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PSD to HTML Conversion: The Process of Creating an Affluent Website

PSD to HTML Conversion: The Process of Creating an Affluent Website

PSD to HTML is a leading web development technique that can take a business to the next level in the digital world. By using this technique, you can get a flexible and robust website to grow your business. It can easily be integrated with open-source CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla that help you in managing a website effectively.

These days, billions of websites are running in the market. So, this renders a clear picture that how competitive our online marketplace has become. Thus, to stand out from the crowd, every business owner is looking for better service. For this, if they use PSD to HTML conversion service then their choice is perfect.

Before moving to PSD to HTML conversion, you should know a little bit about what is PSD and what is HTML?

About PSD?

PSD is a photoshop document which is created by Adobe Photoshop. It is the software that issued for designing to code process. It is a layered image file that allows the user to save the file and edit part of the images into another file format like JPEG, png, etc. In this workable file, the user can create their own design.

About HTML?

HTML is Hypertext Markup Language which is used to create an electronic document that is uploaded to the world wide web. You may use a hyperlink to connect the other file on your web page. The web page is written in HTML code with proper formatting of text and pictures.

What is PSD to HTML?

This is a conversion service which you can for converting your photoshop design into a web page. By using this conversion service, it will be easy for you to create your own design website.

Important points you should consider while choosing PSD to HTML conversion service?

PSD to HTML conversion provides various functional aspects such as perfect user experience, intuitive design, cross-browser experience, etc for the perfection of your website. This will lead your website one step ahead in today’s competitive world.

To increase the revenue of your website with PSD to HTML conversion service, you need to focus on some points. These points will help you to stand out in the crowded world.

Let’s have a look at some points:

  • Cutting your PSD design into small images:

PSD contains the part of the images. So, you need to cut your PSD design into different slices. Now, save design component in a different file. Separate each of the images which you want to upload on your page. You can also arrange your images by the use of slider, header, footer and background framework. Maintain the quality of each image while cutting them.

As we know, a website is a combination of various elements such as the logo, banner, navigation, panel, footer, etc. Thus, the slices of your PSD design should be matched accordingly. Do not upload more images, it will degrade the website performance. This is the important step in PSD to HTML conversion that can define the unique design and rich functionality of the website.

  • Use hand coding:

There are lots of programs available through which you can easily convert an image into an HTML file. For this, if you use automated coding then there might be a possibility to get some inaccurate result. Thus, it is recommended to use hand code when you convert PSD to HTML. If any replicated or unnecessary code then you can easily remove these code. So, it will help you to make a loading website faster.

  • Focus on W3C validation:

For a fantastic website, you need to use clean code that must follow the follows latest international coding standards. W3C validated website is more trusted by clients and will attract more users. By using this, your website will be fast loaded and quickly fix the error code.

  • Select Smaller File Size:

If you use smaller file size then it will increase the performance of your website. It will be more helpful for creating a responsive design. Thus, you should use small images, optimized code, and CSS while creating a website.

  • Cross-browser compatibility:

When converting the markup for your site from PSD to HTML, cross-browser compatibility is another vital factor to consider. Make sure that your website can operate smoothly in multiple web browsers. This results in superior user experience and attracts more potential traffic towards your website.

  • SEO friendly website:

SEO semantic coding is the key to get more traffic to your website. By using semantic HTML tag, meta description, and ALT tags, you can create a user-friendly website. With proper keywords, your website will reach at the top rank.

Advantages of PSD to responsive HTML service

  1. Through this conversion, your website will look stunning to lead your brand recognition.
  2. It will increase the performance of a website means web pages will load fast.
  3. Responsive HTML site will be compatible with different browsers and mobile devices.
  4. With HTML markup SEO optimization technique, your website will enhance.
  5. It is helpful to meet the deadline of the project.


These days, web development has become a more important task for a business owner. It opens a great opportunity for online sellers and customers as well. And, PSD to HTML conversion has come into the effect to build and design an attractive web layout.

Both HTML & PSD files are the crucial elements of site structure and utilized properly to increase the overall design capabilities and more traffic to the site. If you use PSD to HTML conversion services then your website will look unique means you can use any design pattern in your website.

Author bio

David Meyer is a senior website designer and developer at CSSChopperf who holds perfect knowledge of so many e-commerce technologies and conversion services. In his recent project, he has used PSD to HTML conversion service to enhance his business and to get the more traffic on a website. He is also passionate about writing informational blogs on his field of expertise. All his write-ups are innovative and advanced.

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