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There’s just too much noise out there.

There’s Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus and so on and so forth. Yes they are awesome in that they reach numerous amounts of people – but do we really connect? Do we really engage and challenge and question – and most of all, do we really answer?

This Tribe is to break that desire to go big and go social and start small – with a group of highly enthusiastic people driven by a strong interest in SEO. This is the place where we keep it small. We keep it intimate – and best of all, we keep it valuable.

This isn’t the place to spam and promote the hell out of yourself. Rather, its’ the place to see help each other out. I’m taking the first step in that I created this Tribe without any sort of financial gain in mind – plus I’m allowing people to publish blog posts right here in this Tribe. The good ones will be bumped up to the SEO Hacker blog. The bad ones well… There shouldn’t be any bad ones.

All I ask is that the people here stay active. It’s not Facebook and it will definitely not take more than 10 minutes of your day to post a question or answer one. That is going to be the cornerstone of our Tribe at the beginning – the willingness to help those who are lost.

As a simple reminder, I’m posting our first announcement here which outlines what you could do as a Tribe member:

1) This place is for sharing stuff about SEO
2) This place is for you to ask questions and to help out people who have questions you know the answer to
3) This place is for you to get a shot in publishing an article at the SEO Hacker Blog
4) This place is for you to share your work in SEO or digital marketing
5) Lastly, this place is for you to have fun while doing all that!

– Sean Si
CEO, SEO Hacker

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