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Smart Off Page SEO Techniques for Your Website

Smart Off Page SEO Techniques for Your Website

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of those areas that might need some special attention. If you are someone who is into online business and blogging, it is going get your website or blog more traffic and improved ranking. In fact, this is something that is going to get you a higher ranking for Search Engine Results Page or SERP as we know it.

For people who are new to blogging, it is necessary that you should go for both On-page and Off-page SEO techniques. This is going to get your website a higher and a better ranking.

Now that we are focusing on new bloggers, many of us might not be aware of what comes under SEO practices and techniques. Also, there is a need to know about ways you can use those things. Let’s focus on the various Off-page SEO techniques that we have at hand. So you must be knowing that there are two broad categories for SEO techniques.

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

On-Page SEO:

On-page SEO refers to tasks you do on your website or a specific post or to improve the ranking of your website. It includes a few useful techniques. These techniques are as follows:

  • Appropriate use of keywords.
  • Taking care of the keyword density.
  • Using suitable titles and tags.
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Loading Time Optimization

All the above-mentioned techniques and a few others get you an amazing On-page strategy for your website.

Off-Page SEO:

Off-page, SEO is the opposite of On-page SEO techniques. It is what you do outside your page or the content. This takes help your social media shares, guest blogs, and link submissions. This is usually done to perform backlinking by targeting keyword (i.e att uverse bundles) for your website. This has a better chance of getting you a higher rank on the search engine.

Off-page SEO techniques can comprise of a huge list that includes tips and tricks. The only bad thing about this is one can’t guarantee that these techniques would work too. According to experts, one should opt for Off Page SEO that works. Here are a few Off page SEO techniques:

Using Social Bookmarking To Target a Wider Audience:

You can use a few social bookmarking practices that can help you for Off Page SEO. You can also bookmark your content on social media platforms. Doing this gets you more chances to make your post get more viral everywhere. Search Engines prefer such sites as they have an updated content.

Also, the content gets published on a frequent basis. In many instances, the links on such sites have a no-follow attribute and have enough juice to get ranked by Google or any other search engine. Using social bookmarking sites are a good idea if you want your content to get noticed by a wider audience.

Bloggers Outreach:

Bloggers outreach is the process where one identifies influencers who can benefit you and with you can get in touch with. If we talk about a simple scenario, it helps you take benefit and get their idea or content for the audience. This generally done through guest blogging which gets you a link on the post on the guest blogger site.

When you want to grow your audience and increase user engagement, you can ask someone else to promote your message. It is one of the better practices to increase credibility. To make sure that you get a quality link you have to create content that has some weight and value.

You will usually get a link that you can exchange. In many cases, you are offered content for exchanging or is something that you want to post on the blogger’s site. You would need to connect to the influencer and the product/brand or the website.

This way you can connect on their blog. Else, you will not be able to connect with their audience and neither their audience will be able to connect with your content. You can take the following steps to connect the audience to your post.

  • You Must Connect With The Right Influencers
  • Start Off With Pre-Outreach Activities
  • The Influencer’s/Blogger’s Email Address To Contact Him
  • Contact The Influencer/Blogger Via Email Outreach
  • Follow-Up With Your Outreach Emails
  • Keep A Track Of Your Outreach Emails
  • Try To Get Other Benefits From Your Blogger Outreach Activity

To make your blogger outreach get you the benefits you want, you have to be very patient. You must also have to find the right influencers and engage with them on a day to day basis. Also, make sure that you connect with them on social media and comment on their blog posts. This will get you in their radar and they will get back to you and collaborate with you.

Submit Various Forms Of Content As Images And Videos:

There are sites and platforms that accept submissions of different types of content. Infographics are one of the most demanded types of content. You can create very catchy infographics and submit them to websites that publish such content. You can use them as reference links to your website.

Using Question and Answers Platforms:

You can act as a problem solver on a platform where people come and ask questions. Such platforms provide answers to questions and get a backlink in return. You can take the example of Quora here.  With Quora, you can check out relevant topics or questions and get into a question and answer session. Here you can put up links to articles you have related to the topic. There is more to it. You can also become an expert or a solution provider in the concerned field. It is a good idea to avoid spamming or any other practices discouraged by search engines.

In the current age, you can be as creative as possible with Off-page techniques for a website or a product you have. Good On-page and Off-page SEO techniques can rank your website better in SERPs. In the current digital age, there is a lot of competition. In such an environment it is necessary that you come up with a strategy. Also, you would be getting a bigger picture for your website you have at hand.

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Nathan John works as a content editor at Digitaltvbundles. He has seven years of experience in various ISP companies.

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