• Director of SEO for Growth-Rocket
  • Co-Founder of Devwerkz
  • President of SEO Organization Philippines

About Marc Samson

Marc Samson is a man with a rich history in the SEO landscape. Currently, he is the Director of SEO for Growth-Rocket.com, Co-founder of Devwerkz.com, and the President of SEO Organization Philippines. His company, Devwerkz.com, specializes in web & software design and development. Their clientele ranges from large retail companies in the e-commerce scene to enterprise level clients.

During the 9 years that Samson started practicing SEO, he has become a freelance SEO marketer, link building specialist, and campaign manager for multiple international companies. Today, he handles websites and SEO campaigns for top internet retailer brands, and global enterprise sites.

His specialties lie in technical SEO, e-commerce SEO, and content marketing. However, he also dabbles on the field of digital marketing campaigns, and the handling of SMB sites.