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8 Small Business Tech Trends for 2018

8 Small Business Tech Trends for 2018

According to common opinion, small businesses are the most unlikely to adjust to modern technological innovations. Presumably, it’s because of their low financial capacities, which do not allow them to afford trends that are implemented and practice by big corporations with high annual revenue.

Notwithstanding, this opinion is false due to a few main reasons. For starters, small businesses are more mobile and, therefore, are really capable of changing their approaches and strategies since it doesn’t take them to bring down a whole bureaucratic system, unlike gigantic company who are quite unmovable.

For this, we’ve compiled a list of small business tech trends for 2018 to showcase that innovations have no limits for a place to be implemented.

Trend 1. Online Chat

Are you feeling like eating a set of sushi at 3 AM on a Saturday? You probably think that you need to wait for your closest sushi house to open. Not anymore, since with the implementation of new social media networks like Facebook or e-mail messages you’re able to order your favorite dish at any time from any place that has Wi-Fi.

Nowadays, online chats and instant replies have enabled small companies to provide their services to customers without requiring them to pick up their phone and dial phone numbers. Such mobility is a creation of the modern age people’s proclivity for spending most of their time stuck to their cell phones.

Trend 2. Internet Merchandise

For the past few years, a trend to transfer your business from an actual store at X Avenue has become a great success for companies that want to broaden their prospects and go global without investing into their facilities.

If you google a word ‘potato,’ you will definitely come across a list of products and services that can be delivered to you right away whereas all you need to do is to give them a location and your bank account information. The power of the Internet is to connect the unconnectable by advertising and to promote. This is an amazing opportunity for small companies to become visible to a new audience.

Trend 3. Digital Currency

The time when you had to find a dime to pay for your flat-white latte costing $2.99 is long gone. Moreover, paying with your credit card or Apple Pay is no surprise for a barista since now you can use currency and a means which a few years back were laughed upon.

Do you have a few spare bitcoins, which are not enough to buy a villa in Crema, Italy but more than enough to buy a 10-year coffee supply? Lots of newly established businesses offer their customers to use various payment methods, which do not limit their financial capacity.

Trend 4. Сharging Spot

It’s possible that you’ve decided to modify your life a bit and switched from actual 9-to-5 office job to freelance. You may prefer writing your content articles and coding JavaScript apps while drinking a coffee in a coffee shop. For this, owners have established charging spots for your smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Some advanced companies like Starbucks are now pushing their new marketing strategy of offering wireless chargers for devices. Sounds really convenient especially when you forget your wires at home?

Moving comfortability and independence from a workplace have become a trend of 2010s small business since they attract more customers by simply providing them with an outlet and high-speed Internet.

Trend 5. Discounts and Offers

An idea of receiving a discount for simply posting a picture of a muffin with the hashtag of a bakery sounds like an involving approach to saving your money. Not only you get a bonus for using your Instagram profile, but you help a shop promote their product.

Have you ever been asked to bring along a friend so you’ll receive a special deal, e.g. ‘1+1=3’ or ‘Get 30% off your next purchase’? It’s no surprise for 2018 and has become more of a marketing routine.

In addition to this, lots of firms have digitized their services and created applications, which is focused on informing users about their new ‘inventions.’ For simply interacting with an online platform both parties benefit. Even students who need to learn how to write notecards for research paper MLA can use discounts in various writing services. It is very convenient.

Trend 6. On the Spot Online Order

Sometimes, when you have only an hour-break before you come back to analyzing SEO data, a line may be too long to stand, and you simply decide to leave. This issue has been resolved by creating smartphone applications and screen-touch terminals, where a customer while standing in a line can order ahead without sweating off. This trick has been adopted and rebranded from MacDonald’s.

It’s a great strategy of reducing a high volume of customers that allows staff members to pay more attention qualitatively to fewer people rather than none to all of them. If these are not advanced customer service technologies, then what is?

Trend 7. Media and Video Marketing

It’s not a case when miners would go to a bar to get a couple of drinks and watch a football game. Now, watching sports games have become a matter of the past whereas streaming videos and broadcasting YouTube channels are a new generation. Small screens are, now, casually used as a means of promoting new products, showcasing services’ modifications and simply entertaining visitors with original art-house short meters.

Moreover, the visual presentation is an influencer of the modern age that helps small companies develop their marketing network, business relationships and increase its popularity.

Trend 8. Clouds

Looking for new technological trends, small businesses have become a trend themselves. A lot of governments have found a way to use coffee shops and merchandise stores for pushing their own economic agenda. For this, they invest money into clouds that collect customers’ information and digital identities.

When you register at an online platform longing for a free cookie to your coffee they, probably, ask you to type in an e-mail or a social media account reference that later on are saved to clouds and used as a target to send you information not only about food and beverages but also governmental issues, news and etc. In other words, we receive even more updates then we’d expect and are soaking wet in modern technology.

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