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How to Improve Video Marketing of Your Brand

How to Improve Video Marketing of Your Brand

The Internet has been flooded with the ‘Tsunami of Text’. Text has been an ardent mainstay of a healthy Internet diet. However, let’s face it, text has saturated not only our devices but also our remaining two brain cells.

People were desperate to liven up their stagnant textual formats that were not only vivid but also visually appealing in contrast to boring, lengthy content. It paved the way for ‘video content’ to brace its entry into the world of technology, digital marketing, and various niche industries.

Today, video marketing through social media is a new marketing norm. It is illustrated from the graph below. The higher the rank or the position of your video on YouTube with your YouTube outro template, the higher will be the engagement with your consumers as well.

Video Comments

The Advent of Video Marketing

Social videos can garner 1200% more shares than those offered by both text and graphics on social media. A research study by HubSpot concluded that there are approximately 78% of internet users who prefer watching videos regardless of other content every week.

Video content can produce approximately 80% more views and clicks for an enhanced click-through rate if marketed promptly and adequately on landing webpages. Consumers remember ads that use video content more than those that have text or graphics as formats.

Video Content Marketing

As seen in the graph above, it is safe to state that video marketing can not only help a brand attract optimal traffic towards its website organically, but also expedite its conversion rate by 80% if leveraged on landing webpages.

Creating a strong video marketing campaign is not easy – you cannot string two pieces of irrelevant content together and highlight them as click-bait. A successful video marketing campaign requires not only talent and skills but a core strategy to propagate your objectives through social media.


Improving Video Marketing for Your Brand

Mentioned below are a few tips every video marketing strategist should take care of before spending money on an agency that doesn’t plan your video content strategically.


  1. Highlight Your Brand’s Ideology in Depth

Every content marketing strategy starts with a plan consisting of the brand’s ideology, goals, and objectives. These goals and objectives help a brand decide what they want to achieve with the relevant content marketing campaign. Do you want to attract more traffic to your website or intend to convert your generated leads towards promising customers?

To attract your audience towards your video marketing campaign, you must center your entire content towards the emotions, needs, and desires of your consumers. It’s demonstrated in the picture below.

Video Marketing Funnel

Focus on Your Brand’s Story

The goal you intend on achieving with your video marketing campaign is a higher conversion rate and enhanced ROI with revenue. If you center your brand’s entity on the very reason that you ‘need sales desperately’, then perhaps your consumers wouldn’t dare to cast a second glance on the content – even if it is highly educational and informative.

  • Try to focus on your brand’s story by creating a video marketing campaign that highlights the struggles of your consumers.
  • Shed light on your brand’s ethos and culture for creating immensely creative human-interest stories.
  • Each video marketing campaign should provide value to your consumers. Ask yourself, ‘Why will your consumers show interest in your brand? What value do you offer that your competitors don’t? What does your target audience need in the first place?’

Take Warby Parker, the unique and internationally acclaimed eyewear brand. Warby Parker launched a video titled, How our glasses are made on its social media and focused on the goals, ethos, and culture of the brand. They highlighted the origin behind each eyewear, making sure to depict their stories with exciting and captivating storylines for generating leads and consequent conversions.


  1. Hook-Line-and-Sinker

Consumers detest clickbait videos, especially those that cater to useless out-of-context content portrayed in irregularly sized YouTube thumbnail dimensions for attracting an audience. It doesn’t mean that presenting your video with a clickbait is a crime. Clickbait works, but make sure it entails extensive information and showcases the entire gist of your story.

Make sure your video content contains a hook, primarily in the first few (let’s say 5 – 10 seconds) seconds to capture the attention of your consumer. Just because there are 5 billion videos that people watch on YouTube daily, doesn’t mean that your target audience will too.

What’s Your Video Marketing Hook?

According to video experts, approximately one-fifth of your video consumers might click on your video after tailing the first 10 seconds of its content. Try focusing on your content’s gist in the first 5 -10 seconds so that your consumers adhere to the showcased grit and click on the video impulsively.

‘Why should your customer follow the video after the first 10-second portrayal of pure grit and determination?’ Ask yourself as to what you would have done in a similar situation. Does your video fray from the brand’s ideology or offers authentic solutions with a CTA towards your brand’s landing webpage?

Video Duration

Inspire your consumers by making them laugh and relate to your video’s original content. As depicted in the graph above, video content that spans from 4:30 minutes and onwards towards 10 minutes and beyond have higher watch gains as well.


  1. Optimize for SEO

SEO helps elevate your content high up on the search engine, mainly Google, which is responsible for motivating at least 74% of consumers towards a purchase. With SEO, you can embed the links of your video content as inbound links to other relevant, niche-specific webpages or showcase them as online ads on several domains through PPC to motivate buyers towards your brand.

  • Optimize the titles and descriptions of your content with SEO keywords and tags so that search engines can prolifically scrutinize your content and prominently showcase them on search engines
  • Opt for long-tail keywords other than those that comprise of a couple of highly repetitive phrases with high-frequency stats all over the Internet. Long-tail keywords have less volume and are easy to rank for higher growth and organic traffic.


  1. Include CTAs Wherever You Can

If you forget to add a Call-To-Action to your webpages or other related content in your videos, then what was the point of producing one in the first place? Your viewers include your consumers as well, and if you don’t tell them where to go next, they won’t find your page authentic or useful to return the next time.

  • Make sure you identify the type of audience you want to target with your specific video content.
  • To entice your buyer, you’ve to focus on buyer strategies so that your video marketing campaign can provide your consumers with solutions.
  • While deciding on the content of your video, you must focus on the part of the sales funnel you plan on targeting. For instance, is this video for ‘Awareness’ or slowly motivating them towards the point of conversion? If you’re a blogger, the point of conversion would probably be to lure people into subscribing to your YouTube channel or take part in a Q & A in a video posted on someone else’s account.
  • If you’re a brand and you are leverage content as online ads, then make sure to add a CTA to which your consumers can ‘swipe up’ and get redirected to your landing webpages.

Video CTA

The Bottom Line

Video content became the face of digital marketing ever since people realized that it could help skyrocket their brand’s conversion rate and scale its ROI with highly responsive, expedited, and informative results. The maximum reading span of an individual cannot exceed 700 words per minute in contrast to video content about the same timeframe. So, video content can garner high retention capability. It makes it easy to confirm the online presence of your brand.

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