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Biggest Blogging Niches and How to Appeal to Them

Biggest Blogging Niches and How to Appeal to Them

Starting a blog has never been easier. Once you have an idea and decide to act on it, just register with a web hosting provider, prepare some content, and your blog will begin to take shape.

However, one of the first issues to consider is deciding what category your blog belongs to. This is important, as it will also decide your potential audience. Each audience has specific expectations, interests, and behaviors, so it’s important to understand this when starting a blog.


Video games have been around for quite some time, but have only recently gained mass appeal within the last few years. Part of the reason for this boom in the gaming industry is the rise of the internet, which allowed gamers from all over the world to connect with each other and share views and ideas. A top tech expert from stated that “gaming blogs must be places where gamers feel welcome and entertained, where they can learn new things, but in a familiar spirit.

Gaming blogs typically cover game reviews, walkthroughs, and general news and information”. He further added that, in order to appeal to audiences, a gaming blog must be able to “boast the relevant experience of games and a knowledge of their history”.


These are some of the oldest activities in the world and you’ll find that most people are interested (or at least aware) of one type of sport or another. These blogs are often centered around a sport the publisher is passionate about, and might even be limited to a particular league, or team within that league. In sports, a single team, its players, and staff possess enough information to comfortably keep a blog interesting.

A sports blog should demonstrate intimate knowledge of the history and rules of the sport and must be able to utilize this for conveying news and analysis to its audience. It should also keep up-to-date with current news, as the sports world is often abuzz with controversies, transfers, injuries, tactics, comments, and many such events.

Celebrity News

Celebrities are held up to be icons, the people whose lives we choose to give the most attention. They are also not limited to any one industry, as you’ll see people paying as much attention to CEOs of giant companies and world leaders as they pay to movie stars, musicians, gamers, artists and any other person whose achievements have attracted the limelight. In the blogging niche, the most important aspect is being able to keep abreast of current news.

With celebrities and the internet, the news does not stay fresh for too long, and what was trending yesterday might be already forgotten by today. Publishers in this blogging niche must be familiar with methods via which to keep up with celebrities, such as news, social media accounts, online press releases and so on.


The movie industry has never been bigger than it is currently and many people are excited to chronicle this. Bloggers in this niche cover movie release dates, premiers, reviews, casts, production, trailers, management, leaks, predictions, awards and so much more. They rarely cover any one genre and often attract multiple contributors. Audiences of such blogs look to them to provide insight and analyses gained from movie experience and first-rate understanding.

Bloggers in this niche are often film buffs, with many having a degree in cinematography, theatre and the like. Movies and related news are released every day and so blogs must be regularly updated (daily if possible). Audiences of this niche expect to be entertained much like in the movies, so the blogs are informative, but entertaining and humorous as well.


This is one of the biggest blog niches, which can be attributed to the ubiquitous nature of music. Blogs in this niche don’t limit to any single genre, as the music itself is often difficult to tie down. They feature a number of services rendered to the audience but often perform an assortment. They review music, provide interpretations and explanations, pass on the news about the personal and professional lives of artists, provide suggestions, show music videos, list album release schedules, inform on trending topics, and much more.

To appeal to audiences, these blogs stay on top of new music-related information and are always up-to-date in relation to the interactions of artists. They also draw from a vast knowledge of musical history, but also current and future events, in their reviews and analyses.


The fashion industry is huge and impacts on every aspect of life. It is no longer limited to simple clothing, shoes, and accessories (although that still lies at its core), as it now covers everything from gadgets to cars, pets and more. This is reflected in the bloggers who cover a wide variety of subjects and topics. This includes fashion trends, advice, celebrity news, forecasts, perfume lines, events, and more. To be successful, fashion bloggers must consistently be in touch with and able to predict changes in fashions. They must be able to boast a style of their own to give their audience confidence in their ability and to stand out.


The world is a big place, made much smaller by the experiences of others. Whether traveling themselves, thinking about it or just curious, there is a whole audience interested in the adventures to be had in foreign climes. So much so, travel blogs cater to those people by sharing experiences and knowledge.

For that extra layer of authenticity and realism, travel writers document their journeys via pictures and videos. They appeal to audiences by travelling to the most exotic locations and learning tips and secrets that are not known by most. They’re also knowledgeable about the political and economic climates of regions, enabling them to provide adequate reports for their audience.

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