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  by Emma Alex |

9 Advanced SEO Techniques That’ll Double Your Search Traffic


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the mechanism that makes a website visible on the web search engine. Additionally, SEO is a marketing tool that is significantly focused on the visibility of organic search engine results. SEO entails technical and creative aspects that are supposed to improve the traffic and also increase awareness in the search engines.

Much of web traffic is observed by the major search engines like Bing, Google, and even Yahoo. This is because many people are looking for different content in these commercial search engines. So, if you mainly have a good understanding of SEO, you can increase your traffic and also create awareness for your brand.

So, to increase your traffic, you must equip yourself with proper techniques which you can implement and see yourself succeed and maximize profits. These are the SEO techniques that can help you increase your traffic and SEO ranking.

1. Have a Full SEO Audit on your Site

For you to get to know the weakness or drawbacks that result to you not getting enough traffic and making low sales it is better for you to have a complete audit on your website. Instead of paying SEO companies to do auditing for you, it’s advisable to do it by yourself with the help of online SEO audit tools to save yourself the expenses.

Auditing is a logically designed examination and review of an event, situation or financial books that is done to find the point at which you stand and what to do for a better future. Undoubtedly, the making of future decisions dramatically depends on the proper auditing you do.

Simply put, through the verification that you receive from the audit, allows you to understand the point at which you stand and the reasons why you’re where you are at, and this helps you to make wise decisions that will enable you to improve.

So, an SEO audit just means you are scrutinizing the general site performance and finding out reasons for that performance. This helps you implement new skills so that you can achieve what you intend to.

2. Learn and Discover what Users Need

Learning about what your users need is essential for you so that you are aware what you should give them. You should discover what your potential customers need so that you can make available content that can catch their attention.

Always listen to their views and responses so that you ensure the content you create is what they want. To get the feedback and responses from the customers is a significant challenge since you are not in touch physically with your targeted ones. The following are some of the ways to find out the responses and feedbacks of the customers.

  • Use various social media platforms.
  • Look at favorite pages in commercial websites like Google.
  • See what is commonly shared by users.
  • Pay attention to new customers on your blog.
  • Meeting your targeted users’ needs is an essential idea of increasing your market base and maximizing profit at the end of the day.

    3. Ensure that your Website can Work on Mobile Devices

It’s essential you ensure that your site is much mobile-friendly to customers, and it works well on their mobile devices. The content must fit on the smaller screen of the mobile as in the desktop computer appearance.

Since most users own mobile phones, it will be better and of more advantage for your content to be reached by many people. The market basis provided by million mobile users it will create enough traffic on your site.

4. Post the Content that is so Valuable on Social Media Platforms

Given that your blog or your content is new in the search engine, it can’t be more comfortable work to get ranked in the Google search. This is a result of Domain Authority being low, so it is difficult to get listed in the Google search. So the best solution at this stage is to use social media platforms to increase the traffic.

When talking about social media platforms, it’s not all about Facebook or Twitter, but it means medial platforms like Quora or Docstoc. This is because these platforms are authoritative and they need quality content. These platforms help to increase your search engine rankings in short duration and also increase your traffic.

5. Use of Infographics

To grow your website, you are required to use infographics so as you can communicate relevant information to your customers using graphics. To make your content be understandable by a broad audience is much essential that you convey your information through graphics since they are seen through eyes, hence bringing an about more natural understanding of your content.

Usage of quality graphics can lead to the larger traffic of your website since most people don’t focus on the information itself instead they pay attention to the graphics. Most of the customers prefer graphics only because the brain processes the visual information very faster. For you to make you infographics reach a broad audience, you must ensure that you find a trending idea that users are mostly searching and put it together with the graphical information.

Additionally, on the process of creating an infographic, you must ensure that you write a blog post that explains it. Users can easily share your post if only and if you provide a blog explaining it and giving clarification of various aspects.

6. The Landing Pages are Required to be Optimized

To increase and improve your sales, you are required to design a useful landing page. Given the fact you have a landing page, you are assured of giving your customers more gateways to your website. But most companies or stakeholders don’t take into consideration use of landing pages to catch the attention of new customers. To ensure that your landing page is useful and of great importance, it must have the following requirements:

  • It must have no navigation which will ensure that the users stay on the page always thus creating traffic.
  • The content must be widely informative so that to ensure that users acquire useful information about your content. It must provide a call to a particular to take place, the activities such as download option and sign up option is required.

7. Provide a Roundup Post

Roundup post is a situation when you get views about similar topic or question from a small population of people. Obtaining these pictures makes you discover new things that you are supposed to add to your article to make it useful; this will lead to increase of your traffic and SEO rankings.

In a situation where you ask the same question in some individuals, you can get essential feedbacks. If for instance, you ask few experts in their place of specialization similar issue, it will enable you to get your web page to new users. This will allow your website to have a lot of traffic and increase SEO rankings.

So to ensure that your roundup post raises its traffic, you must provide that you find a proper question that you are going to ask the audience. After you have seen a good problem you must find also find a particular audience that you are going to ask the question; you collect their responses, you write and later publish a post.

8. Research on your Competitor’s Weakness

Finding your close competitors weaknesses and work on them correctly can lead to high traffic on your website. Research on what your competitors do better and also what they don’t do better, and make a smart move out of that which will result in significant benefits for you.

If you work correctly on their weakness, you are at a situation you can attract their users to your content. Also, you should find their SEO keywords and use them. By acquiring keywords, it will help you lay down better market strategies to outshine them.

9. Ensure that you Always Update your Old Website

If you have been using your site for quite some time, you are required to update some of its contents. In case you had written some blogs or materials that are resulting in low traffic, you are required to improve and update it for it to get high rankings.

You must ensure that you stay tuned for latest news and updates. Also, you are supposed to do much research so as you find out new information you can add to your content to attract the attention of new users in the market. By doing this, you will find yourself at a point of increasing your traffic and SEO ranking as well.

Key Takeaway

So if you implement the above-advanced SEO techniques, you will get enough traffic and improved rankings on your content. You should lay down proper strategies and combine the methods so that you can double your traffic. As a result, you will attract new customers, meet the needs of your customers and increase your sales and revenue. You will also gain a competitive advantage against your rivals.

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Emma Alex is a freelance writer, experienced blogger, and a professional social media coach. Currently, She’s working with Furthermore, Emma assists in the business creation and control social media content planning.


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