Account & Sales Test

Dear Applicant,

This exam is just for formality. In Sales and Accounts, it is important for you to have that “assertiveness” and “outgoing personality” and of course that “charisma” to please clients.

This test is divided into 2 parts.

  1. Personality Test
  2. Situational Based Questions

No pressure, but please do take this test seriously as we will still look at how you deal with certain situation.

    • Go to this link:
    • Click on “DISC Personality Test” and read the instructions.
    • After taking the test, please save your result and submit it here.

  2. Situational Based Questions
    You are given two scenarios, kindly give us your best shot.

    2.1 You have a client meeting at 3pm, its 2:14pm and you’re stuck in traffic. It will take you 2 more hours to get to their office, what would you do?

    2.2 You are about to close a deal with a client, client is asking for a last minute discount. Contract is already signed with standard rates, but client is not keen in taking the services anymore if not given a favorable discount. How would you handle this?

Remember, always be you, and be okay with it. Good luck!

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