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These 12 Businesses are Leveraging the Power of SEO – Are you Lagging Behind?

These 12 Businesses are Leveraging the Power of SEO - Are you Lagging Behind?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best strategies for any business. Any size or type of company for that matter can reap the perks of an optimized website and the different online assets to attain the needed visibility in the leading search engines to an extent which is affordable and significant. In the real sense, search engine optimization holds the same potential for just any business.

Some industries have higher gain from SEO services compared to the rest owing to its competitive position, the propensity of influencing consumer searches or having key demographics. By now you must be well aware of the different advantages of SEO services and why businesses should invest in it.

A Glance at the Different Businesses that is Making the Utmost of SEO

It is quite likely that you may wonder as to how your business will be able to benefit from search engine optimization. In the current online marketing gospel, often it may seem like you require to do everything to boost up your search position within the top search engine result pages on Google as the first commandment. SEO is important. Below is a list of the top 12 businesses that are leveraging the power of search engine optimization.

Start-ups and Small Businesses

Start-ups and small businesses have a small customer base, low revenue and resources and above all occupy space within a small target audience. Now the question is how can SEO benefit them? Well for them, SEO is one of the most affordable marketing strategies which can ease their burden on their budget and also leave the room to scale and is vital for a growing start-up. A small business can have the upper hand over a big company by targeting a small niche in its shared demographics.

Online Service Companies and SaaS

SaaS or Software-as-a-service Company has gained immense recognition in the last couple of years due to their scalable and lucrative model of operations and being sole to a digital realm. Here search engine optimization services are essential as an online company will require an inbound flow of online users that SEO offers.

Niche Company

Here niche is a vague term, and it refers to any company-local, national, small or big which has a specialized function and caters to a specific target audience. In fact, such companies are benefitting mainly from SEO because they have eliminated the competition naturally. They will work with a smaller audience as well as lesser inbound traffic numbers, yet the audience’s relevance will be higher. The best part is they will have better competitive keyword opportunities.

Locally Exclusive Companies

The truth is a local search function is on an algorithm which differs from the national SEO. If a business owner conducts a local search through keywords that are geographic specific or enables location awareness on the mobile handset, they will see three entries above the regular organic search results. It is this availability of the triple slot that will give a business owner incredible strategic opportunity.

Should the business owner succeed in making his website relevant enough in getting to one of the slots they will carry sufficient visibility and above all will not have to worry regarding competing with any national player? In the case of a company that functions solely for the local population, SEO will be ideal. For guidance or to know more consult an experienced Spokane SEO

Medical Professionals

Professionals in the medical domain like physical therapists, specialists and general practitioners have a couple of perks which other industries do not. Firstly, these experts possess an exclusive field of specialization, reducing competition right away and offering keyword opportunities. Secondly, these experts function locally thereby making them head and shoulders above others in the market. Lastly, the majority look for a provider when they experience pain or symptoms, using search as an easy means of connecting the medical experts with their target customers.

Legal Experts

These experts reap almost similar perks as that of the medical experts. Generally, they specialize in a specific critical area thereby giving them fresh keyword opportunities and a competitive advantage. Their prospective customers perform searches to discover solutions to the legal troubles. The majority of the legal service providers and lawyers also operate locally providing them the chance of capitalizing on the local search.

Maintenance Professionals

Maintenance professionals are of various types. The idea is these experts will help one when something gets broken or requires an update. Here SEO matters because the goods are physical which implies locality thereby making the local search engine optimization a reliable option. As the gadget, device or machinery is cracked or broken the owner will look for solutions and in case of emergency one will have more likelihood to convert prospective searchers because of their immediate need of help.

Bars and Restaurants

Bars and restaurants also require search engine optimization services. No matter even if it functions as a larger chain, it will be tied to a single location that makes it perfect to capitalize on the local SEO. Resting on the type of business, you may use some specific terms for competitive dominance. Most people look for places for eating on the basis that is semi-imperative. It creates an ideal storm of opportunity especially for search visibility, yet the goal must be in getting someone in the door instead of a website.

Real Estate

Real estate services and SEO go hand-in-hand. Following the coming of platforms such as Trulia and Zillow, the smaller real estate agents require hyper-local strategies for gaining the right search exposure. A bigger platform does broad keyword searches well. If an agent, for instance, tries in ranking for terms such as homes for sale, then they will go out of luck. In case of a real estate agent, their key to success rests on creating pages that target a specific market that can appear for the long-tail keyword searches.

The goal in these pages is in getting much granular as possible which indicates that performing things such as breaking it to the name of a small neighborhood within the area. Of course, the real value rests in the content. It is here where a skilled and experienced SEO agent can work wonders in diving in and going above and beyond for providing real value to the user.

Home Renovations/Repairs

Renovation and repair services in the home also need SEO services should they desire in seeing a boost in the leads. Those who are in search of any form of renovations or repairs will search for a close business locally, no wonder such companies must target audiences in their respective service area through local SEO.


If a businessperson has a business in different locations they will want people in finding and learning about each easily. Any search engine optimization campaign which covers every location in the local search will ensure that audiences find the exact location near them. A business, for instance, can help in advertising for special deals at specific stores and locally optimize it and get people’s attention successfully who are on the lookout for those services or products in that area.

Pet Services

Any business that offers pet services will benefit mainly from a local search engine optimization campaign. The pet owners at times look for pet grooming animal hotels, dog walking or other services for their pets in their respective area. For any place that offers such pet services, it is extremely crucial to ensure their presence online can provide them benefits over the competitors.

These businesses are not the only ones who can reap the perks from a robust search engine optimization campaign, yet they do stand in benefitting more compared to other companies. Should you fall under any of the business mentioned above types and search engine optimization is presently not a part of the marketing line-up then it is high time that you give it a serious thought and review your strategic position. The sooner you opt for SEO services, the better. Search engine optimization will grant better exposure to any company along with being pocket-friendly as well as convenient to manage thereby ensuring improved outcomes.


SEO also has the power of allowing an organization to delve into a concentrated marketing campaign. Every enterprise can taper down its target market and serve its customers more effectively as well as track responses correctly. This, however, is not an ordinary man’s cup of tea, so it is better to hire the services of a professional SEO service provider who can assist you to maintain a perfect customer bonding together with improving the visibility of your business in the local search engine optimization.

When you hire the right SEO provider for your industry, they will leave no stone unturned to improve your revenue, nurture your brand and enhance your visibility. So, what are you waiting for? Invest some time, do some homework and choose the best SEO expert.

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