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How to Perfect your Content Marketing Mix

How do you Perfect your Content Marketing Mix?

The term content holds a huge world in itself. Every individual and organization needs content for expressing the thoughts, sharing the views and responding to others.

People are using varied means of expression since the creation of this world. And, you know the importance of content already, so, let’s move forward.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an important marketing technique in which content experts curate valuable written, visual and audio based content.

The purpose of content is to attract, retain and aware their target audience about a company’s services/products. Various platforms of content marketing are social media, internet, eBooks etc.

After witnessing the influence of content strategies on the audience, companies are hiring an entire team for content creation. The significance of SEO companies is increasing with it, and now you can find thousands of SEO companies in India.

Tips to improve your Content Marketing Strategies:

How do you Perfect your Content Marketing Mix?

If you are one of those who truly acknowledges the importance of content marketing and uses content strategies in your business, then this article is meant for you!

Considering the fact that there is always a scope of improvement, we are sharing some very precious tips with you through which anyone can improve the content marketing strategies of a company.

Document the Content Marketing Strategy:

First of all, you need to write down the detailed content marketing plan along with day wise schedule. Mostly, companies brainstorm with entire marketing team for such strategies and spend lots of time for their planning but, they don’t write it all in a document.

It’s ok to have the strategy in mind but, an entire team can’t remember all the points. So, it’s the responsibility of the head to either write all the highlights themselves or handover this task to someone else.

It is proven that marketers who don’t have documents of their strategies are finding them less effective. For best results, go for it.

Get feedback from the team:

After devising the strategy, you should take timely feedback from the team regarding it. Maybe they are facing some issues while implementing the strategy, or they are not getting required results from it.

The head must talk to the team frankly about it in order to solve any sudden issue due to which content marketing can suffer.

Remember that some team members will inform you about these problems but, others will start avoiding the marketing tasks because of issues. So, you should ask your team about:

How much content was curated after the meeting?

How the audience reacted to it?

Is there any problem you faced while creating it?

Is there any new idea/strategy recently came to your mind?

Create varied Content:

Just as you don’t like to eat the same dish daily similarly, presenting the content in the same way, again and again, is boring. Don’t think that if people are responding actively to one content form (suppose videos), then you will post videos only.

You can present the content in varied ways like blogs, infographics, animated videos, poll questions, contests etc. It’s the method of showcasing the same product or service differently.

You should research properly to know which type of content is missing in your strategy and try to include it.

Make it Interactive:

The educated masses of the modern world don’t like to indulge in one-sided conversations. They like to express, respond and interact. Ensure that your strategy is interactive enough to hold people’s attention.

The audience loves it when a company hears their opinion and act upon it. You can show your target audience that their thoughts are precious for the company by interacting and acting according to their will sometimes.

For instance, instead of posting a video or blog on a specific topic directly you can take an opinion of your audience through a poll that they want to see either a blog or a video on that particular topic.

Create definite Business Goals for the Content:

Know that every piece of content is peculiar and will fulfill the unique needs of the audience. You must create goals which your company want to accomplish on the basis of a particular content.

If the curator will know the exact purpose, then he/she will be able to tailor it in a better way.

For example, if you want to create awareness about your brand through some piece of content, then it will be informative.

On the other hand, the content will be promoted if your goal is to promote a service/product. So, plan your goals wisely as it affects the results.

Monitor the Performance by Checking Metrics:

You can check content marketing metrics like lead generation, sales, and social media engagement etc. to know the effectiveness of your content strategy.

You need to monitor the performance in order to judge that a strategy is good for your company or not. You should check 4 types of metrics:

Consumption metrics: Visits, page views, and downloads.

Sharing metrics: Number of post shares on social media.

Lead generation metrics: How many people are influenced to fill up your forms, ask for quotes or call you regarding a service/product?

Sales metrics: Number of leads actually turned into sales.

Know the Tactics of Content Promotion:

People spend lots of time and resources to get attractive, informative and well-written content pieces for their company. Sometimes they forget that content marketing is the mixture of content creation and promotion.

No matter how beautiful your content is, it won’t get adequate readers without accurate promotion. The promotional strategies work as a ladder which helps the content in reaching to the target audience.

So, utilize some tactics such as content boosting and paid promotions for better results. You can take the assistance of any SEO company of India for content promotion.

So, through some extra attention and care your content can rock the world, and your brand can gain adequate profits as well as followers. Just keep on improving until the entire universe knows about your brand!


About the Author: Aditya is a seasoned digital marketing consultant with more than 10 years of experience in search marketing. He likes to write blogs on digital marketing, business, and finance. Driving best practices, Aditya has implemented SEO, SEM & SMO strategies at Justgoweb digital for some of the key customers across the globe. You can reach him out on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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