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Best PPC Campaign Management Trends for 2019

Best PPC Campaign Management Trends for 2019

The New Year comes with lots of newness and expectation. Just as we upgrade ourselves with some new positivity, PPC Marketing scope has also with the massive accomplishment that every digital marketer should know. It has introduced some an ignition of follow-up trends for this year. Google has made many rapid changes till now such as AdWords being rebranded as Google Ads; the new Google Ads “experience”, the launch of numerous new campaign types, features, enhancements, targeting options, and tools.

To be effective at your job, you must know the Best PPC Campaign Management Trends for 2019 that will help you to leaves an impression at your work. In this article, we have listed down the best ever trends that you would see and find out in the practicing of PPC Campaign now. Let us have detailed information about it.

Target Audience not keywords

It is predicted that in the era of a new year, the keywords trend is going to die. Now the advertisers shift their focus away from the relevancy and context and people. It is not 100% true that all keyword would be dead but the audience targeting would get more important for getting and promoting any website.  Many experts suggest spending more time focusing on creating and optimizing your customer segments. You must focus on the right audience to bridge the gap between the right product and service to the customers to generate maximum leads.

Combine the Automation and Human Intelligence

Automation will be going to last long in the PPC Trend. According to Google, its search ads should be ‘ads that work for everyone’. It believes that automation makes possible for businesses to be successful search markers. But it does not mean that you will be replaced by the machines as human intelligence is also present that cannot bring up by anywhere. It is best to lean into Google automation tools rather than shun them in favor of third-party tools. Moreover, this practice will be appreciated by Google also of using their automated bidding strategies in campaigns.

Amazon, An Advertising E-commerce platform

Amazon has a net worth of $1 trillion. It will be going to continue its streak in 2019 with the numbers of sponsored products ads, which could be the successful PPC Strategy for you. It crawled by Google on priority and also drive the attention of Google, Facebook, and Bing as well. Thus, it has become the ideal platform to post your ads and get leads in a short time frame.

Determine the role of PPC Marketers

With the commencement of automation, audience targeting PPC Marketers have a lack of time to find out their role in the scope of the marketing. Thus, with the introduction of 2019, PPCers are supposed to manage their own account, to deliver the expected output from them. They are expected to imply tasks like ad testing, driving more query, testing, serving etc to maintain their position and importance in the market.

Diversification of Advertising Channels

There are a number of channels for advertising that you can use. Most companies don’t rely on one platform to promote or advertise their domain. You must also opt this practice and choose the multiple different platforms. It promotes the focus on your clients if you do cross-channel and cross-device attribution. It has become now easy to build well-coordinated multi-channel campaigns.

As per the recent research, it is said that advertisers should understand that they must reach customers and keep them engaged via different stages of purchases funnel.

Make Good Ads

Innovation and creativeness are to you. In the year 2019, the audience expectation went high in terms of creativity, innovation, designing. Generate mind-blowing ads to increase your chances of profit via clicks. It should be catchy and vibrant. Being an expert of PPC, You should know the PPC management Basics and should not avoid adopting one or two headlines on the ads, which will reflect and leaves an impression on the customers.

Focus on Branding

No matter how creative you would be, you should not go out of the range and stay relevant. It will enhance the chances of ROI. You have to focus on some good expect of your business and stay focus on branding. If you are serious about branding your domain, then you must put your concern and focus on video streaming platforms and incorporation of low generic keywords.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and PWA

With the hike in the usage of mobile phones, around 60% of search traffic drawn from mobile devices. The search engine has become a huge traffic driven platform. Almost every person seek for google to find out the answer to their query. If your website would be mobile friendly then there are higher chances of getting hikes. If it would take less accessing time then the bound rates would be less. Thus, this is a victory for you. AMP initiated by Google. AMP pages loaded only around 0.5 seconds, which helps in reducing the risk of bound rates.

Video Promotions

There are lots of platforms, where you can share videos and generate a maximum profit return. Videos have become the most trading tool to achieve the trust of the clients in the most efficient manner. Make sure you are not forgetting this essential aspect of PPC. Being a marketer, you must know which will work as a trigger. According to Cisco, 82% of internet traffic will be through video by 2021 but you don’t have to wait till 2021, you can start taking advantage of the trend now.


Thus, you can beat the competition by opting the above mentioned listed points. They will help you to be a successful marketer. Just as per the changing time, you should also upgrade yourself in the best possible manner. Lots of marketers are planning for making landmark strategies for PPC, which is a good practice. Use the above mentioned All you have to do is just wait patiently and follow the speculated trends of 2019.

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