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SEO Miracles Don’t Exist Unless You Do This

SEO Miracles Don't Exist Unless You Do This

Earlier this month, a friend of mine has told me one entertaining story about an overweight woman who was always out of men’s attention. Once, she has lost a pretty considerable number of pounds; somewhere around 100. Suddenly people started to compliment her new look and asking questions like “What’s the secret?”,How did you manage to become so slim?” Unfortunate they were to hear a simple “I ate healthy food and did exercises systematically, that’s it”. “Really? Eating the right food and do exercises? Boooringthey replied.

Well, SEO is very similar to the deliberate process of losing weight – we are also focusing on long-term consistent practices to get the most efficient results in the future. However, people usually tend to seek the shortest way to achieve what they want. Whether you like it or not, it’s our habit. By the way, this weakness is often used by the web advertisers (remember those “Click Here to Win a Million” types of ads).

We see our weight, think about a long path ahead and then look at our reflection in the mirror convincing ourselves – “There is got to be a way to make it faster and easier.” SEO practitioners do this every time. We desire to obtain a quick solution, “secret strategy” which will skyrocket our website’s ranking and leave competitors far behind. And what is curious, as, like those suspicious diets, a lot of sneaky SEO tricks did actually work, but only for a while.

Back in 2006, when my SEO career was only at the beginning, one of my key tasks was to jump between our old blog posts bolding or un-bolding particular keywords so the whole article would update and be considered “fresh” by Google. It worked I must admit, but only for a while. Or PageRank sculpting. Also worked for a while. And of course, directory submissions and spamming blog comment, remember? Sure you do, because spamming is still working OK.

Let’s be realistic, today’s SEO is a complicated process which requires the persistence participation of every member of a team along with the consequent set of every day’s actions. It includes:

Deep market analysis.

Find and learn from your competitors. Inherit their techniques and strategies. Use their keywords and semantic models. You’ve found something that worked for them? It should work for you either! At least it is worth a try. And of course, don’t forget that not only you have to be LIKE THEM. You have to be twice or three or four times better!  

High-quality Content and Keywords

As it was pretty much always – Content is the King. Content on your website is THE ONLY thing which allows your clients to make assumptions and decide whether to use your services, to go to your webinar or to buy from you or not. Well-written and relevant content is a must-have to stand out of thousands of cheap and unprofessional websites. Moreover, it should work perfectly together with detailed keyword research. Relevant keywords are attracting customers to your page, so make sure you did not use the keyword that has nothing about in the content.

Usability and  Website’s Architecture

As I have mentioned above, customers play a significant role in your SEO since they bring you revenue. Make sure they can have the best customers’ experience possible. A person should easily be able to find whatever they need on your website.

Some user experience tips:

  • Your web design could be improved? Work on it immediately!
  • Your web pages load slowly? Forget about a lot of clients – believe me, there are plenty of other websites that can offer a solution faster than you.
  • Your web pages are not visible or not accessible for crawlers? How the heck your web page even is going to get into the index?
  • Your website contains duplicate pages? Get rid of them ASAP! They are bringing too many problems.


Promotion helps your website grow, your web pages get indexed and your services get noticed! Cooperate with different organizations, charities, education institutions for free. Use affiliate programs to let customers invite their friends/coworkers/relatives to your website. Make sure you are using both offline and online promotion. The example of offline promotion could be adding your website’s address to your business card or an offline advertisement poster. To put it briefly, make use of any possibility to show your website’s benefits to the target audience.   

Social Networking

Social networks not only help your customers to share their experience with their friends, but it is also a nice signal for search engines. Write engaging content for people to share. The scheme is simple – if people share your content it means that people like it. If people like it, Google will like it either!

Website’s Topicality

Each year comes with new challenges, specifically if to talk about digital marketing trends: Visual/Local/Voice/Amazon search, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual reality. Today is the day to start learning about all these SEO and digital marketing trends to make the most of their benefits until it is not too late.


It is also important to trace the effectiveness of your methods and techniques to figure out which suits your SEO strategy in the particular case the most. Test, analyze, exclude unreasonably, repeat.

In a nutshell, SEO is a long-term and individual process for each particular case. However, you have to inherit what others are doing and find out whether it works for you as well.  In other words, you yourself are responsible for creating, developing, and improving your own SEO magic by experimenting, trying hundreds of things that don’t work out in order to find that specific algorithm that will ensure your success.

Thank you so much for dedicating your time to read this article completely and good luck with your own SEO miracles.

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Jenna Brandon

Jenna Brandon is a blogger, content writer, and digital marketer at She’s on a never-ending quest for excellence in writing and photography. Jenna is also an avid traveller and a loving wife.

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