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5 Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

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In the present era of digitalization, your online presence is a must. No matter whatever your profession is, you need to plan your digital marketing to boost your business. With ever-changing trends and optimization strategies, you need to be updated and work on your brand accordingly.

Just like others, law firms need to focus on their digital marketing as well. Here are a few tips gathered specially for law firms SEO and other digital marketing concerned with legal attorneys.

Work on your website

With so many competitors out there, you need to stand out. If you are still using a website that is years old, it’s time to go for a redesign. Not just because the trends have changed, but it might affect how you rank in the search results on different search engines.

While working on your firm’s website, make sure to keep the following thing in mind:

  • With almost 70% our user base preferring mobile platforms, it is a foremost requirement that you should keep in you to do list when working on your website design. Focus on mobile traffic and build a responsive website that scales well on handheld devices as well.
  • Follow design guidelines to ensure proper results. This may include proper usage of typography or colors that represent your brand and follow your business values.
  • Remember the saying about the first impression being the last one, it is applicable to your business as well. Deliver high-quality relevant content to your visitors. You do not want visitors to go back from your website only by looking at the page they were directed from the search engine. This will have a negative impact on your website’s online reputation and ranking. You should focus on how to engage them to browse even more and get what they came looking for. This will not just increase the chances of getting a new client but also improves your ranking on search engines.
  • Target on quality content over quantity. The visitors seeking legal help prefer getting accurate information rather than too much clutter. Try to keep your content brief, with detailed explanations only where it is unavoidable.
  • Make your website SEO friendly. Work along with some reputed law firm SEO agency to boost your website on different search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Start with conducting a website audit to know your present status and ranking. This will help you plan your strategies in a better way, as well as provide you with a benchmark to compare with once you are investing in the SEO. You can even go for paid search engine advertisements to get the attention of those who search for legal services on different search engines. This method is generally referred to as PPC or Pay Per Click where you need to pay a fixed amount of charges to whatever search engine you are targeting, whenever someone clicks your advertisement. This is a good way to start as this may bring immediate results, unlike organic SEO that takes a few months before it actually kicks in. Although it costs you some extra money, it is worth giving a try. But a wise practice is to focus on organic SEO as it gives you long term benefits.

Use client reviews to your benefit

Just like the word of mouth is tried and tested conventional marketing technique, reviews and feedback serve an important role in getting more clients online. Most of the clients look for other users’ reviews before they make their decision. Encourage your clients to drop a review on your Google business profile, Facebook page, Instagram handler or any social media profile. The enhanced ratings and reviews on your online platforms will work wonders in improving your visibility, brand recognition, and trust factor. If you worked for some big clients, that are well known among the common people, flaunt them clearly on your website so that the visitor gets an immediate hold of it.

Optimize your local search

Legal firms usually serve in a particular geographic location. And even the clients prefer legal firms that are based in their resident city as it offers quick reach and a better understanding of the state laws. This brings the need for hyperlocal SEO to reach the audience within your service domain. Consult your SEO advisor to understand more about the local SEO and analyze your competitors as well to plan in a better way.

The importance of local SEO can be noticed by the fact that many law firms SEO companies market it as their USP and work with legal organizations restricted to a particular city or state only.

  • List your firm in Google My Business with proper information such as your service area, your working hours, your skills and images related to your practice area. This will give you an advantage over your competitors.
  • Work along with your marketing agency on the keywords that are trending in a particular city or state that you wish to target and ask them how you could use it to boost your online presence.
  • Create content focused on a particular location. This may include talking of your state laws and other rules and regulations concerned with your city. You may even talk about some specific cases that were in the limelight and share your opinions and legal expertise on the same.

Create listings in online directories

When you upload your firm’s details on popular online legal directories, it does not just increase your overall visibility but also builds up your recognition in the legal industry as these directories are well identified. You should include all the possible information such as your name, your firm’s name, the team members along with their expertise, your contact details and addresses, and anything else that can help you overshadow the crowd. One thing to keep in mind it consistency among different directories. Also, keep track of all your listing with links so that any future updates can be made easily.

Connect to your clients on Social Media

When it comes to connecting with your clients to showcase your service and skill, social media is the best option. It helps you interact with your clients or may be potential clients, in a much-relaxed way.

  • Start with setting up your social accounts on platforms that can is suitable for your targeted audience, then gradually build up your connections and invest some time in building trust and reputation among your followers. You might consider working on different platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • Post engaging contents for your audience and try to solve their queries. You might also consider publishing educational content regarding various general legal issues. Apart from this, you can even make use of multimedia and live videos to connect and share your valuable resources with your audience. You could even set up a YouTube channel where you can upload regular videos and contents that can be useful to your potential clients.
  • Most of the social media platforms provide you with paid options as well. You could run sponsored campaigns such as a Facebook ad or sponsored pots on LinkedIn and Instagram. This will increase your visibility and help you grow your outreach. These ads have options that allow you to target a particular set of audiences. Depending on the platform you are using, you can target audiences based on their locations, interests, demographics (such as age, gender, relationship status, education, job title and more), connections, and behavior.
  • You can also use social media to share pictures of events that showcase your responsibility towards the community. This is a great way to get your visitors trust and ensure they believe you and your firm.

Unlike any other domain, legal matters are quite sensitive and you need to take great care on what you and your staff post so that you ensure that no one’s privacy is compromised. So plan your Social Media campaigns carefully.

Besides these quick tips, there is a lot more you can do to get your business to new heights. Before you start investing, it’s better to consult some professionals in the digital marketing domain with expertise, particularly in law firms SEO and marketing. Also, you need to keep your website updated as the online trends keep on changing every now and them. Even the search engines change their algorithms to make sure only genuine results are shown. You need to make sure your website always comply with these standards.

There are a large number of potential clients active on social media, you just need to grab the opportunity and reach the right audience at the right time. If worked properly, digital marketing for law firms can be really helpful in improving your online business.

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