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Everything to Know About Latest Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

Everything to Know About Latest Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

If you are an SEO professional, or an SEO service provider, there will be butterflies in your stomach every time you hear about an algorithm update from Google. These regular algorithm updates from Google bring mixed reactions from users and SEO professionals every time they are updated. While most SEO service providers and professionals consider these updates a curse, users describe it as a boon since it brings in more authenticity and fewer spams.

Last month, Google announced the complete rollout of a new algorithm update, known as The Google Medic Update (though, it’s not an official name given by Google). It is one of the most critical broad core algorithm updates that Google rolled out this year. The medic update aims to make improvements in the search engine ensuring users to have the best search experience. While it is good news for the users, on the other side, many websites have been affected adversely by this new update.

Let’s dig in deep about what this new update is all about and how has it affected various websites. However, before knowing about Google Medic Update, you need to know what a broad core algorithm is, in general.

What Is a Google Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Google, as you may have already known, makes continuous efforts to improve the user experience, while providing relevant and authentic information to its users. You might be fascinated to know that Google changes its algorithms twice a day, most of them being small updates. In 2017 alone, Google rolled out 630 core algorithm updates, that are different from broad core updates.

While most core algorithm updates are smaller and do not bring many changes, the broad core updates are better and bring in various visible changes to the search engine. Also, the broad core updates happen only a couple of times in a year. They induce major algorithm updates that have a significant impact on the SERP rankings of various websites.

Apart from the recent broad core algorithm update in August 2018, Google had also released two more broad core updates in March and April. Both these updates focused on content, instead of the quality of the websites. While these updates brought many changes in the search engine rankings, Google clarified that the changes were not because there is anything wrong with your site, but it was because the search engines started recognizing other websites that were more deserving to be in the top positions.

Google Medic Broad Core Update – Where Did It Get Its Name From?

Google, generally does not name its algorithm updates. Now, you may think, then how did the latest update get its name? Well, the name of the recent update got popular because of Barry Schwartz – a prolific SEO writer, who gave the update its name. Let’s dig deeper to know how this new update has affected various genres of websites.

Websites That Are Most Affected by The Google Medic Update

While most Google broad core algorithm updates don’t focus on targeting a particular niche, the Medic update seems to break the norm. The rollout of this broad core algorithm update has mostly affected health-related websites. Other niches, including insurance, e-commerce, finance, entertainment, business websites, and deal sites are also affected by the update. However, the health-related websites and the e-commerce websites that sell health products are  hit worst by this new update.

There is another popular opinion that, the Medic update has influenced the YMYL sites as well. YMYL (Your Money Your Life) are sites that can hurt the readers’ happiness, income, or life when their quality gets compromised. Google is visibly trying to make sure that the YMYL websites are ranking well in its SERP and have authentic information that can help the users rather than having a negative impact on them. Some YMYL pages also provide information about health-related topics as well, which seem to be primarily affected by the update.

So, Google is trying hard to rank the websites that have credible and authentic information while affecting the ones that don’t. The new Medic update has given out a strong message to the website owners that if they don’t have authentic content, their website is more likely to come down in the search engine rankings.

Websites that aren’t affected by the Google Medic update

After the rollout of the latest algorithm update, the rank stability of the websites having a higher level of EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) have decreased. Thus, if a website ranks in the first position for a particular keyword, there are fewer chances of it losing its position to any other competitor. This is because most of the websites ranking in the first position have already established themselves as the sites that provide trusted and credible information to its readers.

So, if your website is ranking in the top position for any keyword, or your site provides authentic and credible content backed by researches and reviews, it’s less likely to get affected by the Medic update. This is a boon for websites that provide excellent content to the readers but are not ranked well in the search engine.

What can you do if your website is affected by the Medic update?

If your website is hit by the Google algorithm 2018 update, worry not. Here are some of the things you can do to recover from the hit:

  • Display the EAT of your website – If hit, you need to ensure that you make Google to know that your website has credible and authentic content. You can do it by leveraging your ‘About Us’ section of the site, where you can write about your experience, source of the material, achievements, media coverage, and various other things.
  • Promote the reputation of your website and its authors – The best way of doing it is by getting proper media coverage. While it may take much of your time and effort, it is worth all the labour. You can also try to gather positive user reviews and testimonials from credible sources for your website that will ensure that you recover from the hit. For increasing the reputation of your authors, you can get their content published on more authoritative websites.
  • Include product reviews – If you own an e-commerce website, then it is better to have reviews for each of the products listed on your site. This will help Google in determining the authenticity of the products you are selling and will primarily help your search engine rankings.
  • Availing SEO services: When you are hit by the Google update, it’s better to seek the help of the SEO professionals instead of burdening yourself. As you probably belong to the field of medicine, you may lack the expertise of SEO specialists. So, it’s better to sign up for affordable SEO services. This small investment can get your website back on top of the Google SERP.


So, that’s everything you need to know about the latest Google Medic update and the websites affected by it. This new update from Google has made sure that sites providing credible and authentic content are ranked well, while spammy websites lose rankings on SERP. If you are a website owner or an SEO expert, it is high time that you take your content seriously and ensure that they are authentic so that your website stays at the top position of the search engine.

Author Bio: Jafar Sadhik

Jafar Sadhik

A blogger outreach service specialist and a creative content writer, currently, working at Stan Ventures. Very passionate about everything that happens new in the sphere of digital marketing world.

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