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4 Simple SEO Tips to Jumpstart Lead Generation


Customer acquisition and retention can both benefit from a solid digital marketing strategy. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of the inbound approach. While most website owners recognize that it can be used for the purpose of increasing website traffic and maximizing brand popularity, few consider the fact that SEO is an excellent lead generation tool.

Acquiring new customers for your business online is a complex process that depends on multiple factors. Optimizing your website will set the scene for a successful inbound campaign later on. Here are a few of the most important ways in which SEO can be used to jumpstart customer acquisition.


Use Keywords to Reach the Right People

The biggest benefit of SEO is that it will bring a targeted audience to your website. While keyword research has undergone serious transformations through the years, it still remains relevant. The use of the right phrases is the key to curating the group of people that will reach the website. The more relevant the keyword selection is, the more likely people are to eventually become customers.

This is one of the biggest differences between inbound promotion and traditional, outbound advertising channels.

Inbound promotion drives a smaller crowd to the campaign. This group of people, however, consists of qualified prospects. Converting these individuals into customers is a lot easier and a lot cheaper than paying for television advertising, for example.

When you’re attempting to promote a writing services website, you’re not looking for people who are seeking accounting services. True, having people interested in accounting services visiting your website may increase the overall audience count. Still, these people cannot be converted into customers.

The purpose of keyword research is to help you reach the right people and get a high return on investment. While Google’s algorithm has been modified and you can no longer rely on overly-generic keywords to get the job done, it’s still important to create a niche website that caters to the needs of a specific audience.


Quality Content = Excellent Online Reputation

The content you upload on a regular basis is your most powerful SEO weapon, as well as a potent customer acquisition tool.

People are no longer looking for straightforward promotion. They want to get something out of their interactions with tools. One of the biggest gifts you can give potential customers is high quality, niche, well-written content.

Such content will be an important part of your SEO strategy. In fact, it happens to be the most important component that search engine crawlers use when ranking your website for relevant phrases.

Content builds authority and it differentiates you from the other players in the industry. You may have exceptional products that nobody is paying attention to because people aren’t reaching your website. When you build the campaign on relevant content, however, you will bring more people in and you’ll increase the likelihood of these individuals taking an interest in everything you have to offer.

The key to creating high-quality content as a part of your SEO campaign is specialization and uniqueness. Explore your knowledge and focus on the topics that you’re most passionate about. You may also want to do a bit of keyword research to see what others have covered and what opportunities for originality are still available.


Do Regular Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing plays a role in SEO and it also happens to be a powerful customer acquisition tool. Thus, by doing SMM, you will be hitting two birds with one stone – you will be establishing relationships with prospects and you’ll also be improving the quality of your optimization campaign.

Being active on social channels creates engagement and a sense of a community. People like the feeling of belonging. Everybody wants to be inside a small circle with its traditions, interactions, and insider jokes. This is essentially what you’ll be doing via social media marketing.

Channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram create informal settings for easier interactions with brands. People can easily ask questions and get their concerns addressed. They can also access your latest content and get a reminder to visit your website.

Social media marketing is easy and inexpensive but it demands consistency, just like all other aspects of SEO. You have to work hard towards building a community and curating quality content without expecting returns in the very beginning. Once the number of people who interact with your brand increases, you can expect to see a higher level of conversions.


Link Building and Reputation Establishment

The final technique to focus on is another old-school SEO approach – link building. 

You can see link building as a form of a PR. It gets the word out there. You partner up with some of the most prominent representatives of the industry. Through the creation of a text for their website or the organic inclusion of a link, you’ll be tapping into their audience.

In order to use link building for customer acquisition, you will once again have to focus on relevance. A small number of backlinks coming from relevant websites is a much better idea than getting many from irrelevant directories.

Link building is a tricky approach and if you overdo it, you risk seeing a Google penalty. This is why you may want to let it happen naturally – build quality content and improve your website on a regular basis. If you have something useful to offer to the world, chances are that other websites will be linking to your content without you having to ask.


Key Takeaway

SEO is the backbone of digital marketing and it can be tailored to any goal you have in mind. Don’t hesitate to explore its techniques for customer acquisition – chances are that you’ll be surprised by the efficacy of the approach.

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