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  by Jacob Graves |

7 Top Social Media Marketing Trends To watch in 2019

The power of social media has grown considerably over the years. From being a platform for connecting with friends, these networks have become an attractive avenue for business marketing. Even website owners are asking WordPress website development experts and other professionals to integrate popular social networks with their interfaces. In fact, social media marketing has become a key component of the promotional strategy for businesses.

In this article, we are going to discuss social media marketing trends which are expected to dominate 2019. Enterprises are attracted towards social channels mainly because of their large user-base. The following trends will enable marketing managers to exploit this medium even more effectively. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Video Will Become Even More Dominant

The consumption of video content is growing by the day. The rise of handheld devices and improved internet speed has contributed to this trend. The popularity of videos is limited not only to video-sharing sites like YouTube. Such content can be found on all channels including Facebook and Twitter. Even the photo-sharing application Instagram had to introduce a feature for sharing small clips. Marketers are using the visual element to communicate their brand strategy in innovative ways.

Expect to see a lot more video content in the coming year. It provides a much more powerful medium than text or static images for engaging people. With technical advancements making it easier to make a clip, more and more businesses will use video content to market their services.

2. Chatbots Will Become More Visible

Technological innovation has enabled businesses to provide better and personalized customer service. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to the development of chatbots which are being used by brands to resolve customer issues. Social media has brought consumers and enterprises closer and clients now want quicker service. Once they arrive on a landing page through a social channel, they want immediate answers to their questions. Chatbots and messenger applications help clear their doubts and convert visitors into users.

These tools are great for increasing engagement of visitors with a brand throughout the customer journey. A good example of a chatbot tool is MobileMonkey, which enables you to build your own chatbots on Facebook. This allows you to perform a variety of functions, such as respond to FAQs, set up appointments, monitor customer purchases, and even user intent through the use of keywords analyzed through AI. Along with that, you would be able to send your content in bulk to all of your Facebook contacts, allowing you to promote products, quality content, and your social media campaigns.

Companies are intensifying their efforts to make their bots more accurate so that they can handle more queries. AI-enabled bots will become more visible in the coming year as companies try to answer client inquiries accurately and quickly.

3. Power Of Influencers Will Grow

The usage of social channels for marketing saw the rise of influencers. These are individuals who have a significant following on a network because of their knowledge and expertise in their domain. Some people also became famous because of the content they were posting and then were approached by companies for promotion. These influencers whose every post is seen by numerous followers will only grow more powerful in the near future. A separate category has emerged within the category of influencers called micro-influencers.

While the former has millions of followers, the latter have less than 10,000 followers. Most of the people who are following micro-influencers are genuinely interested in their posts. Next year, more marketers will look to use such individuals to target potential customers.

4. Death Of The Fake Followers Strategy

The next entry on our list of social media marketing trends is more of a prediction. The coming year will see the death of the unethical fake follower’s strategy. Instagram, the popular social photo-sharing app was the biggest victim of this bad practice. In order to boost their popularity and be categorized among influencers, some users artificially increased their followers. They used services which provided fake followers for money. The social network, to stop this practice, started deleting fake comments and likes generated from third-party services.

This was necessary to maintain the image of Instagram as an authentic social channel. The same tactic is in operation on other platforms too. Just like the photo-sharing app has clamped down on the exercise, expect the other networks to follow suit. 2019 will hopefully see the end of fake followers on social media.

5. User-generated Content Will Become More Popular

Amateur content created by social media users is a great tool for business promotion. Enterprises engage people on such platforms and ask them to provide content as part of a promotional scheme or contest. They ask visitors to post photos, text matter, short clips, or any other content as part of the strategy. This is also helpful in involving people with the organization and building their engagement with a brand.

People taking part in the contest will naturally share it with their friends and followers. This indirect promotion will benefit the brand. Moreover, this helps in personalizing the link of the product with the customer. More organizations will use this tactic to market their services in the coming days.

6. Exploring Social Media Channels For Sales Enablement

Social media will not just remain a platform for marketing but companies will actually enable sales through the networks. More and more people are discovering new products on these channels. They are learning about the features of new items on social networks before making a purchase.

Commercial organizations feel that there is an opportunity for exploring the platform for more sales enablement. They do not need to directly promote their products and can instead focus on building engagement with prospective users. Once people are convinced about the benefits of a service, they will choose to use it over other options.

7. Live Streaming Content For Providing Personalized Experience

Taking the video content strategy one step further is live streaming content. There are instances where organizations have streamed an event live on their social account. Brands with celebrity endorsers use this tactic regularly to great effect. In the coming days, expect more such live streams which will be used by even small organizations. The content will also not be limited to celebrity events and include a live chat with customers or a real-time tour of their production facility. This will personalize the experience of users and help build a connection with them.


On looking closely, readers will find that all the social media marketing trends for 2019 presented here focus on establishing a personal connection with a potential customer. Businesses want to use social channels to engage people and build an image of their brand which will help them earn more revenue.

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