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  by Manan Ghadawala |

Here Are the Top 10 Benefits of WordPress Development

Here Are the Top 10 Benefits of WordPress Development

There are a lot of blogging websites that have been using the one and only WordPress for Development. It started in 2003, and it has come a long way. It is simple and easy to use and is one of the most preferred website development platforms. Apart from this, it is also used as a content management system as it accounts for almost 20-25% of the new websites.

Big and famous celebrities have used WordPress for their websites. More importantly, the most popular blog websites such as eBay, UPS, The New York Times, etc. Why do you think using WordPress is the best?

WordPress is the content management system that is widely used today. It can quickly create or manage the content on your blog website.

Why is it so popular? What are the benefits of WordPress development? Let’s find out the top 10 advantages of WordPress Development for your blog website today.

1. WordPress is not expensive and budget-friendly

A lot of novice or beginner blog or website owners care about their website development budget. When you are worried about your WordPress website budget, you have WordPress to your rescue. It is incredibly cost-effective and budget-friendly. You can either do it yourself or hire a WordPress Developer. They will keep checking on the updates and will continue to provide you the best service.

2. Simple and easy to use

WordPress is straightforward that even a high school student can create his or her blog website. The controls are simple and easy to understand. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why it could race ahead than the HTML way of Website Development. If you are building a website with WordPress, you need not learn HTML, CSS, or PHP. There is no need for dealing with the coding at all.

You are free to choose the numerous web templates and can get a template just like a professional web developer would make.

3. It is an Open Source Platform

Open Source Platform

Well, WordPress is open-source software. You can contribute to it, or you can modify it as per your wish. It is continually being improved and becoming better every day because thousands of developers are developing the software. Hence, you will only find better and improved features and never a setback.

4. It is completely SEO friendly

SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a considerable role in website ranking. WordPress uses some high-quality code which Google loves. Thus, while producing the semantic mark-up, it is favorred by Google due to its adherence to the Webmaster rules. WordPress sites rank higher than the others in any of the search engines. Why? They stick to quality. There are advantages of WordPress plugins which can be helpful to optimize the website.

5. It is quite easy to manage

NO matter how large the website is, WordPress comes with some inbuilt updates management system. There are many WordPress dashboard advantages; for instance, you can see the notifications from WordPress in your dashboard. It will notify you whenever there is a new version of WordPress coming. It will also protect your data from any breach or by any accident.

6. It is safe and secure to use

It is safe and secure to use

When you are using WordPress, you need not worry at all about safety or security. As you all know that the internet can be a place with uncertainty. Hence, there are a lot of hackers who want to take over their websites. WordPress here has an excellent safety and security system. They protect against brute force and malware attacks. You have a detailed WordPress security guide which you can refer to.

7. It can handle multi types of media

One of the plus points of using WordPress is that it can handle various media types. You can embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, tweets from Twitter, and whatnot. You can do by just pasting the URL, and they will be visible in your article or your content. WordPress comes with a built-in media handler that can upload images, audio, or video files.

8. Web Design is Responsive

It is safe and secure to use

Mobile Traffic is predicted to know that they are going to surpass web traffic. It has a very responsive design, and they can automatically get the benefit of the web tech. But whenever you use a WordPress website design, you do get the benefit of the responsive web technology without any need to develop a different website for various devices.

9. Easy Content Management

For any Content Management system, you want to have for your website, WordPress is easy to use. It will add up all the cool widgets, and you can customize the sidebar. You need not write any code for your content management. You can use the drag and drop interface feature.

10. Very easy transition from one designer to the next one.

WordPress website development is one of the best open-source software, and it can help you to transfer from one designer to another. It is excellent to handle the website on the platform. You can see how useful WordPress is for websites which have just started out. You need not use HTML again once you have WordPress for your website. You can hire a Website Developer for your website but then using WordPress is easy if you are a beginner.


WordPress is one of the best platforms for creating websites. It can make simple websites or eCommerce websites or any business websites. You can start a blog, building a business website, or a start an online store, purchase and sell online courses. This software is the best choice to publish any content on your blog website. You need not learn any programming for website development, and in addition to that, you can edit and manage the sites and content. Thus, these are some of the benefits of the WordPress Development


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