veron de gracia

Blacklisted – Kathryne “Veron” Veronica De Gracia

Educational Background
University of the East
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Business Management

2219 C.M. Recto Ave., Manila

Stella Maris College
veron de gracia
Blacklisted - Kathryne "Veron" Veronica De Gracia
Offense: Absent without leave (AWOL), Corporate Theft, Mischievous Criminal Acts
502 Aragona St., Citadella Village, Pulang Lupa Dos, Las Pinas City

Also known as Veron De Gracia, 'Veron' as we called her, is tasked to run administrative duties in our team.

Part of her duties were:

  1. To run errands to and from the bank - bank deposits with deposit slips as proof of transactions.
  2. To run errands for office supplies to and from grocery stores and office supply stores.
  3. To accept phone calls
  4. To respond to some online inquiries.
  5. To manage payslips and government benefits of employees such as SSS, Pag-Ibig, Philhealth and withholding taxes.
  6. To ensure that every employee has their initial requirements on-hire such as TIN numbers, SSS numbers, and so on.

It was not uncommon for Veron de Gracia to habitually neglect these duties - even leaving the cassette type airconditioning running at maximum capacity on a weekend - consuming unnecessary, excessive amounts of electricity which cost the company quite a sum of money.

Veron de Gracia filed for DOLE complaints against the company - most of which were results of her deliberate actions:

  • Last pay - obviously the company cannot give this to her since she went AWOL for a long period of time and cannot be properly reached.
  • SSS - this could not be given to her not because the company withheld it but because she did not have a TIN number which she promised to fix but did not do so because she did not want any taxes and deductions withheld from her monthly pay(this was August 2017 when TRAIN was not yet fully in effect).

Veron de Gracia mischievously reported these things to DOLE even if these stemmed from her responsibility and fault. She mischievously and dishonourably put the blame on the company for her own actions and selfish intentions.

For this, we warn other companies and employers of this person who has acted in bad faith even for the three times we respectfully asked her to settle the issue between company and employee.

Not only did she respond negatively, she slyly made new, false reports to the government about our company each time we asked her to settle matters.

Kathryne Veronica De Gracia is not recommended to any employer who wishes to hire her due to her mischievous actions, continuous neglect of work, underperformance, theft, bad faith in return for her employer's good faith, and last but not the least, for unprofessionally asking her grandparents to be the ones to face the hearings and the requests for settlement.

Kathryne Veronica (AKA Veron) De Gracia is now facing criminal charges from SEO Hacker and at this moment where it still has not reflected in her NBI since the case is still on-going, this acts as a warning to anyone who may consider hiring Veron.

She has done multiple reputational and operational damage to our business. Her service to the company was not even significant but in spite of these things, it was in the good faith of the company to keep her in its payroll. However this was repaid with slyness, dishonourable theft, AWOL and mischievous criminal acts.

To be honest, we do not need to file a criminal act against Veron de Gracia as it will cost our company time, money and resources to do so when we can just settle in their favour. However that would not be acting with integrity. We believe that other people and other potential employers need to know the truth about this person and it is our responsibility to make sure that this is known and heard.