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Do not lose sight of scalability when you create innovative link-building strategies

Do not lose sight of scalability when you create innovative link-building strategies

Should you pursue the link acquisition campaign or not is a dilemma that SEO marketers often face. The question arises because there is concern among marketers that Google dislikes link acquisition and prefers obtaining links organically only. That Google has come down heavily on some link acquisition techniques such as relying on private blog networks has made marketers apprehensive.

Google has de-indexed websites that participate in private blog networks with the purpose of acquiring links. However, the truth is that Google does not denounce link acquisition as long as it does not fall foul of its approved methods. It is fine with Google if you acquire links in a fair manner without flouting the Google guideline.

Therefore, learning to build high-quality link profile in the right way is what you have to adopt, opine the experts at Milwaukee SEO services. You cannot succeed in SEO without creating an effective backlink profile even today because Google depends heavily on it to gather signals that reveal a lot about website quality and authority.  If you scan the factors that influence Google ranking algorithm, you will find that domain authority and domain trust constitutes 23.87%.

That businesses have realized the importance of link building is evident from the data collected by Moz during a survey that shows companies spend anything between $10,000 and $50,000 for building a healthy external link profile.

In this article, we will discuss a link building technique that should work for you. The method would work for your website because you can scale it up and your rankings would move upwards.  As your website authority increases by virtue of obtaining quality links, the conversion rate would also improve. The process begins by understanding what Google wants.

Reading the mind of Google

This is not at all difficult like reading the mind of the audience because Google encourages marketers to know and understand what it wants. When you are launching the SEO campaign, you must know the rules of the game. Knowing the rules make it imperative that you know what Google wants because it has set the SEO guidelines that the world follows. It would become easy to create SEO strategies, as you would be in a position to adopt the best practices.

External link building helps to remain faithful to Google’s mission of organizing information to help viewers, as you would be serving them with the appropriate information that they want. When you achieve this goal, it becomes easy to gain the confidence of viewers who would feel encouraged to share links with you.

Scale up your link building efforts

For a rewarding experience in link building follow the 90/10 rule that stipulates you should give only 10% effort is link building while 90% efforts should revolve around creating great content. Those who struggle and feel frustrated with their link building efforts usually do not follow this rule.  Links would start flowing to your website courtesy high-quality content, and nothing else would work. High-quality content translates into higher page rank, which automatically grabs eyeballs and people become eager to link to it.

Several links would point to one worthy content.  Gathering high-quality external link is crucial because it outscores traditional links on two counts – trust and relevance. By using a tool like Similar Site Search, you can locate high authority websites to approach for links.  Research the websites further to ascertain its domain authority and domain relevancy that could make it trustworthy.

Target the audience with researched keywords

When building scalable links, it is all about providing quality and relevant content that keeps increasing the ring size of the audience, as more people would keep linking to it. To increase the possibility of linking, rely on keyword targeting. Select an array of keywords that can pull the audience from various directions that would ultimately enhance the click-through rates and provide a much-improved ROI.  Just as the content has to be relevant, so also the keywords you use in it.

Carry out extensive and in-depth keyword research to find out keywords that can make the audience come closer to your website and engage with it. Use long tail keywords that are more effective as it addresses the broader aspects of the search by taking into account the user intention behind it.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is an excellent tool that can help in your keyword research. You can gather keyword ideas by keying in a popular search term of your industry niche.

Audience demographics help proper targeting

Take into account the demographics of the audience to target a specific group with relevant content. Knowing the age, gender, occupation, education, location, etc. is essential to create the right strategy for targeting specific groups of the audience. It provides insight into their tastes, liking and the problems they face, and you can use the information to create appropriate content that facilitates link building. This exercise is vital for organic link building.

Earn editorial links

Editorial links are very lucrative as it can take your external link building campaign to new heights. To earn editorial links, you have to create outstanding content that conveys considerable value to the audience. The task is far from easy when you know that your content is just one of more than 2 million blog posts that appear on the web every day.   The real challenge arises from consistently creating high-quality content that lends authority to your website, builds trust and encourages other sites to share links with you.

When your site earns the reputation as an address for quality content, it would automatically earn sharing, recommendations, citations, and people would willingly come forward with links to remain in touch with you.  Creating content that goes viral in no time would be like the topping on the cake.

Infuse flexibility in your link building strategy because you never know when Google might change the rules. Be smart to adopt the changes quickly because whatever might happen, link building would remain central to SEO success.

About the author:  Daniel Wyoming is the author of some SEO best sellers and has been the mentor to many SEO startups that form the core of Milwaukee SEO services. He prefers to play the role of Internet Marketing Consultant and keep educating marketers through his writings. Daniel is fond of movies and music and loves to spend time with his family on weekends.

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