Hacker has been a company that’s lenient with management, efficiency and delivery. We allow unlimited use of social media (even in company hours). We allow unlimited fun (also in company hours). We allow unlimited break times. We (used to) allow unlimited air-conditioning even throughout the night for those staying overnight.

All unaccounted for.

We cannot have that anymore. There has to be changes. There has to be accountability. And I assure you, these changes are for the better – for all of us.

Honestly, I would never want it to get to the point that I would be willing to lose some good people in order to implement a change that will improve the company as a whole. We have an awesome team – and we are like a family. Losing someone can really hurt. However, the thought of losing the company should be even more fearful. Right now, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Policies are not respected, deadlines are not met, menial tasks are overlooked.

We have to change that.

One smart uncle of mine used to say: “No one is indispensable. A boss who makes one of his people indispensable is stupid.”

Please don’t make me believe that I was wrong in thinking of making each of you Linchpins – indispensable individuals with high capacity for efficiency, growth, innovation and value.

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” – Luke 16:10

We all know this verse. What I want to imply is very simple: If I can’t trust you to do the little things I ask of you, I wouldn’t be able to trust you when I ask you to play it big.

And I do need people who can play it big.

So tell me 5 things:

  1. What can we do to make sure that everyone gets to work at the RIGHT TIME
  2. What can we do to make sure everyone signs-in and signs-out on Skype
  3. What can we do to make sure that everyone’s testing Hubstaff correctly (recording time correctly, finding issues with screenshots/the app itself, finding issues with not meeting at least 8 hours, etc.)
  4. What can we do to make sure that everyone posts in the forums and reads articles even if things may not look like it’s picking up yet (because it’s still asked of you to do it – and it is part of our work)
  5. What can we do to make sure that you are meeting your quota, producing output, innovating and growing daily

Let’s face it, what we’re being paid for in SEO Hacker is our effort and our time. That’s what we have to offer. Are we really giving it our best? Or at least, are we really giving our job the right time and effort it deserves from us?

Because anything that falls short of that is considered stealing.

I also want to clarify that I may be wrong and this letter may just be another side of me that has been blinded by working remotely. However, the numbers speak clearly.

May God oversee all this. At the end of the day, it’s the Lord who gives wisdom and tells us how to act.

SEO Hacker Team

Lessons Learned Growing our Startup to $17,000 in Monthly Revenue

I had nothing but a mere 2,000 pesos in my wallet. I wanted to get rich. I didn’t want to work for money (I wanted money to work for me). And I had a whole ton of ideas. Here’s where I started to try and take SEO Hacker to $50k in monthly revenue.

I wanted to blog.

That’s where it all started.

I took up IT in college but I my heart was set to writing – and what better place to write than in a blog? Where people could immediately see your ideas play out – and even share it out to their peers.

“What do I write about?”

I had the will, but did I have the passion to fuel my writing to last?

So I took a deep look at what I really wanted to do in life – and found it out.

I wanted to write for God.

So with my last 2,000 pesos, I went ahead and bought a 1 gig space of hosting and a domain name:

It would turn out to be God and You – and I would still write there up til today.

Then I realized, a mere 3 people were coming in to visit my blog – me, my mom and my brother.

I needed more traffic

So I searched around and stumbled upon this acronym “SEO.”

What the hell is SEO?

I delved deeper into it. Sooner than later, I was hooked!

I was testing each and everything I could get my hands on to my personal blog – God and You.

But some things I couldn’t test out in my Christian blog, and I needed to document what I was learning anyway – so I started another blog:

SEO Hacker was my online journal – where I’d write everything I learned about SEO. At the same time, it was my test bed – I could do any and every test I wanted with it.

But things became more interesting – more and more people started to pay attention to my stuff. SEO Hacker’s traffic grew and grew – and I knew I had something big cooking.

SEO Hacker Early Traffic

The Business Model

I didn’t know any other SEO company during the time – but I knew that SEO is a maintenance thing and not a one-time development. That’s fine because maintenance spells “Security” for me.

