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Beyond Keywords: The Essence of High-Quality Content Writing

The Essence of High-Quality Content Writing

Once upon the time, Bill Gates proclaimed that ‘content is King’. This particular statement became the headline of one of his well-known essays which emphasized the importance of the content for digital marketing. Bill Gates wrote this essay back in 1996 but not much has changed since that time. The key role of content for the commercial success of any Internet product has become even more obvious these days. Still, this is true only when the quality of the content is really high. In this case, search engines notice the content and the website gets good search ranking.

The very process of online content ranking is quite complicated. For example, the Google search algorithm uses about 200 criteria for ranking Internet content, so you need to work hard to meet all the requirements and to hit the target. In such a situation some basic knowledge about the general rules of high-quality content writing is true of vital importance.

Quite often people perceive the correct SEO techniques to be the principal key to success. That’s true, SEO is really crucial when it goes to high search engine ranking. SEO rests on the following basis: the language used by the searchers, the way search engines view the content of your website, and the trust search engines have in your site. The get the best outcome you need to remember about this.

Nevertheless, smartly chosen keywords which are wisely placed within the content are only half a way to the desired result. High-quality content writing comprises a bit more than that. The observance of all important SEO rules won’t help if the general quality of the content is poor. If you don’t want the visitor to leave your page as soon as she/he reads the first lines, consider using these simple tips for improving the quality of your content:

Keep the content original?

There is nothing wrong with reposting if you observe the rights of the original source. But this type of content will not help you with getting high ranking. To attract the attention of search engines your content should be original. It means that you need to create it yourself or to get the help of professional web copywriting services for high-quality content writing.

Hunt for inspiration and fresh ideas

Fresh ideas are precious for high-quality content writing, but it is so difficult to find them! Here are some tips which may help:

  • Monitor the content of other websites with a similar content and analyze it on regular basis. Try to find strong and weak sides of the rival content and apply this knowledge while creating your own content.
  • Make a collection of ideas in writing. Do not be lazy to put down the idea as soon as it gets into your mind. You may forget even the best one quite quickly.
  • Watch yourself and pay attention to the circumstances in which you get the best ideas for your content. If you manage to find out the pattern, you will win!
  • Get pristine impressions and try new activities. This method also helps greatly when it goes to fresh ideas.
  • Read as much as you can. But do not stick to the information in your own field only. Let the scope of you reading be truly wide. You will be surprised how many ideas come from completely unexpected sources.

Choose relevant topics

Study the needs and interests of your target audience. The more you know about the people you are writing for, the better the final result will be.

    • Take into consideration the age, social background, gender, professional interests of your prospective visitors.
    • Give the people what they are really interested in and present only useful content
  • Value your prospective readers’ time and sincerely respect them.
  • Try to educate and develop your readers by introducing new and inspiring topics, which will broaden their worldview. Consider including some valuable information about serious scientific research in the field you work in, add in-depth reports and thoughtful analysis.

Create catchy headlines

Your headline is the first thing to attract the attention of a prospective reader. So, do your best to not to miss your chance.

    • Keep the headline short and try to create an intrigue. At the same time, do not give false promises and try to describe the essence of the content as accurate as possible.
    • Use numbers – they always work and help organize the content in a logical way.
    • Try to establish an emotional connection with a perspective reader – it also proves to be extremely helpful.
  • Apply personal approach and show your genuine interest to the readers.
  • Put keywords at the beginning of the tag title.

Use efficient writing strategies for high-quality content writing

There are many excellent techniques you can use while working on your content.

    • Brainstorming is an awesome way to get your thought and ideas sorted out and organized.
    • Planning ahead also works great. If you start by creating a frame and get a definite idea about the structure of the text from the very beginning, it will be much easier to fulfill the whole task.
  • Use wisely the first third of the page. People are lazy beings, aren’t they? Very few of them will read your text up to the very end. So, tell about most important issues at the beginning and leave less principle information for the second half of the page.
  • Leave yourself time to proofread and do not postpone writing until the last night before the deadline. If the text ‘rests’ for a while, you will be able to look at it with fresh eyes and see if it sound ok and does not have serious flaws and drawbacks.
  • Divide the text into sections and give them subtitles. Fall for short paragraphs. This simple strategy keeps the text more readable and at the same time makes the text search engine friendly.
  • Watch out the language you use. Keep it simple and understandable. Avoid complicated structures and long sentences. Do not ignore the services of grammar and spelling checkers. They are your true friends in the fight for the prime quality of the content.

Mind the illustrations

Most contemporary people are visuals. It means that illustrations are especially important for them. Nevertheless, it is important to keep the balance. Too many illustrations are as bad as none. So, use the pictures wisely to illustrate the key points. Avoid looking for the pictures one by one. It is much better to pick pictures when the body of the article is ready and you see the whole picture clearly.

Update the content regularly

Some content may stay relevant for a long time. Still, take care to update your content from time to time. It is truly urgent because old stuff irritates most people. A simple revision will help you get rid of old dates and keep your content in the top ranking.

As you see, high-quality content writing is not as complicated as it may seem from the very beginning. Still, you need talent, creativity and a lot of patience combined with regular practice to produce some really good content. Just remember, that small strokes fell great oaks.

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