4 ways to maximize your business'
Influence marketing

Let's face it - traditional advertisements are almost obsolete in this time and age. For one, in entails a lot of money, and two, it most of the time fall on deaf ears. This is why most business' go for influence marketing as their main strategy when it comes to promoting and advertising their brand, product, and services these days.

However, how can you maximize and optimize this powerful strategy in your business?

Get to know your audience

Through audience research is the first step and the most crucial part of any marketing campaign, most especially to influence marketing

Knowing your target audience - from their likes, dislikes, behaviors to values - this will definitely help you search and choose the right influencer that will influence your target audience's opinions and decisions.

The last thing that you want is getting the wrong influencer and acquiring backlash from the audience - both to your chosen influencer and to your brand.

choose the right influencers and turn them into ambassadors

Lack of audience research is one of the main reason why businesses choose the wrong influencers. This is why monitoring your audience conversations and finding out what they're interested in is the key element to choosing the right influencers for your campaign.

However, most businesses just base, focus, and rely on an influencer's reach alone - whether it may be with their follower number or the domain and page authority of their website. Sure, doing this mindset will definitely boost the visiblity of your brand. but it'll not improve your conversions.

This is why you should look for influencers who have the right balance of reach and engagement, such as comments and shares as well as reply and retweet ratios. Remember, you should look for and work with an influencer that'll naturally add human touch with their interactions, which as a result, will build a stronger and longer relationship with your audience.

Now, once you let the right influencers promote your brand or product, the next thing that you should do to maximize your influencer campaigns is to build long-term relationships with them by turning them into ambassadors of your brand. This will definitely help surge the sales of your products and services because of the right amount of exposure.

Never control your influencer's voice

One of the worst mistakes that you can make is to control what an influencer said about your brand or product, or how they said it. if you control how he/she sounds when promoting your brand or product, your audience will easily notice it and will most likely ignore, raise an eyebrow, or worse, will ridicule their post. This is because the message will definitely sound forced, fake, and impersonal to the audience.

influencers are called 'influencers' for a reason. Each influencer has their own uniqueness - from their personality, style, language to the tone they use. Don't ever, ever control your influencer's way of communicating with his audience simply because his/her audience loves that about him/her . Let your influencer know what you expect and what needs to be included in his/her voice. After all, you chose your influencers to match your target audience. Let them do their magic!

Practice transparency with your influencers

Honesty is one of the key elements that your audience wants when it comes to content, and he same goes with your influencers.

When you have an upcoming campaign, let your influencers know every detail of it - from the campaign's objective and timeline, number of posts, to the perk that they'll be getting from it. Stick to the brief! Never under or over promise your influencers.

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