So I made my own business model – to charge up on a monthly basis. And sooner than I expected, my first client came along.

It was a $500 per month contract – I was extremely happy about it, especially since I was getting paid less than that for my day job.

My day job entailed 1 and a half hour of commute, paying for lunch and dinner (I was almost always working overtime) for myself, and working 5 days a week.

With my first SEO gig, I could work 3 hours a day, 3 days a week – and all from the comfort of my home.

It just didn’t make sense for me to keep my day job anymore.

The Sales Pitch

Being an employee means you don’t have your own time and you work for a system. Being self-employed means you have your own time and you work for a system. Being a businessman means you own your time and you own a system.

Seeing that my SEO gig could turn into a business, I started to formulate my own system based on the strategies I was using to rank.

It was a measly skeleton system at first – since I was doing the legwork myself.

It wasn’t working as well as I’d hoped with the first client – but it was showing some promise.

So I went ahead and pitched to a second client – I didn’t have any real portfolio, any real professional experience, anything but my blog to show him – but he bit it.

We closed the deal and I made $1,000 per month from the contract.


It was the biggest scuba diving and liveaboard company here in the Philippines.

I applied my system – plus I told him that since I’m the writer too, I’ll need to experience what it’s like to dive.

I got my basic and advanced diver’s license for FREE.

Sean Scuba

I did nothing but dive for weeks! It was a dream job.

And I got paid $1,000 for it.

The system I made is so stupidly simple.

First: Keep writing.

Everyone knows that content is a very important foundation of a website’s SEO. Personally, I think written content is still the best form of content to date. It fattens up your index, it increases your sitemap and it improves your entire website’s keyword density and relevance.

Second: Build Relevant Links.

It doesn’t have to be a guest post! As long as you’re building links consistently – from blogs, directories, forums, heck even social media profiles – it’s going to help! Hell, if you’ve got nothing but just guest post links, it’s still going to be dubious.

Third: Be Real

A real company will have real social media profiles – and use ’em. Make sure the client has a Facebook page, twitter and Google+ page. And make sure that their latest articles are there.

These are some of the strategies I started with. We played with it, tweaked it, and refined it along the way.

I realized I couldn’t handle everything especially when our client base began to grow – so I started hiring people and I imparted this strategy to them.

Up to today, this is still the main three things that our company does for clients – and it works!

Key Takeaway

If you’re starting out your own SEO services company, formulate a system and stick with three stupidly simple strategies – it will make imparting them to the next generation of teammates easier.


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Building an A Team

It’s been 4 years since I wrote the first word in the SEO Hacker blog. I vividly remember telling my then girlfriend “Oh that God would bless me with an awesome team!”

Lots of things have happened since then.

Here we are now – a band of crazy ones, misfits, rebels, round pegs in the square holes. A team that sees things differently, not fond of rules, and no respect for the status-quo.

A team that is meant to make a dent in the universe.

So here we are in our fourth year – young guns, all of us. And here are some questions that lay ahead of us:

  1. What’s next?
  2. Where are we headed?
  3. And why do we want to go there?

I’ve been blogging about this awesome book I’m reading: “Good to Great” by Jim Collins.

He talks about having the right people at the right seats and getting the wrong people off the bus.

This is something I am very focused about right now. It is critical for us to have the right people this year. For no other reason than because it is the year we are going to tip.

We are about to start an epidemic like the SEO industry has never seen before.

We’re going to be in blogs, in the news, and in the mouths of people who are hyped up about who we are and what we do.

We have built a brand that is strong enough to make a grand entrance in the online marketing scene.

That means we all need to be A players.

We all have to have an initiative for bringing the company forward.

We all need to put a high price on Spiritual Discipline. To Put God first. That’s the highest point of leadership. When you know your ultimate purpose in life, are secure in a love that is beyond anything this world can fill – then you can move, achieve and ultimately fly towards anything you set your heart and mind to do.

A players are people who Test. Test. And Test. Move fast and Break things. Have your own blog. Do whatever inspires your curiosity enough that you’ll take unwarranted action.

