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  by Brett Clawson |

Google-Proof Your Website With These SEO Tactics

SEO isn’t what it used to be, but being ranked highly on Google is more important than ever for marketers and companies everywhere. The more you rank organically, the more traffic and sales you can generate. As a result, understanding how to Google-proof your website is more important now than ever.

To make sure you are fully optimizing or “Google-proofing” your website, you need to focus your efforts on and off-page. This is also known as on-site and off-site optimization. We will start this article by looking at how to optimize your site itself.

On-Site Optimization

Keyword Strategy

First and foremost, SEO is still about keywords and content. If you don’t have the right keywords and relevant, consistent content, then none of the other strategy components are going to work. Keyword usage in relevant site content helps Google define how relevant your content and website will be for your market. For example, if your target audience is young women, you wouldn’t be trying to rank for keywords that are more relevant for older men.

Many people talk about the importance of a wide shotgun approach when selecting focus keywords. However, this will not help you to find the audience that you are looking for. When searching for the best keywords there are multiple different strategies. One of those is based on the low hanging fruit. To do this, you would find keywords that you are already organically ranking for and then optimizing for those.

Another tactic is to choose keywords based on your content and then choosing keywords that are relevant with relatively high search volume and cost per click. However, with this strategy, it is important to make sure that you don’t go after a keyword that is too big for your site.

Less is More 

Do not keyword stuff. This used to work back in the day. However, Google is smarter than that these days. They have put an end to people hiding keywords numerous times throughout their content. Today, they like to see your keyword just a few times in select parts of your content. Find similar keywords and phrases that people are adding in their content. Spyfu is a great website that can help you find other key terms and phrases that you can aggregate to your content and posts.

The rest of your content should be focused on one thing: being readable by humans. If you focus on making engaging content, then Google will take note. After all, it is their goal to be the main search engine for everyone. That way, they continue to make money via advertisements.

Google also watches how long people engage with your post for. They see if they leave right away or if they stick around. The longer that the average visitor stays on your site, the better your rankings will be. The assumption is that you must have made awesome content that people searching for and thus you are more relevant. Over time, this can dramatically help with your position on the SERP or Search Engine Results Page.

Optimizing Title Tags

While you can no longer stuff keywords, there are still basic strategies that you need to use. For instance, Google likes to see keywords in the headlines and main parts of your content. Include one or two main keywords in your title, h1, h2, and paragraph elements. This helps Google as its robots crawl the web and look for content. It tells them how your page is structured and lets them rank it more easily. If you don’t do this, you are simply shooting yourself in the foot as far as SEO and search, in general, are concerned.

Site Speed 

Site speed is something that is often overlooked but can be detrimental to the success of your overall SEO strategy. As mentioned before, the longer you can get people to stay on your site, the more Google will bump you up the ranks. Because of this, it is essential that when someone clicks on your site they can get to it instantaneously. With technology and the media, research says that the average attention span is 3 to 5 seconds. That means that if it takes your site long to load, you will instantly lose prospective customers. Make sure your site is fast and easy to use.

Off-Site Optimization

Link Building

If you don’t have a link building company yet, now might be the time to consider one. There is a reason that they have been in high demand lately. With the advent of the social web, Google has a better understanding than ever of how people value certain websites and users online. The key with backlinking and the word to remember is relevancy. Relevancy determines everything when it comes to off-site optimization.

When your site gets a link from a large site in your industry, it is telling Google that your site is relevant. The more relevant your site is, the more Google will boost your rank. Links are essential to increase the relevancy of your site, but be sure that the content and location of the links are relevant themselves. If Google sees a medical keyword and link on a beauty article and website, for example, it will discount the link and not pass authority to your site. For that reason, link building can be extremely difficult and that is why many people turn to agencies.

It is important to note that paying for someone to do your link building for you is not going against Google’s algorithms unless the links and the content are not relevant to the sites where they are posted. Content and relevancy are essential when building out links.

Social Media Marketing 

Apart from link building, the other important thing to start implementing is social media marketing. This can be anything from starting and building social media accounts for your company, to writing as a guest blogger on major blogs and websites. The important thing to remember is to include a way to get back to your website from all of the content that you create. By doing that, you are creating a virtual spiderweb that can help Google notice your company more easily and bump it higher and higher up the ranks.


When it comes to getting more success out of your business, you need to master the art of SEO. If you don’t, you could miss out on major opportunities to get more business. Customers today have more distractions than ever, so being able to land on their search results will give you more traffic and more revenue to grow your company. Use the SEO tips above and start making your way to the top 10 SERP.


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