Social Media Test

Hello aspiring social media manager!
You have 3 hours to finish the exam.

The Client

SEO HACKER - An SEO services company in the Philippines that offers digital marketing services such as SEO, Website development, SMM, SEM, CRO to name a few.
Facebook page:

ROBERTS AIPMC - The biggest manufacturer of radiators, leaf springs, mufflers and metal fabricated parts in the Philippines.

These are two brands that Roberts distribute that we also create content for (as seen in our sample editorial calendar). You will need to create content for these as well if you choose this client.
- Tiger SuperMolye
- Evercool Radiator

Facebook page:

TOPBEST PEST SERVICES, INC. - Filipino-owned and operated pest control company.
Facebook page:

LEADERSHIP STACK - Podcast that talks about three things: Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management.
Facebook page:

TOYOTA (TQA / TVI) - Dealer of Toyota Vehicles, Parts, Services.
Toyota Quezon Avenue Facebook page:
Toyota Valenzuela Facebook page:

The Deliverables

Part 1 - Social Media Campaign (Google Docs)

Choose 1 client and create a Social Media Campaign for chosen client. Please keep your answers short and straight to the point. Bullet points are welcome.

    - WHAT do you hope to achieve for said client?
    - HOW will you achieve it (objective)?
    - WHY these platforms?

Please take note of the following important details:

  • Be clear and be as specific as possible in your social media campaign.
  • Explain the Why’s of your campaign. (i.e. Why that approach? Why those platforms? Why those mediums?), the How’s, and even the possible results of your campaign.


  • Rename the file as [SURNAME, FIRST NAME] SM Exam Campaign

Part 2 - Editorial Calendar (Google Sheets)

Execute your social media campaign (at least one month) into an editorial calendar.
Here is a sample of our editorial calendars:

Based on our samples, your editorial calendar MUST HAVE entries for the ff:

  • DATE (of posting/duration of ad)
  • TYPE OF POST (Organic, Boosted, Paid ad)
  • PLATFORM (FB, IG, Twitter, etc)
  • AD COPY (Text on image)
  • CAPTION (Text in the caption box)

Please take note of the following important details:

  • You are being graded for execution as well as your copywriting skills here. As ideation and execution of this social media campaign came from you, you must assume as well at the very least how the images/videos/graphics are depicted to convey your message. Therefore your caption does not rely or depend on the image, for this, it is the other way around and you must have a caption for each post.
  • No need for the images column as you are not required to provide images/graphics.
  • Study their Facebook pages or the sample editorial calendar to see the frequency and schedule of postings to determine how many posts we do per week, and which day per week we post (unless it conflicts with your proposed campaign / strategy).
  • Study the language and tone of voice that we use in creating ad copies and captions.
  • Take note of important and/or relevant holidays for the month you chose.


  • Rename the file as [SURNAME, FIRST NAME] SM Exam EdCal

Compile both exams into 1 ZIP file with filename format of [SURNAME, FIRST NAME] SM Exam

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