A players are people who Read. Don’t you know the reason why the Bible is not in video? It’s because reading leaves room for imagination. Grow that vision and dream big.

A players are people who Innovate. Imagining is thinking it. Innovating is doing it.

A players are people who Write. Document everything. Why we are here now is because of the things that were blogged in SEO Hacker when we were starting out. People will read your stuff. But even if they don’t. You will remember it because you wrote it.

There’s another truth to having an A team.

And that is taking the B players off the bus.

When you have a B player with an A player, what usually happens is that the A player is discouraged to perform in peak capacity. Because hey, the B players are getting their pay grade and the same benefits anyway.

We don’t want that to happen.

And you know what?

Because, you are going to be A players, I know you’ll be offered a job elsewhere – in fact, I’m predicting it.

And when that happens, I want you to know that I’ll be proud of you wherever you decide to go.

You guys have helped build SEO Hacker into what it is now and I know wherever you’ll be sent, you’ll make a positive change.

And for the people who will stay, I want you to know that I’ll take you with me all the way to the top. And the world will know who you are and what you’ve done to contribute to the society.

You’ll be a super star team.

Here’s the vision for SEO Hacker for this year:

SEO Hacker Team 2014

1) Be self-supplanting – We all know that our real goal is to have our own product and right now it’s SEO School, have its own online tool (which we’re working on with Richmond Ibasco as we speak), have a perpetual revenue stream from multiple incentive models (Issho Genki, Uratex eCommerce, Meiji eCommerce, etc.)

2) Be the thought leader – always innovating on how to do awesome marketing for our own branding first – then for our clients. We’ll keep on pushing and pushing until other companies are forced to keep up or die off. We’ll invent and invent because we have it in us to do so.

3) Grow the Talents – We are planning to hire more technical people to help us achieve our plans of perpetual revenue stream. In order to achieve this, we will need people who have an uncanny knack for awesome User Experience, Design, and Front and Back-end Development.

4) Build a million dollar company – Why stop where we’re at? When we get to a point where we can self supplant, it will be a colossal cataclysmic growth for greatness.

5) Have tons and tons of fun while we’re at it – And that’s what we’re about to do now.

So as we approach this year with our hopes held high and our jeering strong, let’s offer a clap of praise to what God has done for us.

Here’s to another year of growth, friendship, innovation and success!

Cheers guys!

Sean Si


SEO Hacker Team

To the Tipping Point!

SEO Hacker Outing

I recently finished the book ‘The Tipping Point‘ by Malcolm Gladwell – to give you a little more background about it, it’s a book that talks about what happens before an epidemic and what factors you can affect in order to start or stop one.

I talked with you guys about Critical mass and Residual income before. I finally found out that it is only achieved when your company has ‘tipped’ in a business perspective. Today I bring you good news!

We are on our way.

The foundations are laid. The flags are waiving. We are at the forefront of success! SEO Hacker is a name now known by many – especially those in our industry.

From the highest, most well-funded internet marketing company to the lowest 1 month start-up and freelancers – SEO Hacker is a name that has passed them by once or twice. I still can’t believe how many people approached me at MorCon and in some places I’ve been to.

What else do we need to do?

Jeff Bezos (CEO of said: “I very frequently get the question: ‘What’s going to change in the next 10 years?’ And that is a very interesting question; it’s a very common one. I almost never get the question: ‘What’s not going to change in the next 10 years?’ And I submit to you that that second question is actually the more important of the two — because you can build a business strategy around the things that are stable in time. … [I]n our retail business, we know that customers want low prices, and I know that’s going to be true 10 years from now. They want fast delivery; they want vast selection. It’s impossible to imagine a future 10 years from now where a customer comes up and says, ‘Jeff I love Amazon; I just wish the prices were a little higher,’ [or] ‘I love Amazon; I just wish you’d deliver a little more slowly.’ Impossible. And so the effort we put into those things, spinning those things up, we know the energy we put into it today will still be paying off dividends for our customers 10 years from now. When you have something that you know is true, even over the long term, you can afford to put a lot of energy into it.”

