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Latest Techniques to Protect Your Website from Hackers

Latest Techniques to Protect Your Website from Hackers

We all know how helpful the internet has been regarding performing tasks and getting things sorted. In the present world that we are in, most businesses and companies have websites and social media pages where they market their stuff and sell their brands. These companies set aside several million for the maintenance of their websites and other ICT gadgets on an annual basis.

Unlike the past, you can now buy things and purchase stuff from online stores and websites. All these and lots more have increased the need for an effective website security system to be put in place. Hackers and cybercriminals are constantly thinking of ways to make headway and break into the system even as ICT keeps evolving. These hoodlums are capable of carrying out malicious attacks and gaining unauthorized access to sensitive data and information using certain computer codes and programs. Hackers have perpetuated several frauds on bank accounts and websites by seizing control of the system.

As a website developer or app builder, you must continuously think of ways to outsmart these hackers even before they act. Our focus in this text is to discuss ways of protecting your websites and computer from hackers. BlueHost is a company that offers a wide range of web development and protection services. The company is at your beck and call and always available to respond to your website needs at all times.

How do I protect my website from hackers?

Latest Techniques to Protect Your Website from Hackers 2

When your website is online, there is always a chance of getting hacked by someone who has intended to jump into your website and steal valuable data from it. Nowadays, a website of any organization holds a lot of details and sensitive information and data and thus a website is always at risk of getting attacked.

Here are a few tips on how to shield your website from the activities of these criminals.

Set up Google webmaster tool email alerts:

This is one of the best ways to keep your website protected and secured. Anytime there is a critical or important issue concerning your website that requires your urgent attention; the Google webmaster tool email alert will send you a quick and prompt notification. This makes it pretty impossible for anything to happen behind your back. The webmaster tool email alert makes you more proactive as a web developer, and you can take important decisions before any harm is done to sensitive information and data.

Protect your best backlinks:

You have to secure your best backlinks for your website to be shielded from negative SEO. Certain high ranked sites may be linked to your website, and it is essential for you to keep them. Negative SEO attacks come in different forms such as when contents are copied from your site and posted on the web or an attempt to remove your top backlinks

Check for duplicate content:

This is another way hackers carry out their nefarious acts. They duplicate some of the contents of your website to catch unsuspecting victims unawares. This is why it is very important to constantly look out for contents that are similar to yours on other websites. If you find any of such, that is an automatic red flag.

Dont be a victim of your SEO strategies:

The kind of technique you adopt is capable of exposing your website to hackers. Online marketers are constantly on the lookout for strategies that will improve their Google web ranking. However, this must be done with utmost caution. Hackers also create fake profiles on social media platforms all in a bid to scam or get at some of your unsuspecting clients and ruin your brand and reputation online.

Avoid Black Hat SEO:

Black Hat SEO simply refers to a series of activities aimed at improving the rank and rating of a website on search engines. It is agreed that the highest ranked websites have the largest followers and customer base and this explains why every website wants to rank high on search engine sites. Black Hat SEO rarely conforms to search engine guidelines. Adopting black hat SEO is very bad for your business because it is an unapproved, illegal and unethical way of pulling traffic on a website. By using these techniques, your website will rank high, there would be more visitors to your website, but it is an indirect way of introducing hackers to your webpage.

Stay updated with possible threats:

If you are the one who runs the website or if you have a team that looks after the website, you always need to be updated with the possible hacking threats. If you have some basic idea or knowledge of what the possible threat could be, then there is always a chance to protect your website form that particular threat. Follow experts who talk about recent and future threats and follow their advice.

Update everything:

Updating software regularly costs a lot of money and thus many organizations tend to skip the updating factor. However, when it is an update regarding the security vulnerability, delaying the update can let your website get hacked or attacked.

Increase Network Security:

To help your website stay secured, increasing the network security is a must. Make sure any logged in session gets expired after a certain inactive period. Passwords are changed frequently. All the devices that are plugged into the network are scanned for malware each and every time.

In conclusion, as a web manager or developer, you must ensure effective security is put in place to safeguard contents on your website. Leaving your website unsecured can do a great damage to your business. So, to round the things up, it is recommended to keep your website updated, increase network security, stay updated with possible threats, stay away from black hat SEO, check for duplicate content, get the help of google webmaster tool and keep your best backlinks safe. Following these steps will keep the hacker away.

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