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  by Abhilash Tyagi |

SEO Trends To Improve The Visibility And Benefit Your Brand


Best SEO ServiceWe’re already into 2016 and our digital marketing strategy is more or less the same. We have a lot of hopes riding on in this swanky New Year and we expect our brand value to get a major boost. It’s good that the last year ended with giving us some SEO clues and trends, and we’re sure to leverage them to take the business forward. Whether it’s paid or organic search, our optimization strategy has to keep pace with the changing tides of the market and this is exactly what we’re supposed to do this year.

We know that traffic will continue to be as important as ever, and we’re also aware that rankings will make the biggest difference to our fortunes. We also expect some changes to the existing Google algorithms and we are sure to find some new rules and guidelines coming into play to better the quality of content and posts and blogs. Amid all these changes, we have to keep track of those SEO trends that are going to dominate the search landscape in 2016.

Let’s have a look at some of those SEO trends that will redefine the way we look at optimization and its dynamism:

Mobile search is going to get bigger

More people now use mobiles and smartphones than desktop to search products or services or anything they deem fit. With mobile-friendly design already a ranking factor, the year will see more websites coming up with features and functionalities that aim to the users- on- the- go. In a way, no venture or website will dare to ignore the ever-expanding capabilities of the mobile world to get left behind in the race. In fact, search engines too won’t take it casually if websites are not made keeping mobile users in mind.

2. Search engines will treat web and social contents equally

Yes, you heard it correct! Search engines will give more weightage to social contents and posts than they ever did. With that, marketers will rush to strategize their social posts in a way to boost their value on the SERPs. It also means that more of your socializing or social posts are going to get indexed than they were ever. With that, brands and individuals have to re-assess their plans for social giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. It means your social posts are going to bring you more rewards than you might have anticipated.

3. Videos are set to improve your rankings

Yes, it’s true! Videos are no longer restricted to giving wholesome entertainment alone to users. They in fact can go a long way and win you superior rankings across search engines. This trend is something you must capitalize on given how videos are becoming more helpful for driving better organic page ranks and click-through rate. Your videos are something that search engines don’t take lightly, so why would you. All you need to do is, add some attention-grabbing videos with your texts to win the users over.

4. Voice search will grow bigger in stature

As mobile users are growing in number with a breakneck speed, search preferences of users too are set to change to match the evolving tastes. Voice search is among those trends that will benefit a lot with the rise in the number of mobile users. With that, we can expect more sophisticated voice recognition features to hit the market and drive the trend forward. This trend is something that both users and marketers are likely to lap it up as it aligns well with the changing tides of the SEO market. Typing it seems will be on its way out!

5. The length and interactivity quotient of content will come into play

Yes, it’s true that articles with more words get better rankings while those with fewer words, not. It means, you have to be cautious of the length of the articles or posts you give search engines for ranking purposes. Similarly, the interactivity quotient of your content will be key in deciding the ranking fortunes of your brand. This is where the use of graphs, images, videos, animations, charts etc. will make the difference. It means, you can neither afford to be too precise or too vague, and you have to keep the users hooked to your content.

6. Location-based Local SEO will rise in prominence

Local SEO is going to get bigger and better this year. More businesses and brands are going to benefit from the advancements of geo-location technologies and cutting-edge maps. It means, the task of targeting the audience will be more refined and specialized than it ever was earlier. Prospects will be focussed based on their location so that businesses can reach them, cater them and realize their objectives. It means, local search is going to be more powerful strategy and it will need to find a way into your digital marketing plans.

7 – Keywords are going to be more creative

We are close to a time when marketers need not stuff their content with search-friendly yet boring and awkward looking keywords. Semantic searches are going to rule the day bringing respite from relying on exact words or phrases to drive the rankings and visibility forward. Google and other search engines are going to give more focus to context and meaning to fetch results against query. With that, you are sure to experiment a bit more than you normally do and free the content from the clutter of those bizarre words written and packed to the brim.

It’s clear that SEO industry is not the one to stay static and let brands flourish using the same old rules and tactics. It’s rather dynamic and brings constant challenges and opportunities to face and tap into. You can benefit from these changes if you get the best SEO service and for that you need to hire an expert with an enviable track record in the domain. Make sure you hired correct else you might end up repenting the decision later. After all, your brand value needs more visibility than it commands.


About the author:

Hi, I am Abhilash Tyagi, an SEO specialist with years of experience of the domain. I consult and guides brands on planning, execution and implementation of best SEO services to help them with rankings and visibility. Feel free to contact him anytime for your needs for superior search engine rankings and enhanced online presence for your business.

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Abhilash Tyagi

Hi, I am Abhilash Tyagi an SEO specialist with years of experience of the domain. I consult and guides brands on planning, execution and implementation of best SEO services to help them with rankings and visibility. Feel free to contact him anytime for your needs for superior search engine rankings and enhanced online presence for your business.

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