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SEO or SMO: which one is Best for E-commerce in 2019?

Facebook Post SEO or SMO which one is Best for E commerce in 2019

Both, search engine optimization and social media optimization are used to promote E-commerce websites and generate sales. There are several digital marketing professionals who always remain in confusion whether they should use search engine optimization or social media optimization for the promotion of E-commerce business and sell more products and services. Today, we will evaluate the effectiveness of these two on different parameters and determine which one is more important for E-commerce business. Let’s start.

Increasing Website Visibility on the Web

You must always keep in mind that the success in E-commerce business depends on the visibility of online stores on the web. If online shoppers are able to find your site on the first page of Google, there are high chances that they will buy from you. If your site has a low ranking in the SERPs of search engines, naturally you will have less traffic and lead generation opportunities. Search engine optimization plays a bigger role in increasing the viability and ranking of websites.

If you optimize websites with the latest SEO tricks by keeping user’s needs in mind, your website is likely to rank well in all search engines. On the other hand, SMO campaigns complement SEO activities and help you to increase the ranking of websites. Social signals tell search engines about the popularity of your brand and they use it as an important ranking factor. Through SMO, you get sufficient traffic and business opportunities in short and long-term.

Brand Awareness

Both, search engine optimization and social media optimization make people aware of your brand and encourage them to buy from you. E-commerce SEO is performed for different search engines. So, it has a larger impact on Internet users living in different parts of the world. Optimize your website in such a way that it should appear in the top search results of all major search engines and help users to find the products and services advertised by you.

Social media optimization is also used for brand awareness as the number of social media users continues to grow with each passing day. The promotion of brand on social networks helps companies to get additional traffic and business opportunities.


Lead generation or sales is one of the most important activities in E-commerce. Your daily sales determine the business volume, shopper’s trust in your brand, revenues generated by you. E-commerce business is dominated by big brands. So, to beat the huge competition put forward by E-commerce heavyweights and keep selling products/services every day, high-quality search engine optimization should be your priority. Search engines give importance to only those websites that are frequently updated with fresh & informative content.

Therefore, if you want to see your E-commerce site or its pages on the first page of Google and to able to sell more products every day, E-commerce search engine optimization definitely comes first. Optimize your site with unique and informative content. Add products images, descriptive videos, useful hyperlinks in content.

The better the ranking of your site is, the more business opportunities are likely to come in your way. When it comes to lead generation through social media optimization, it definitely helps you to generate more sales. Carefully crafted and conducted SMO campaigns helps you sell more products on a daily basis. But, it can’t be a complete replacement of search engine optimization.

Interaction with Online shoppers

Regular online shoppers review products of a brand, make a proper inquiry about their usability and benefits, and then give purchasing orders. Despite so much vigilance, they often get low-quality products or have several issues while performing online transactions. Such customers contact you for the solution to their problems. E-commerce business owners with a large subscriber base often face difficulties to respond to customer’s questions.

Questions and concerns of numerous customers remain unanswered because a human specialist can’t sit 24*7 to address their concerns. That is why companies have started to use AI-powered Chatbots and automated Email Marketing tools to interact with customers in real-time & solve their problems as soon as possible.

If the problem of a customer is resolved quickly, he/she becomes pleased and keep buying from you even in the future. Different social media channels facilitate swift communication between customers and E-commerce brands, remove confusion, and find a mutually beneficial solution quickly. Several E-commerce brands use social media channels to communicate with online shoppers and ensure that they are fully satisfied with the brand by solving their problems in quick time.

Customer Retention

Always keep in mind that the ranking and visibility of websites keep fluctuating from time-to-time. So, visitors, who don’t subscribe to your Email updates, will not be able to find products and services if your site’s ranking is down in the SERPs of search engines. So, you lose the business opportunities originating from them.

You may establish your contact with them once again if your site or its pages start appearing on the first page of different search engines. However, this process can a significant amount of time, which is based on the quality of SEO activities performed by digital marketing individuals. On the other hand, social media optimization is quite helpful in customer retention.

Encourage all shoppers of your brand to remain associated with you on different social media channels. This will help you to keep educating your core audience with content regardless of the site’s ranking on the World Wide Web. You can easily reach out to your audience on different social media audience and bring them back in the conversion funnel once again by offering useful products with discounts & freebies.

Final Words

In 2019, all big, medium and small-scale E-commerce business brands need to change their marketing campaigns in accordance with the latest trends in the Industry if they want to get the lion’s share of this rapidly increasing industry. A healthy balance of both search engine optimization and social media optimization will help E-commerce companies to gain a strong foothold on the market & sell more products.

You can join hands with an SEO service provider to help your E-commerce site float on the first page of all leading search engines & keep getting more business opportunities. Best of Luck!

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