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It’s been almost a year!

Time does fly doesn't it? It's been almost a year since SEO Summit 2014. We had tons of fun, learning, networking and SEO shoved in the finite matter we call a brain. I wasn't really able to chug all of the information in my head, good thing the videos and Powerpoint presentations of the last summit can be downloaded here - for keeps!

We're not really the best at organizing events. If I would be completely honest, we're much better off just doing SEO. But for the people who encouraged us and cheered us on, we have decided to continue and make SEO Summit a yearly hacker-type conference for SEO specialists like you. We've learned a lot from the last SEO Summit. And for SEO Summit 2015, I guarantee that you will too.

Sean Si
Founder and CEO

What is the SEO Summit?

The SEO Summit is a hacker-type event that would accommodate SEO specialists in all levels. We believe that an event that’s too formal is usually unreasonably expensive and is leaning towards targeting marketing managers and SEO teams of big companies. While an event too casual would become lackluster and would have serious quality issues especially with the speaker line-up.

SEO Summit is the sweet spot between both. On steroids.


Without further ado, here are the specialists that will be imparting their knowledge to you

Sam Nam

Vice President of Marketing in charge of customer acquisition, retention and analytics at Digital Room, a venture-backed e-commerce company in the commercial printing industry...

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Grant Merriel

Grant Merriel has over 8 years of business experience and has helped 600+ businesses increase online sales. He co-founded Conversion UP and is an advisor to multiple B2B businesses.

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Sean Si

Sean Si is the CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker and Qeryz. A start-up, data analysis and urgency junkie who spends his time inspiring young entrepreneurs through talks and...

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