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Infographics and How to Use Them in Link Building in 2019

Infographics and how to use them in link building in 2019

Over time infographics have gained popularity online. All of this is because infographics provide long information very precisely and in a very short time. Since they gained so much popularity in the digital world, people are adopting infographics for link building as well. This article aims at providing you with thorough knowledge of infographics and how they are helpful in link building.

What are infographics?

Infographics are short and precise visual representation for the long contents that we post. One major advantage of infographics is that they can provide complex information even in small time. The viewers have a great time viewing infographics. Infographics are themselves very content and provide an extensive message through them.

The graphics help you to acquire the information quickly. Over time, people have been using infographics in different areas. Ranging from a digital marketing consultant to educators and all the people are using infographics to simplify the complex problems or messages. Infographics can play an important role in simplifying the tough and complex concepts. Infographics contribute towards making complex contents and helps to put up engaging content for the audience to interact easily.

What are infographics used for?

Infographics are visually very attractive since they are composed of different frames, icons, and colors. Infographics can be used for a lot of purposes as mentioned below

  • Deliver a complex message in a simplified manner
  • To analyze and examine the data and check the cause-and-impact relationship
  • To carefully analyze different parameters set by the industry.
  • To present a lot of data in a very compact way.

Why are infographics important for SEO?

Reports have shown that infographics are one of the most adored, and shared contents online. Although there are several bad infographics, they still happen to be one of the most searched content. They have been topping the digital media content since 2016.

One of the major reasons why infographics are used for link building is that they can simplify even the complex substances. They are one of the many engaging content creation options which are why you can use it for building up links and driving in the audience. Compared to texts, infographics are pretty easy to understand.

Infographics have a significant role in making the most boring content interesting. These portray the essential data and information creatively thereby helping you earn links. Apart from textual, you can use other references as well for building up the links.

If you are using the trendiest topics to create infographics, there are high chances that famous sites will use your infographics. This can allow you to showcase your talent. You can use the different analytics tool to prepare the best infographics for your content.

How to build links with infographics?

Since you have put in a lot of effort in creating the infographics, you can post it online to get noticed. Several reputed websites use the creative infographics which further helps in the promotion. Some of the prominent processes through which you can build links with infographics include the following

  • Brainstorm the ideas

If you have a team of developers, you can begin brainstorming about which will be the best topic to create infographics on. You can look for ideas around the internet, and once you have found the ideal one, you can proceed to pick up and creating the best content of all.

  • Post the infographics

Now that you are all set with your infographics, you need to post it on your website. Before posting, you need to check if all the details and information have been mentioned correctly. You can also check if the data mentioned is systematically correct or not. This will be helpful for you to post the data easily.

You should include a link and embedded code into the website so that the users can share it. Moreover, this will enable others to find you if any influential person embeds your infographic on their site. You should also be careful about the presence of social media links on the website.

  • Use social media

You can drop off small hints on social media and check that the complete message is displayed later on. This will help you get an idea of which topic can be the most viral content. Next, you can brainstorm selecting among the different types of social media handles.

Your infographics should have proper figures and quotes to ensure that they can be shared. You should post about it regularly to make the users familiar with it.

  • Pull out the big names of Industry

The influencers and bloggers have a huge audience platform. Thus, if you want your infographic to reach to the masses, you can ask these influencers to share them. This will help you get significant exposure.

Never ask them a favor for they will surely turn down your request. As a result, you can offer them something valuable. You should mention about the bloggers and writers in your message so that they can share your link with their audience.

  • Post about infographics in directories

The internet is full of different directories. Thus, you should prefer posting about your infographics in different visual directories such as Infographics Archive and so that it gains exposure.

You can also link your infographic to the original one and add in a few lines regarding the description. This can further prove to be helpful in the long run.

  • Mail to your contacts

Apart from contacting influencers to promote your content, you can also ask your friends and family members to share your content. Sometimes luck may accidentally favor you, and you may end up being rich by your content. If the infographic turns viral, you have a lot of chance to attract attention.

You should also check with the other users regarding their infographics. Most of the people who develop the infographics make it a point to share them with other bloggers as well. This increases the visibility of the website.

Whenever you are considering infographics for your website, you should thoroughly check if all the information has been mentioned or not. The reliability of the content will help to prove beneficial in the long term. Right?


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