Social Media Test

Dear Aspiring Social Media Manager,
You have 3 hours to finish the exam.

The Client

ROYAL CANIN. - Specializes in health nutrition tailored to cats and dogs based on their breed, size, life stage and special needs.
Facebook page:

The Deliverables

Part 1 - Essay Type(Microsoft Word)

Question 1:
Create a Social Media Campaign for Royal Canin.

The MUST HAVES in your exam.


Please take note of the following important details:

  • Be clear and be as specific as possible in your social media campaign.
  • Explain the Why’s of your campaign. (i.e. Why that approach? Why those platforms? Why those mediums?), the How’s, and even the possible results of your campaign.

Question 2:
You will be working with a team, another fellow social media specialist, and graphic designers who will be in charge of executing the graphics you will propose in your social media campaign. How will you properly communicate the client’s objectives and your strategies to these particular team members?

To submit: Rename the file as [SURNAME, FIRST NAME] SM Exam Campaign

Part 2 - Editorial Calendar(Microsoft Excel)

Create a ONE MONTH editorial calendar for the strategy you proposed in your social media campaign.
Here is a sample of our editorial calendars:

Your editorial calendar MUST HAVE entries for the ff:

  • DATE (of posting/duration of ad)
  • TYPE OF POST (Organic, Boosted, Paid ad)
  • PLATFORM (FB, IG, Twitter, etc)
  • AD COPY (Text on image)
  • CAPTION (Text in the caption box)

Please take note of the following important details:

  • You do not have to put images/create graphics or put an images column.
  • Study their Facebook pages or the sample editorial calendar to see the frequency and schedule of postings to determine how many posts we do per week, and which day per week we post (unless it conflicts with your proposed campaign / strategy)
  • Study the language and tone of voice that we use in creating ad copies and captions
  • Take note of important and/or relevant holidays for the month you chose.

To submit: Rename the file as [SURNAME, FIRST NAME] SM Exam Edcal

Compile both exams into 1 ZIP file with filename format of [SURNAME, FIRST NAME] SM Exam

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