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  by Alexander Fernandise |

6 Vital SEO Tools You Should be Using in 2019

Thousands of technical SEO tools are available that will provide you details related to the performance of a website, crawling, indexing and other vital things.  All you need to choose a perfect tool that will easily identify the technical issues and organic performance of the website.

In order to create the audit of a website then crawl is really crucial for the website. During the audit, if Google is finding an error, then it will immediately reduce the rank of a website. An individual has to make the use of a perfect tool that can provide you with the following important details such as-

·         Missing titles of the page

·         Details related to the meta description

·         Meta Keywords

·         Response codes

Make sure that you are using an advanced tool that will identify the errors with pagination on the official website. To improve the speed of the website then one must use Following SEO tools that will easily build a successful website.

Google Search Console

Variety of SEO tools are out there, and Google Search Console is one of them. All you need to make the use of latest version only where you can easily avail latest features such as reports, data, and other vital features. After accessing the tool then the individual has to create a perfect reporting process. With the help of reports, you can easily analyze the performance of a website with ease. Just in case, if data is deleted from the official website, then you should make the use of GSC account and restore your data with ease.

Google Analytics

So you want to analyze the organize search performance of the official website? With the help of Google, Analytics individual will able to access vital details such as penalties, issues and other issues with ease. If you have set up Google analytic account perfectly, you will easily access the monthly report with ease.

It is one of the most important processes where you will able to save the data. If something awful situation happens then, Google Analytics will provide you data of the official website with ease.

Web Developer

It is a particular extension for the Google Chrome that will analyze the performance of an official website with ease. It will easily identify the complicated issues and code from the official website.  According to professionals, it will identify the important issues on the menu and the interface with ease.

In order to analyze the issues in JavaScript and CSS then web developer would be a reliable option for you. If you are looking for the perfect tool that can fix the broken images and remove the irrelevant meta tags, then web developer can be a great application for you All you need to access the latest version of the application only.

Webpage Test

Nowadays, a ranking of the official website totally depends on the performance of the page speed. It has become a really important topic in recent years. If you are auditing the website on a regular basis, then it will give you a complete report of the website. That’s why more of the people are making the use of webpage test then you can easily test your website.  With the help of webpage test, you can analyze the following things such as-

·         Speed test of a waterfall

·         Competitor speed test

·         Check out the complete performance of the official website

·         An object of the Document and other elements

It is a really useful tool that will easily figure out the technical elements of the official website. If you are facing any complicated error on the website, then you should webpage test and analyze the report carefully.  After that, you can easily fix all the errors with ease.

   Google PageSpeed Insights

So, you are analyzing the speed metric of the official website. If no then it is your responsibility to download Google page speed insight and access the metrics of desktop and mobile with ease. It is really a great tool where you can analyze the page speed carefully. If you want to improve the ROI, then one has to improve the speed of the website. In order to increase the speeds of a page then download page speed analysis. If possible, then you should download more than two tools for the analysis.

After that, one will easily maintain the speed and will able to attract a lot of traffic on the official website. With the help of multiple tools, you can easily improve the performance and ROI of the official website. If you want to know more about Google analytics, then you should visit Toronto SEO  office and grab details about latest tools with ease.

Mobile Friendly Testing Tool

According to a new algorithm, if you want to maintain the ranking of an official website, then you have to create a mobile-friendly website which is really difficult. Therefore, one has to create a perfect website for mobile users. An individual has to download the Google mobile Friendly tool and then access the details related to the website.  Apart from that, you will access structure data tool where you can easily access the errors on the official website. With the help of this tool, the individual will able to fix the schema markup easily. Moreover, you have to place the perfect schema coding on the official website.

Moreover, to fix complicated issues on the official website then you can rely on these tools.  Make sure that you are checking different perspective of page speed.  Moreover, if you are using a business website, then it would be a great option for you. Make sure that you are cleaning the worthless elements on the official website.

Final words

In a nutshell, if you are facing code-related problems on the website, then you should access the W3C validator tool which is really beneficial SEO tool. It will automatically develop the XHTML of the website.

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