Jamie Marie Bianca Manuel – Blacklist

Educational Background
Saint Paul University Manila
2014 - 2018
Bachelor of Arts - Major in English
Canossa School of Sta. Rosa, Laguna
2010 - 2014
Jamie Marie Bianca Manuel - Blacklist
Negligence of Duty At Work, Refusal to follow legitimate work-related instructions from superior, Disrespect to superiors

Jamie Marie Bianca Manuel (A.K.A. Jamie) was hired as a content writer for our Blog Management team in the hopes that she would be a great help for team efforts. It was an investment on our end that resulted in waste and neglect due to her incompetence. Jamie's refusal to commit to her work responsibilities cost the management and the operations because she had become a tumultuous weight to carry.

Part of her duties were:

  1. To write high-quality SEO articles for our clientele
  2. To conduct thorough research on topics relevant to our client’s niche
  3. To write website copies and other deliverables required from the team
  4. To generate topics that would boost site traffic
  5. To strategize on content for client’s ranking increase and traffic

Jamie Marie Bianca Manuel secured a position here in SEO Hacker in good faith and we have given her tons of chances to redeem herself in terms of workload but Jamie failed to do so. We acknowledge that Jamie had difficulties in living up to requirements and deliverables, but her unprofessionalism gets the better of her. In addition to sleeping during work hours, failure to follow company instructions regarding cellphones, and tardiness (excessive unpaid leaves and lates), Jamie also disrespected her superiors. 

Refusing to follow company standards and following her own, this resulted in a negative performance for the whole team. Jamie Marie Bianca Manuel has displayed incompetence even for the bare minimum of our content management process and would rather protect her writing prowess, which is poor at best. Jamie has blatantly disregarded her responsibility as a part of our team and even went behind our back to apply for another job.

Jamie Marie Bianca Manuel has chosen to start at another job unbeknownst to our knowledge. We had to find out via her self-congratulatory status on social media. This is another case of disrespecting her superiors. The reputational and operational damage Jamie Marie Bianca Manuel has done for this company is unforgivable.

For this, we warn other companies and future employers of Jamie Marie Bianca Manuel who has committed unproductivity and poor work ethics in a consecutive manner. However, Jamie Manuel is not recommended to any employer who wishes to hire her due to her noncompliance to basic management standards and mediocre outputs.