All we need to do is keep going. Keep doing the right things. Keep hitting our targets. Keep innovating. Keep giving clients what they want. Keep being the thought leaders in our field.

All that and build our brand and team. That’s you and that’s me.

We are the pillars that this great company is going to be built on.

Trust is a Rare Gem

And we are very blessed to have it abundantly here in our team. I leave my door open – nothing gets lost. We pass the ball on to another teammate, we’re confident it gets done.

I know that it has been a tough time getting back your trust after all that has happened after moving here to our new office. I know that I have a fault in all that mess. But please know that not everything that was said is true. More importantly, not everything that was said is helpful.

I can call you fat. It can be true. But I’m pretty darn sure it won’t be helpful.

You have seen my efforts in trying to reach out to each of you. I want to make things better. We all want this to work.

Most of you believe that God led you here. And it’s nothing short of a grand reason and purpose. I believe so too.

I’ve heard a lot of stories of a company gone bad because of its team. I know how blessed I am to have all of you as my team.

One thing you can be sure of. I am the pilot. And I’ll do everything in my power and wisdom and strength to steer and navigate and maintain the plane towards our destination. If our plane crashes somewhere along the way, I will make sure to safely lead you out of the crash before I try to escape the fires myself.

But in all that’s going to happen, be assured that God is completely in control. Whether we do arrive or we crash – He has a great purpose.

And it was one heck of a ride.

Now, here’s the dawn of a new age. It’s the start of our third year together. I see new faces and that means our team chemistry will once again be shaken.

I need you to step up and here are some truths that I want to confront you with today:

Your salary will only go up – meaning there is no way for you to skill down or task down. There can only be one way to stay in the team and to keep your salary: Up. Keep moving up. Innovation is a discipline that you have to take on. You are my forerunners. Everything that you will innovate will mean growth. Your growth and the company’s growth.

Let’s face it – some of you here have been cruising. Happy with the status quo. Milking the cow for what it’s worth. That is never a good thing. You are sitting ducks for the next big thing to shoot down.

The reason why we are moving to content marketing is not because we innovated. It’s because we were cruising too much and we’ve lagged behind – and now we need to catch up. This is something that we do not want to happen again.

We want to be ahead. We want to be the thought leaders. I want all of you to be authorities in your own right. In your own special niche. In your own specific talent and skill. I want the world to know who you are and recognize that you are an all-star player. I want other companies to desire you in their team.

This is my vision for each of you.

I don’t care if it risks me losing you. One thing I ask of you if you get there: Keep your head low. All things that you have achieved is because of three things: Hard work, God and Guts. Always remember to look back and see how far you’ve gone and who helped you out along the way.

Work From Home is a High Discipline Benefit

Work From Home is a company culture I want to keep. As it is, I’m barely seeing all of us in the office together. I do not want to remove this benefit. However there are some of you here that fail to work from home on their scheduled Work from Home days. Or they would work late in the day – but by then we’re all out of office and we cannot coordinate.

Work from home should mean that you are indeed working – from home. On the right office hours that you are scheduled to work in. Make sure that you are available to contact the whole time – and respond!

I will need your dedication and discipline to keep this culture alive.

Vacation Leaves

I think that we have too much vacation leaves for each of us. 15 a year is awesome but it contributes to us not being complete in the office. I barely remember a day and time when we’re all here and there was no special event to celebrate. I’m planning to trim this down to 10 – which is still generous in my honest opinion because we still have sick and emergency leaves as well as work from home to recharge ourselves.

The Maid Experience

It was awesome not having to sweep the floor, clean the CR, cook rice and all that stuff. Now we’ll have to do all these things on our own. I’m glad that we’ve all learned and improved since the Batac days – and this is when you’ll be able to show me that I can finally entrust the office to all of you.

We will help you by setting up reminders in places where we think will be most helpful. Please follow rules and cleaning schedules (when we’ll schedule you) as we are all going to be responsible for our office. Remember that we are a start-up and not a corporation. Trust me when I say that most start-ups don’t have their own office maids.

