Speech for SEO Hacker Team Building 2015

It’s been almost 4 years since we stepped in and risked what little we had to try and work as a team. I vividly remember, it was Kevin, Austin, Robert and Myself working our asses off – on a daily basis. Doing proposals, reports, technical SEO analysis, Linkbuilding, social media marketing, accounts management, blogging at SEO Hacker, guest posting, and so on and so forth.

Looking back, It seems more and more of a miracle how we were able to pull those things off – and grow SEO Hacker into what it is now. A 26-man team. What you see now is a million times percent improvement of what we had back then.

I recall our first office. It was 38 square meters – or so the landlady claims – with one CR and one small room for privacy – which never made sense because everything you said inside that room could still be heard outside.

We had a plastic folding table where we all worked in, we had mono block chairs, one split type air conditioner – which is now at our porch today, and an internet connection that’s supposedly a lot slower than what we have now.

I could only describe it for you as we didn’t think to take photos of those early days. If you would indulge my words, you would be able to imagine that the start of SEO Hacker was nothing glorious.

As I’ve always said in previous team building remarks, it’s all really by God’s great grace. Our growth year on year is above the 200% mark until this year when we slowed down – punctuating the need for another person in sales to help me in the field and apparently 2 accounts manager to help me handle online inquiries and concerns.

Looking around, I see and understand that most of the SEO Hacker team now is comprised of fresh new blood. You guys have not been able to fight the battles we’ve been through but we are more than willing to take you on the succeeding ones – perhaps the most defining ones in the history of our company.

I say in the most unbiased way: We have the makings of a truly great company. And I feel mighty proud that you have all agreed to become part of it.

So here’s what happened with us for the past year – and I praise God for this:

  1. We’ve finally broken through the 1 million a month gross revenue
  2. We’ve grown to more than 20 people
  3. We’ve been able to jump start our process documents
  4. We’ve started our Onboarding system
  5. We’ve gotten more inquiries online and offline – than ever!
  6. We’ve closed more accounts than any other year
  7. We’ve held the first hacker-type SEO conference – ever
  8. And we won’t stop there.

This year is one of our most promising years. I’m really hoping on the Lord that it is the year we reach critical mass. Thus far, it’s looking as if the Lord is preparing us for such with the sudden growth of the web development team, the sudden growth of the BM team and the outlook of the growth for the Linkbuilding team.

These recent months has experienced a setback in the sense that we’ve lost some key clients that we were hoping to stay with us. The problem with clients is that they have their own internal problems and reasons that may affect our relationship with them. Sadly, this has been the case for the recent contract cut-offs we’ve experienced.

One of my main goals for this year is to be able to achieve 1m net MRR. Right now, we’re still far off – even with the new clients. But that’s alright, recently, we’ve experienced a barrage of new clients as well. And even though the effort of kick-starting a new client is a hundred times more than simply maintaining and renewing one, it’s still a huge blessing that helps us to keep in track.

For the core team, the old-timers, I know we’ve been through dark times and I want you to know that I appreciate you very much for sticking it out. Your perseverance and loyalty to the company is unparalleled.

For the fresh bloods, keep learning, keep growing. That is the core of our strength as a company. Innovate, push yourself to the limit of what you can do and who you can be. We started right where you are now – if not farther off.

In all, I leave you with this verse that I believe in with all my heart: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” – Colossians 3:23

May God richly bless you all.