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How should you curate your content for better search engine optimization?

The content that you are posting is absolutely vital for the success of your business website’s SEO. Search engine algorithms pay special attention to content. Content needs to be always top quality, original and fresh. But it is also important to know how you should be curating your content so that you can get the best optimization for your website. In this article, you will learn how your content must be curated so that your audience understands your products more easily.

Understand your clients and your customers first

You need to be aware of your clients and customers. You must have some workable information which can help you in curating your content which can appeal to the clients whom you want. You shall need to have a rather holistic profile about the people who visit your website or share your posts on social media so that you can deduce what their interests are. You will need to find out the following:

1.      What type of interests do these people have?

2.      What problems can they face?

3.      What are their budgetary preferences like with online shopping?

4.      What social messages do they like?

When you have more information about your clients, then you shall see it is easier to understand how you can reach them better. You will have to incorporate all this information into the SEO content that you have.

What goals do you have with regards to your business website?

The main goal that business owners have is in getting more conversions. However, this will not be enough. You will also need to have a plan about how you shall want to see users engage with the information that you provide.

1.      Will you like to see more people visit the blog you run and get more data about certain topics?

2.      Would you like to see them buy more items from the sales page?

3.      Will you like to see them fill contact forms for scheduling free consultations with you?

These are all different actions and hence would need to have different types of messages. The ideas about the actions that you would want to see your users take and the brand messaging you give out the need to be working in a cohesive manner and would help in driving the conversions up through the website.

What specific problems will you be able to help in solving for your customers?

You need to put out the things that your products can help your customers with and what information you can provide to them regarding it. You can consider putting out some essential and common questions that can help in solving the struggles that your customers and clients can face. Your content will have to highlight how you can make their life easier with your products.

What type of style and tone will be appealing to the audience?

There are plenty of business owners who get cajoled in using marketing jargon in their content which they put out also on their blogs. While this can work with some businesses, however, this will not help others. You must write content which appeals more to the audience by writing in a way that does not reflect the fact that you want explicitly make the audience buy your products.

You must use social media for this purpose, try and check which type of social media posts got the greatest number of likes and shares and had most engagement. Occasionally, you can use this tone for writing your content also.

You shall need to be making some variations with your content also. You can consider varying the page titles, the post titles, the length of the contents, the design of your contents, the structure of your content. You shall have to put instructional videos and informative posts every once in a while, also as these can boost engagement and increase your traffic.

Put some pictures in your content as well. You can consider using infographics. Studies have shown infographics to be extremely effective in conveying the particular concepts that you want to convey to a large number of people with relative ease. You should visit New York SEO if you want to learn more about the type of content that you post in order to get more engagement and traffic on your business website.


Content is the first thing that you will have to take care of when you start a new business website because it is this that will help you in optimizing your business page. There is a lot of different content that you can put in your page, but it is important to curate the content for the specific audience that you are targeting. The information in this article will help you in doing that.

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