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How to Build a Social Media Marketing Campaign Like A Professional? Read This Guide

As a modern digital marketer, you will possibly find yourself surrounded within the realm of social media, monitoring multiple business accounts on various channels. According to a survey, it was reported that more than seventy percent of small businesses and startups utilize various social media platforms to engage with a broad spectrum of audience.

It goes without saying that managing various accounts on social media might feel daunting and challenging for you at times, mostly due to the lack of a proper strategy. Since social media is a lucrative channel to promote your business in an offbeat manner, you should work out on tactics that will impact the buyer journey.

When it comes to publishing content and nurturing prospects, there is no other marketing tool better and effective than social media. With that being said, here are some of the straightforward professional-grade techniques that you should use to promote your business on social media:

Choose One Platform and Start from There

Experts who have gained success with social media marketing have always preferred one prominent social media channel suiting their requirements and built their campaign from there. If there is one standard rule to effective social media marketing, it is to choose one platform for kick-starting your campaign rather than falling under the urge of promoting your brand on every platform all at once.

The professionals recommend adhering to a conservative approach while focusing on your social media marketing campaign. Diving into different channels simultaneously can lead to failure in maintaining the constant presence and waste of both time and effort.

Cruise a Unified Presence

It does not matter how many social media platforms you are using for marketing your online business, make sure that you able to make your presence felt anywhere online. In other words, your target audience should be able to recognize your brand regardless of the social media channel you are using. Make sure that your social media account is imitating consistency with your brand website and showcasing professional attributes.

For instance, while you are publishing content that promotes your products, ensure that the same product visuals are present both on your site and the social media platform you are using. Hence, it is imperative to keep your profile images updated and putting your header images into coordination with your branding.

Think From the Audience’s Perspective

Working out on a content strategy appears to be a bit different for every online business, as you would want to assure that you never post the same content or topic similar to others. Nevertheless, it is critically important to put you in the shoes of your target audience and consider their interest and needs while crafting content. Therefore, before publishing a new piece of content, understand the perspective of your buyer persona and curate the required topics.

Extract User-generated Content

Often, the ideal way of generating entertaining and unique pieces of content while keeping your potential customers engaged in your brand is to re-publish content from your existing customers. When you extract and post content related to your business from other users, it acts as your identity and recognition certificate on the social media platform. Create a unique impression by utilizing compliments, testimonials, and reviews from social media to grab the attention of other users in your niche.

Promote Official Reviews

Needless to say, posting high-quality content that is meticulously decked with the latest trends in the industry is always appreciated. However, most of the people trust the official online reviews prior to making a buying decision. As a matter of fact, there are certain social media platforms such as Facebook, which confers you with a review function that you can utilize to promote your official business reviews.

Not only this serves as a social proof, but it also creates a sense of
positivity and ushers a feeling of trust while encouraging other customers to share their thoughts regarding your business.

Share Behind the Scenes Media

Your website is the online source of information that the audience can access for learning the basics regarding your brand and its establishment. The times have now changed and people tend to connect more with your brand via social media, making it more important than ever to humanize your brand on social media platforms. Whether you opt for going live on Facebook or share your in-house visuals and selfie on Instagram, make sure that you are putting effort on connecting with people in a more personalized manner.

Run a Contest

In order to ensure getting a large number of user engagements with your online brand, it is crucial to provide your audience and followers on social media with incentives. Run a contest or challenge and invite your audience to use respective keywords or hashtags while publishing a visual of your products. This results in consolidating the relationship of your brand with your social media followers.

Focus on Interacting with Your Target Customers

Engagement on social media has to be an astute blend of both listening and conveying your thoughts. Make sure that you eavesdrop on the interactions and acknowledge the requirements of the audience in order to improve your future marketing strategies. Indulging into a broad range of conversations can provide you with perception and thoughts of the audience regarding your brand.

Adhere to Your Own Voice

Perhaps the biggest factor to stay put and stand out among the competition is to ensure maintaining the brand consistency on the social media. Ensuring consistency in your brand theme and voice will generate a feeling of authenticity and will establish you as a reputable business on social media. Do not try to be pretentious as the customers are extremely media savvy and can easily sense when they come across a fake façade. Stick to your original brand agenda and voice while giving natural efforts to your marketing program or take a help from Atomic Design SEO.


Finally, it is important to understand that social media is designed for multi-purpose as it provides you with opportunities for broadcasting your messages while interacting with the audience at the same time. Follow the aforementioned tactics and ensure promoting your brand on social media like an expert.

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