Make the office a place where you want to work in. We are God’s appointed stewards for this place.

My Wedding Day

I expect all of you to be there. It’s at February 22 (222) next year. Things are going to change – in fact, they already are. And we all feel it. I’ve got tons of extra meetings for wedding suppliers and ninongs and ninangs to take care of as well as house suppliers and check-ups.

I’m going to be living around Scout area at QC which is approximately an hour and a half from here. I’ll try my best to be here at least every Monday for meetings, mentoring and 1 on 1’s.

There is a golden opportunity that will be handed over to you as I transfer to QC. And some of your will grab it. Leaders will spring up. Innovation will improve. Epidemics of hard work and self-imposed projects will start. Some of you here such as John, Marc, Austin and P3 are already laying down the foundations of their websites. I’m very proud of these four for doing so.

That’s not to say that the rest of you are doing any less. Some of you are learning new programming languages everyday. I’m very proud of my brother for trying to go out of his comfort zone to learn mobile responsive codes.

People who bring themselves forward deserve respect.

I will always be your mentor and leader and coach. If there is anything you need help with, I am a doorknock away. And someday perhaps, an email away.

2 Short Years Flew By

I can still vividly recall how we started out just the 3 of us – in that small office in NUR building with all its quirks and limitations.

Even if we are still considered a ‘baby’ as a business in the world’s standards, we had a really good run. Help me help you win. Most importantly, help me help you grow.

Let me leave you with this short verse I came upon in my devotion: “To learn, you must love discipline; it is stupid to hate correction.” – Proverbs 12:1

Love discipline. Love correction. Love God. Take ownership of SEO Hacker as if it is yours.

Because at the end of the day, we are all riding the same plane.

Cheers fellas,

Sean Si

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A Letter to the SEO Hacker Team

Hey guys how are you doing. I’ll be flying to Bacolod today – I hope and pray that you will do mighty well without me. Work hard and well. Get to know each other. Make Angie feel welcome. It would be quite hard for me to watch over you while I’m away.

SEO Hacker HarlemSEO Hacker was registered in DTI April 2011 – had its first office November 2011. We had our first in-house team of three. That’s me, Vince and Rob. I still remember those days in NUR building when we would all be in one table and I would try hard to teach the two of them.

Time flies.

A year and a half later and here we are – 17 strong.

Me, Apple, Vince, Rob, Kevin, Austin, Marc, Khris, Shiro, Che, Uel, Aubrey, P3, John, Angie, Patrick, and Richmond.

Imagine that.

I remember the time when I earnestly prayed to God for a team – a wonderful team who would help me build SEO Hacker as God’s steward. And as the song goes “God gave me you.”

All of you.

In the eyes of the world, we are but a fledgling. Perhaps even unborn. It’s said that it takes 5 years for a start-up to be considered a ‘real business’. We have a looooooooong way to go. Only those who have it in their heart to stay with me until the end will have a shot at what I’m aiming for.

I want to change the world.

The ones who have been with me from the very beginning will reap their reward. Those who have stayed with me for some time will always be valued by people.

I will honor and love all who pass by my way because I know that you have been brought to me by God – nothing happens without Him allowing it to.

I will be committed to understanding you, helping you, being a leader and a teammate to you.

I know that not all of you will stay.

For that, I want you to know that I appreciate all your help in building this work that God has blessed me with.

For those who have it in their heart to stay, I want you to know that I will always remember you and honor your loyalty and commitment in due time.

You are special.

That is why you are in my team.

Whether you stay or leave, I will make sure that the world will be a better place with you around because you have been with me.

At the very least, you will be a better specialist and professional. At the very best, you will be a better man / woman of God with exceptional skills to boot!

A world changer.

I know that things have gotten tough with us – and there will be more rough roads ahead. Being a fledgling in this world of competition means a rough, bloody and costly uphill climb. Only by God’s great grace do we tread along.

