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The Philippines has always been a hub for industries that span multiple countries across the world. One notable example would be the Philippine SEO industry. Consequently, the digital marketing industry has been gaining traction as well.

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Digital marketing in the Philippines has been steadily growing into one of the country’s largest industries for the past few years. The growth of the digital marketing companies can be directly attributed to the fast pace of technological development and the increased accessibility of the internet.

Another contributing factor to this development was the rising demand of outsourcing from various companies hailing from countries such as the United States and Australia. From web development and optimization, it later grew into full-on SEO work that was done by some of the country’s first SEO practitioners.

Eventually, these individuals would later form their own SEO companies and become pioneers of a growing industry that would be experiencing a lot of success in just a short period of time.

With these companies both catering established local and international brands, the future for SEO in the Philippines definitely looks promising.

Why SEO in the Philippines is Thriving

SEO in the Philippines: An Overview

The Philippines has long been one of the most well-known destinations when it comes to outsourcing work in the digital field. One of the contributing factors is the country’s large population, which is over a hundred million, and a steady influx of fresh graduates every single year. This makes the country a prime location to create a competitive work environment that has a massive potential to grow.

This massive labor force put some of the world’s most well-known companies on notice, which led to establishing their own base of operations within the country. Some of these companies were call center companies, which was a major aspect in the growth of digital marketing and SEO in the Philippines. Some of the works that were done in these companies include customer service, web development, digital design, and marketing.

That’s how SEO in the Philippines started - from back-office tasks to being one of the places where competent and results-driven companies are located in. Different companies and people started their own services agency that slowly helped the Philippines become a renowned place to outsource quality and effective SEO in. We’ve been in the SEO industry for almost a decade now, and I can attest that the SEO industry is far from what it was a decade ago. Of course, there were bad eggs in the industry that made unethical and questionable actions as their service (which made it hard for us competent and white hat companies to improve the industry), but most of them have closed down since they couldn’t adjust their black hat strategies to Google’s constant algorithm updates. SEO in the Philippines has come a long way, no doubt about it, but I’m sure it still has a massive room for growth and progress.

The Philippine SEO community has its fair share of passionate and committed people and I believe that through our continuous efforts, bringing effective and long lasting results to our extensive list of clients, the Philippines can compete with leading SEO countries like the United States.

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Advantages of doing SEO in the Philippines

The Philippines is undoubtedly one of the countries that can compete with english-speaking countries since english is our second language. Aside from this, the Philippine workforce is known to be adaptable and versatile in terms of industries since we are (more or less) tech savvy as compared to other countries. This means that an industry that mainly dabbles in the digital market can expect competent and skilled Filipino employees.

These factors, alongside the others mentioned earlier, further pushed the advancement of SEO in the Philippines, and transformed it into an industry that is known for using white hat SEO methods that generate the best results for different companies.

With the factors and a huge labor force at your disposal, It would be strategic for companies - both local and international - to outsource their SEO here in the Philippines. These advantages allow companies to maximize their investments and to gain substantial profits. Here are some of these reasons why the Philippines is one of the best places to start your SEO foundation in:


Head-up in the competition

SEO is a young but highly competitive industry. And with the malleable nature of search rankings, everyday can be a struggle to reach the top. That is, one day your website is on the first page of Google, the next day it can be out of the top 20. The sustainable costs let you operate SEO within the country, as you are able to hire more skilled professionals, thereby allowing you to do more with so much less. This way, you can handle more clients without sacrificing the quality altogether.

Additionally, SEO is a budding industry in the Philippines. Doing more while spending less is just one minor advantage. If you hire skilled and dedicated team members, being able to overtake your competitors in the online market and staying in the first place of organic searches is only a matter of time. If you can do it to your own website, then you can do that to your clients as well and it’s what most of us aim to give our clients - a long-lasting, effective search presence. So, being able to do that to your client means a long-lasting partnership and more referrals from satisfied clients.


Minimal overhead costs

Along with costing less, the number of fees that you need to pay for will also be minimal, as you would only have to pay for contracted fees.

Expenses like rent, electricity, and other utilities are priced less in the country, and most of the money you will be shelling out is for the actual labor costs. This makes starting an office a more affordable setup in the country, not to mention that it allows you to pay for employees directly.


Fewer risks and a lot of room to grow

SEO is a results-based profession. You win some and lose some each day. It is a trial and error process that rewards patience and hard work. After laying your foundations as a company, invest immediately in your team. Even if you’re the best SEO specialist in the country, you can only do so much. Having a team to back you up and produce high-quality results will help you get the ball rolling and will take your SEO company to new heights.

Doing SEO in the Philippines is less risky compared to other countries, where an all-or-nothing approach is usually the standard. It’s normal to lose clients in the process but what differentiates a great company from a good one is its ability to regain and retain clients on-the-go. Philippine SEO promotes growth and improvement in the face of challenges, which create spectacular results in the end - that’s why SEO Hacker is arguable the Philippines’ best SEO Services agency.



When it comes to operation and labor costs, doing SEO in the Philippines cost much less compared to outsourcing it in countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom.

Despite the lower costs of operations and labor, SEO pays well in the country compared to most local digital marketing companies. This makes establishing SEO operations much more sustainable and stable—while still being able to excellent outputs.

Spending less while having the same quality output is a no-brainer in terms of growing your company. Sometimes, what hinders companies to outsource their SEO is the cost of paying different agencies. SEO in the Philippines lets you enjoy the benefits of being in the first page of the search engines while not wasting a bulk of your company’s hard earned budget. This means that as your list of clients grow, your ability to make your SEO company grow increases as well - hiring more team members, promoting competent and skilled team members, better workstations, increased salaries for well-performing team members, etc.

Basically, your growth as an SEO company is directly related to the efficacy of your services and how it helps clients reach their goals. If you hire skilled and competent team members, then being able to service your clients well is already a given. So make sure to invest in these team members.

Taking Your Business to New Heights with SEO Hacker

Taking Your Business to New Heights with SEO Hacker

What most of our clients ask us the first time we meet is “What do you do as an SEO agency and how could it help us?” the short and best answer we could give is “We manipulate search results to get you to the top of the search engines and have people find you for the best keywords related to your brand”. It sounds impossible for most, but it’s not. All you need is a team that knows what they need to do and how to do it. We at SEO Hacker have a promise to help our clients reach the first page of search results and make them stay there - for good.

We started during the start of Google’s algorithm overhaul to stop the constant black-hat techniques implemented by numerous websites in the search industry. We knew better and we only employed white-hat strategies that worked slower but had a more long-lasting, permanent effect which is why we grew to be one of the most reputable SEO services agency in the country. That’s why we make it a point to ingrain only ethical and white-hat techniques in the core of our company.

Other than giving the best results to our clients, we always stay honest with our clients - from the first meeting, getting them to the first page, and everything that happens afterwards. Being transparent to your clients is one of the best moves you can make as a results-based agency since most clients want to know everything that’s happening to their assets (website), so being able to update them about what’s happening to their site, its progress, and anything else that they want to know is imperative to make them satisfied and happy clients.

Once you partner with us, you can just sit back, relax and wait for your site to reach the first page of the search engine results pages. We don’t contact you every hour because we know what you want and what needs to be done to reach our promise to you - all while employing ethical, powerful strategies.

Website design and development, site optimization, conversion rate optimization, and many more services you can avail from. SEO Hacker is your best choice in terms of penetrating the digital and search market! Interested? Check us out!