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  by Ronald Dod |

5 Reasons Why Your Backlinks Are Not Working


SEO is a difficult task to undertake. So much so that people quit every day, close up their companies, and then write “SEO is dead” articles afterwards. But that’s not true, SEO is far from dead. In fact, it is growing and now a bigger part of most companies – especially on the marketing side. We understand why people get so frustrated – SEO is hard, complicated, and can be time-consuming. But that’s why we are here: to help make it less frustrating for companies. The main reason that we tend to see people getting frustrated is backlinks. So, we’ve compiled the top five reasons that backlinks are not giving you the value that you want.


1. No Follow Links

Here are a couple links that we got for Visiture, my SEO agency:

You will notice that all of the links to Visiture have the “nofollow” tags in them. Even though they are high authority links (high domain authority), they literally count for nothing in Google search results. Wait, why do you want links that don’t count for anything? First, I personally do not believe Google when they say that they don’t count for anything, but like I said, that’s just my opinion. Second, these good quality, no follow links are an essential part of a backlink profile. So, while they are important to have, if you are building these editorial links and expecting good results, then you are probably in for a rude awakening.




2. Low Quality

Another thing that is not going to help you very much is having a bunch of low-quality links. Although low-quality links do make for a well-balanced link profile, having a ton of them is not going to help unless you have some good quality ones to go with them. What exactly are low-quality links? Here are some general ones:

1. Forum links from low DA websites (30 and below)
2. Blog comments from low DA website (30 and below)
3. Directories (almost all of them)
4. Web 2.0 properties (sorry, isn’t good unless it has some amazing links)
5. Affiliate sites
6. Scraper sites

Directories are great for local SEO, but if you want backlink juice out of them, you are out of luck. Why are all of these low quality? Because they are easy to obtain and SEOs have spammed them to death in the past. You can go look at what GSA Search Ranker and SENUke have used in the past and those are low quality. Even the blackhat guys are using high-quality sites but then have low-quality links pointing to them. Are low-quality links nonessential? No, you need them for a healthy well-balanced link profile, but they will not give you the power you need.


3. External Links

I’m going to give you two scenarios.
1. A website links to 10 million different sites, with yours being one of them.
2. A website links to 5 different websites, with yours being one of them.

Now, which one do you think that Google is going to deem more valuable? If you guessed the first one, you are wrong. Google gives much more credit to the second type of blog. Having a tool like can show you how many external links are coming from your links so that you know what is good and who to build further relationships with. You can also look at sites and look in their backend (source code) to see how many sidebar links, footer links, and more are external. For example, the one below links out to 1699 other pages. Obviously, Google doesn’t give us much credit for this:




4. Too Far Down the Page


On the same boat, if your links are too far down the page, then Google doesn’t value them. If your links are at the very end where no one reads, then why would Google like that? They want to count links that people actually click on and use. Searchmetrics does a good job analyzing a site and seeing where your links are on the page, although it is rather expensive, but surely worth it!



5. No Keyword Relevance

Another mishap which we tend to see in this industry is that a lot of people get links from websites without any keyword relevance. Having links from places that just talk about other things that have absolutely nothing to do with you provide very little benefit now with Google. This is an old understanding, but still, some of our clients do not get it. You need links from similar websites. One good way to find them is using a tool like Pitchbox, which can identify websites that have a high relevance to you and find the right metrics associated with it. It is okay to go after DA 30-60. You do not need to a have a profile filled with DA 80+ no follow links.


Key Takeaway

Backlinks are an essential part of SEO, so you need to make sure that you create and maintain them properly. They could either positively or negatively affect your desired search ranking results. Always remember that even if you have created a backlink correctly, there can still be errors that come up in due time.

Now that we talked about why your links are not working, check out some of these places we talk about getting good links, or just good places that have good link building tactics.

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