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Email Marketing Based Strategy For Instagram To Improve With User Generated Content

Have you ever got this idea that you might be squeezing more out of the email marketing strategy? If so, then always remember you are not alone. Everyone loves social media over here. However, there is no denying of the sheer power that email marketing holds.   The last remaining ever relic of the old school internet based marketing, email, has been on the go-to solution for brands, which are looking to capture leads, building up lists and even monetizing subscribers for the decades. Email marketing is not going to lose the steam either.

As per the recent eMarketer report, email marketing will always boast a medium ROI of around 12%, which is stated to be around 4 times higher than likes of paid search or social media. Even though the modern brands are laser-focused on just turning the social followers into customers, there will be a financial incentive to stick right with the email.

That being said, email marketers should not ignore the best practices, which social media has in store to marketing messages. On average, the email marketing strategy can easily be fine-tuned into something special by including one ingredient, which is user-generated content. You can get some clear understanding that from Gramista, for sure.

Email marketing strategy needs proper UGC:

You might have seen time and again on how the user-generated content can help brands on IG by increasing the present conversions, building trust and even painting posts with a personalized touch to it. Why can’t you apply the same principles to the present email marketing strategy? Yes, you can is the answer.

Email marketing comprises of multiple moving pieces. Right from the subject lines to CTA, designs and more, marketers are quite timid whenever it is associated with switching up strategies.  Now the main question is why throwing UGC in the mix when there is already so much more to worry about?

The answer is rather simple. UGC comprises of the potential for plugging up the holes in the present marketing strategies whenever it is associated with click through and conversions. You can further consider some of the common challenges of the email marketers and then use the UGC for help.

Always remember that increasing the email engagement rates and encouraging readers will take some sort of actions. Moreover, you have to work hard in converting subscribers into customers and keeping them opted-in. moreover, you get the chance to create a more personal connection with the subscribers right now. The best thing is that you can easily help in easing all of such pain points.

Bringing the value of email marketing and UGC together:

Remember that you do not have to trash current email marketing strategy or just start right from scratch. With some of the major tweaks and some levels of creativity, you can always integrate UGC into future and existing email campaigns.  Some examples of the ways in which modern brands are integrating UGC into email marketing strategies can help you out a lot. They might make it look a lot easier as because for the most part of it.

Run email based hashtag campaign:

The easiest way to harness the power of the UGC through the art of email is by using hashtags. Creating hashtags for the brands will not just connect you with followers, but will also allow you to just curate UGC right in a snap. A straightforward example right from email-based hashtag campaign from oVertone might help you out a bit in understanding. Such messages are mainly designed to encourage email subscribers in showing off products through branded hashtags on the IG.

If you ever check out the OVERTONE tag, you will come across thousands of posts and there is no denying the fact that subscribers are taking good notice of that. Therefore, this Overtone has plenty of contents to choose from for next re-gram.

Always remember that this example is the company specified. In case, you are running a seasonal or time-sensitive campaign that is going to be a fair game for you.

Do not just assume that the email list knows about hashtags already.  Promoting hashtags through the mail can be done within seconds as displayed in the said examples as mentioned already. Besides, you cannot just expect hashtags to spread in case nobody knows about that.

In short, hashtags are always an easy target for adding up UGC in the current email marketing strategy.

Time to show your products and customers:

This is when things can truly get to be interesting in nature. Piggybacking on some of the popular hashtags campaigns, some of the savvy brands are showing off satisfied customers through email. This form of promotion effectively serves as a proper advertisement for the products and social feeds right at the same time. Here, your customers are going to be your ads.

Let’s take an example first. Black Milk Clothing puts their products and even their customers on display in marketing emails. They can even sweeten the deal offering up around $50 voucher for the customers, who can find them in the email lookbook. It might sound a bit crazy but such campaign is brilliant as it helps in encouraging the creation of UGC and keeps the social followers quite glued to the emails.

On the other hand, marketers do not have to totally separate their social feeds right from the email-based content. The campaign helps in encouraging followers to just interact with the email, IG, and FB accordingly. There are some more channels that you are able to engage your customers right now and even better.

The perfect benefit you cannot deny:

UGC has the utmost benefit that you cannot deny. Depending on the campaign monitor report, social media integration is considered to be an effective form of personalization tactic for email by around 28% of the marketers.  Satisfied customers are always social proof and social proof is always the key to retain customers through social media or email.

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