You are God’s gift to me.

I will always remember how you came into the team. I will always treasure your first spark of commitment. I will always recall your moments of loyalty. I look forward to the day we’ll have our team pic when each of us is gray and old and able to retire.

And we’ll tell ourselves “We had a good run.”

So this week that I’ll be away, prove me right. Show me that you guys have it. Most of all, “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.” – 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Price too Expensive for You?

There’s a saying “If you pay peanuts… You get monkeys”

SEO is not immune to this saying. If you’re only willing to shell out peanut-sized budget, I won’t be surprised that your site got a Google penalty.

SEO is a tough job. It involves tackling extensive research, intense study of your company and market, fixing all the little details in your website, creative ways in getting you great links, reaching out to other webmasters in your industry to ask them to share your stuff, and all things that you never would have thought we were doing for you.

So before you tell me the price is too expensive, please do read these compilations of SEO pricing justification on the web.

If the Price is too good to be true…

Watch Matt Cutts (Google Spam Team) as he talks about people who offer ‘too good to be true’ SEO packages and how you should react to it.

WARNING: Before you argue that our services are too damn expensive, read this article about BEING CHEAP WITH YOUR SEO

You should also look at this to find about how much Web Marketing and SEO costs in the web as a STANDARD

Lastly, read the rules you have to know before you can become an SEO client.

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Conversion Rate Optimization | User Experience

User experience is now an ever-growing need both in website and mobile browsing experience. You don’t want users who come into your website to just loiter around until they find a page you want them to find or click on a button that you want them to click.

Our User Experience Optimization Package deals with improving your website month-on month. Innovating designs based on your website’s performance as measured in Google analytics or any other analytics tool you have in place. User Experience Optimization makes sure that your website’s goal is met.


Preliminary Study and Analysis

  • Study of the current design
  • Reports of the weaknesses and problems encountered
  • Goal Setting
    • Targeting the Critical Goals of the Website
    • Optimizing Design to meet those Goals
    • Tracking the Number of Goals Met Overtime

Wireframe Mock-up Design

  • Innovation of the new design
  • Creation of the mock-up design (Draft)

New Design Interface

  • CSS Coding of the New Design
  • Uploading and Implementation of the New Design
  • Analysis of its effectiveness

Challenger Design Interface

  • CSS Coding of the Challenger Design Based on possible Improvements
  • Uploading and Implementation of the Challenger Design
  • Preparation for Split testing

A/B Split Testing

  • Comparison based on stats of the new design and challenger design
  • Design with the Better Statistics and Goal Completion will be the Champion design

Monthly Improvement and Optimization

  • Analysis of the Results of Split Testing
  • Innovation of New Challenger Designs to Compete with the Champion Design

Interested? Why don’t we get in touch – Contact us Now for a free Analysis and Quotation!

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Here are some of the testimonials that SEO Hacker has received from its clients:

Sean Si and Karin timmel“Sean Si is one of our most reliable partners (always on time, target oriented and output focused, expert knowledge, creative and trustful) and improved our companies web presence in a very short time. I can recommend his services highly. Furthermore is Sean Si a very professional person with a great and efficient work attitude and excellent social skills. … and by the way a good scuba diver :-)”

– Karin Timmel
Expeditionfleet Marketing Manager

Sean Si, Janine Habacon and Mike Gonzalez“SEO Hacker has surpassed our expectations. Sean and his team have been responsive to our needs and have been diligent to address our queries in a timely manner. He patiently explained how the process would evolve and he also provided practical solutions to our company’s requirements. We are pleased with the results and we are looking forward to more quality business dealings with SEO Hacker.”
– Mike Gonzalez
Roberts AIPMC General Manager

Sean Si and John Fajarda“When Meiji Electric first ventured into the web, as an electrical company, Meiji was looking foran internet marketing company that will help us get results.SEO Hacker has helped us strategize our presence into the web, has made some of our products on top of the list in the search engine and most importantly, we got the results we wanted.”
– John Fajarda
Meiji Electric Sales Department Manager

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