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  by Atul Sharma |

Powerful SEO Tips for Small Local Businesses

A local business comes into such categories where the business and customers look for each other online. Therefore, local search is becoming an increasingly important part of that process.

When a customer searches for a query for example “Medical near me” the search engine knows that you are looking for a local business, it will decide which results are right for the search. Hence, for a specific keyword, we need a fruitful& accurate result. Many owners haven’t yet registered their business which is a huge drawback for them.

SEO training is a must for any business. Such SEO training is required for a business to get organic searches.

If you want a job and are having a problem in finding it, some institutes provide digital marketing courses with placement too.

Do you know how search engines decide which business belongs to which searches? Well, we looked at many options and concluded the best one. It works by-

• My Business signals (categories, keyword in the business title)

• Social signals (Facebook, Google, Twitter engagement,)

• On-page signals (NAP, keywords in titles, domain authority)

• Link signals (inbound links, linking domain authority)

• Review signals

• Mobile signals (CTR, check-ins, mobile clicks-to-call)

• Citation signals (NAP, citation volume)

• Proximity (provide the closest relevant businesses for the searcher’s needs.)

Here are a few ways that will tell you more detail about ranking your business more in local searches.

Title and Meta Description Tags

Title limit is 50 to 60 characters & for description tags can be from 160 to 200 characters. Make sure that your titles and descriptions aren’t getting cut off in search results. Even one extra word or character could cut off your text &it will show like this (…). It looks unprofessional.

Also, include the name of the city area your business serves which focus on using one targeted keyword.

Note, if your business shows up in the search results, you have one shot to get that person to click on your link.

Online directories and citations

According to Google, around 3 out of 5 consumer’s uses search engines to conduct local searches. Yet many small businesses have not even submitted their local business listing online, which is a huge missed opportunity.

It’s also important to get your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP) on the citation.

You can also use local directories to get your business listed on.

Note, this will get you the targeted audience& thereby increasing traffic.

Google My Business: Register and optimize

Google My Business (GMB) is considered as a directory. It’s very important for local businesses to register in Google My Business page.

Then optimize your GMB listing with a description, types of payments accepted, business hours, and categories and so on. Also, upload your logo and photos of your business, products or services.

Note, this will also get you the targeted audience and give the customer more detail about your services.

Before you can manage your listing, you need to claim it. Once you’ve claimed your listing, you can start adding your business’s information such as NAP (name, address, and phone). It’s important that you select only one number to be used for public directories. Now, you can manage your profile by replying to reviews and engaging with customers. If you get more positive reviews then you will rank higher in your geographical area by Google search.

Online reviews matter

84% of people trust online reviews, and 7 out of 10 customers will leave a review for a business if asked by the business. Make sure that you respond to it daily. That shows other people that you (the business owner) care about what your customers think.

Note, the above-given points will help you to draw in more customers which increase your marketing strategy.

Specifically, Target All of Your Areas of Service

If you have a small business, you will look toward a limited customer base. This customer base, in general cases, will be located nearer to your business location.

For instance, you own a water purifier repairing service in a particular area of Mumbai. But, you made a mistake by making an advertisement for a water purifier repairing service in Mumbai. This will confuse the searching people, and wrong customers will keep on calling you and you might also lose some of the right customers too. Therefore, it is necessary that while doing advertisements, you should specify the specific area of your area of services rather than targeting the whole city. This will give a lot of good and necessary customers.

Be Active on Social Media

Another tip for local SEO is to be as active as much possible on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn; you can build a strong customer relationship through social media.

Nowadays, every client or customer will go through your social media page to know your companies review and status. Everyone will check how you are serving your customer, whether it is good or not. They will get to know your attitude towards taking care of your customer’s review. Social media also helps you indirectly increasing your local SEO as well.

For example, when you share or post a blog from your website on Facebook or Twitter; there is a huge probability that people will read it more. The more people read your blog post, the more no. of visitors you will get from search engines.

Link Locally

If you want that your small business’s website rank in the higher position in search engines, then you might need to link locally with other businesses.

Getting backlinks from other companies in your nearby area can take some time, but it is totally worth. You both can exchange each other’s link in your own website.

While building local links, you need to know that the other companies aren’t similar to your particular industry. If you did this, the other one might steal your search engine ranking.

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