Link Building Test

Hi Applicant,

The daily role of a link builder involves a lot reaching out to website owners and building relationships with them. Which means being proficient in communication is a must. This exam will gauge how well you are able to craft emails and test how well you can talk with website owners.

Open Microsoft Word and follow the instructions carefully. Also, take a few minutes to open and scan or read the links to help you in this exam.

This exam is time pressured and must be finished within two hours. We are very particular with time and one qualification that we look for as a link builder is their ability to observe deadlines.

I. Persona Creation

A persona is a role or character adopted by an author. (Note: You may invent a fictional person or you may use yourself)

Create a persona that fits your role as a digital marketing representative of Puritan’s Pride Philippines.



Esther Diaz

     A 23-year-old graduate of graphic design, DIY enthusiast, make-up lover and has a love-hate relationship with desserts. I dream to be soon one of the known as influential blogger and writer.

Note: Please do not copy descriptions from the example. Photo is optional

II. Guest Posting (Prospecting and Outreach)

Guest posting is one of the main strategies of link building (read more on it here:

For this test, you are to

  1. Create a topic for an article related to vitamins and supplements
  2. Look for a website you would like to contribute to
  3. Create an email to the owners/editors of the website that you want to contribute to their website

Take note that you are trying to convince them. Make sure to state your purpose, your article topic, and convincing statements. Your answer to this test should follow this format:

Email subject: Insert a well-crafted subject here
To: Look for a contact email on the website you are reaching out to or create an imaginary one
Body: Your pitch here

III. Help a Reporter Out

Help a Reporter Out or HARO is a platform that connects journalists to website owners and business owners. In this platform, journalists can posts questions that they could use for their article, and website owners or business owners act as resources. (You could read more about it here:

Sending a good pitch wins the HARO game. Create a pitch for this query:
Name: Adrian Crisostomo
Category: Health and Lifestyle
Media Outlet: Men’s Health Online

Hi! I am writing an article about supplements that men over 40 should take. For your pitch to be included in my article, I need at least 5 supplements, a short description, and their benefits.

IV. Link Reclamation

A blogger that owns the website i am krissy ( wrote about Puritan’s Pride PH but did not link to the Puritan’s Pride website.

Your job is to reach out to the blogger and convince her to link to the Puritan’s Pride website.

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Good luck!