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  by Sean Si |

Things You Need To Know Before Starting Your Facebook Ad Campaign


Facebook, a website that was originally used as a networking tool to connect people from all over the world has now become the world’s number one marketing platform. And if you have a business, small or large, then you need to start utilizing it.

It is 2018 and it could be assumed that all businesses have mastered Facebook advertising. But this is not the case. There are still businesses out there without a Facebook page. There are also many who do have a page but who are struggling to use it in an effective manner.

Last year, Facebook announced that the current number of registered business pages has reached 65 million. But what’s surprising is that only 4 million of them are actually using Facebook advertising to promote their services and products

There is a significant gap between those who are using this method of advertising,  however considering that 4 million business pages use Facebook advertising is a strong enough reason to start implementing it if you haven’t done so already. Additionally, the fact that Facebook’s algorithm has made significant updates since last year affecting the organic flow, demonstrates that now is the best time to start using Facebook advertising and boosting your posts.

Although it seems easy to do, Facebook advertising can be challenging and requires time to understand how to achieve the best results. Without knowledge or strategy, it can feel as though you are pouring money down the drain.

If you are a small or medium business owner with your main audience being online then there should be no doubt that Facebook advertising is the tactic for you. A platform that has 1.37 million daily active users is definitely a platform that is worth investing in.

The only thing you need to do is to be smart and create Facebook ads that will draw your audience attention.

Before creating your Facebook ad and in order to reap the benefits you have to keep in mind the following three things, which I like to call the Facebook advertising triangle. These are your budget, your audience, and your end goal. 

Budget – go big

For a business owner your budget is the first thing to consider, but sometimes it is worth spending a little bit more in order to get the desired results. If your Facebook budget is too small then you won’t be able to cover all your audience and your ad may not even be seen. You have to remember that your ad is competing against other similar ads and yours has to stand out. To achieve this you might have to set a higher budget that will allow you to reach your target audience.

Target Audience – go small

Your target audience is the second most important element for a successful Facebook advertising campaign. If you own a Facebook Page one of the first things that you would have discovered is the analytics section, showing you who your audience is and where they come from. Keeping this information in mind and considering the campaign that you want to promote you have to choose your target audience wisely. It is better to have a smaller and more specific audience rather than a wider one. Segmentation is a critical step when choosing your audience either by demographic segmentation or by segmenting your audience based on their interests and choosing the people that are more relevant to your offer. This method will help your Facebook ad reach the right people getting more conversions and in turn increasing ROI.

Goal – be specific

The third step for a successful Facebook advertising campaign is setting the right goals. Your goal or conversion can be whatever you decide and it is not always related to sales. One goal could be to increase awareness on your Facebook page and to ask people to like it, another goal could be to ask people to visit your website or to purchase tickets for an event. Whatever the goal, it has to be clear and realistic and it has to be represented in your call to action.

You have to remember that your goal is directly related to the budget and audience you choose. So for the best results of your Facebook Campaign, you have to keep in mind the above triangle – Budget – Audience – Goal.

Facebook Advertising – Best Practice

Before you start investing in your Facebook advertising make sure you implement the following steps. Facebook ads that succeed follow these guidelines. 

Copy – Less is more  

When creating a Facebook ad your copy needs to be precise and you should avoid excessive information. Even if you want to add more copy to your ad, Facebook will prompt you to use fewer characters and will not approve your advert.

Below are some good examples where a copy is used wisely. 

Copy - Less is more 1

Copy - Less is more 2

Images – Be visual

A picture is worth a thousand words, so using a visually pleasing image will not only make your ad stand out but it will be remembered by your audience. Visual content increases reach, engagement and sales. 40% of people respond better to visuals than text. A social media post with an image is ten times more likely to get engagement.  Make sure that your offering is always clear and that it is represented in your visual. Online graphic design tools like Design Wizard can help you create compelling Facebook Ads to stop scrollers in their tracks.

Call to Action – be clear

Having a good copy and a visually pleasing ad is only half the job. Your ad is not finished until you ask your audience to take action. Having the right call to action will help you reach your end goal. Although sales are what each business needs to succeed and survive, this is not always the goal of Facebook advertising. Increasing brand awareness and reminding your audience about your business is another major achievement. So your call to action can vary from asking your audience to sign up for your newsletter, or to shop now, or to learn more about services that you offer.

See Examples below of different call to actions used in Facebook advertising.

Call to Action - be clear 1

Call to Action - be clear 2

Having all the above information in mind you should be able to create Facebook ads that will bring you the desired results.

Kassiani Cheirogergou is a Social Media Specialist and Content Writer working with Design Wizard. She has over 8 years experience in Marketing Communications and Project Management working on online and offline marketing projects and is passionate about helping business to grow online. Design Wizard is an online graphic design tool that enables users to create and share brilliant visual content within minutes in a fun and easy way.

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