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How to Make Engaging Videos

How to Make Engaging Videos

In this post, you are going to see how to make engaging videos that help your video to rank.

If you’re looking for a way to create video content that gets engagement and watch time, you’re not alone. In fact, most of the YouTubers and marketers struggle with this.

Now here is a thing,

If you want to get more views on youtube, watch time and engagement of the video, goes side by side.

Keep reading further…

#1: The first 15 Seconds

Look, No matter what your video is all about or which space you belong to.

If you want to make engaging videos. You must hook your viewers within the first 15 seconds of your videos or you are going to lose them.

Why the first 15 seconds?

Well, Youtube itself said that this is when your viewers are most likely to drop-off.

first 15 seconds

In short, if you are not able to grab your viewers attention within the first 15 seconds. They are not going to stick around.

#2: Publish Long Videos

Youtube has confirmed that the video’s total watch time is a key ranking factor.

Let’s make it more easy to understand.

There is a Video A with a duration of 2 minutes and a Video B with a duration of 10 minutes.

Now, Video A gets 100% of watch time where Video B gets 40% of watch time.

More or less,

Video A gets a total watch time of 2 minutes whereas Video B gets a total watch time of 4 Minutes.

Publish Long Videos

That was easy right?

Now you know, Instead of watch time even less than a half. In identical conditions, Video B tends to outrank Video A.

#3: Use Pattern Interrupts to keep your viewers on

So, You have hooked your viewer at the beginning of the video with enough length.

Here is the truth, the viewers are not going to stick till the end. People tend to lose interest and they eventually bounce off the video.

This is where you use the pattern interrupts while creating video content.

Pattern interrupts are a simple change of moments in your video. These moments make people keep watching your video without losing interest.

A pattern interrupt can be a change in camera angle for a moment, inserting graphics in your video or some short funny moments.

Pattern Interrupts

Check out this video of Jeff Rose.


He has used tons of pattern interrupts (Like the change in camera angle and simple graphics) all around his video.

#4: Put a Strong CTA

The best way to make engaging videos is just by asking your viewers for it while creating video content. You can ask anything such as like, comment, share, subscribe and more.

The best place to say your call-to-action is when you just hooked up your viewers and when your video ends.

Neil Patel does a great job putting his main CTA right after his video intro.

Strong CTA

When you show or speak your CTA at the beginning of your video. Make sure not to put more than 15-20 seconds on it.

#5: Use Your End Screen

When people reach the end of your video, they are very much likely to hear from you.

Also, this is when you should use YouTube’s End Screen feature to recommend them more videos to watch.

This is where you can directly ask them to subscribe to your channel or to visit your site.

youtube End Screen

If you want to get more engagement from the end of your video. The last 10-25 seconds must resemble your end screen structure.

#6: Use Branding Watermark to Get More Subscribers

This is the most important one.

You probably know that you can put a brand watermark which appears on the bottom right of your video.

When you put your mouse pointer on it, it shows an option to subscribe. This lets your viewers subscribe right away while they’re watching your video.

Unfortunately, most of the channel out there do it wrong, because of which they get ignored.

Use Branding Watermark

The best you can do it is to put a subscribe button. So, whenever you ask your viewer to subscribe to your channel, they do not have to look around.

Use Branding Watermark with subscribe button

#7: Quality over quantity

If you want to grow your youtube channel, you need to upload regularly.

This is the most common term I’ve heard. I’m sure that you too will hear when you create a YouTube channel.

And when it is to make engaging videos. It turns out to do more harm than good when you upload the video by focusing to meet your schedule and ignore the quality.

So, when I speak of the video quality, it’s not the quality of the cameras, lighting, etc you’re using.

When you optimize each of your videos by following the above methods to create engagement as well as watch time. That is called video quality.

So, when you are creating these high-quality videos equipped with all the juice to generate more watch time and engagement.


There you have it, steps on how to make engaging videos. I hope that that helped you.

Now, I would like to hear from you.

Which are the strategies above you already have been doing?

And, Which of the above strategies you are going to give a go?

Just let me know in the comment down below!

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