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  by Susan Daigle |

Top 5 Seo Mistakes You Should Not Be Doing in 2018

Are you pretty much confident that your content is really up to the mark but your SEO strategy is still not working? The field of search engine optimization is one of the top dynamic digital marketing expertise that not only keeps on changing but dramatically affects the entire online presence of your website. Let us take a quick look at the top 5 search engine optimization mistakes that you might be doing but haven’t identified.

Lack of industry- Focused keywords and commonly used search terms

While accepting the fact that now it is an era where machine learning and semantic search are on the verge of today’s technologically advanced web environment but, websites with poor keyword research are still negatively affected. Most of the industry experts still consider conducting keyword research as one of the fundamental and crucially important ingredients for executing a successful SEO Agency Singapore strategy. It is indeed true that machine learning and artificial intelligence have undoubtedly transformed the perception of web search but, every industry is recognized by a specific set of keywords which has continued to play an essential role in achieving ultimate search engine optimization success.

In other words, keywords are the dynamic search terms that undoubtedly serve the purpose of a strong medium between the internet users and today’s top trending search engines. It is obviously impossible to get relevant search results unless you search for a set of basic but industry focused keywords over the search engine. Moreover, the keyword is an essential ingredient for effective blogging. A number of digital marketing experts have continued to oversee the importance of in-depth keyword research and they have indeed experienced the worst ever results regarding their websites’ online standings.

Consistent and well-structured internal linking is of paramount importance

Internal linking is one of the most overlooked technical aspects of most of the websites that experience diminishing search engine rankings. According to the majority of highly experienced and well-versed SEO experts, bringing a concrete structure and consistency is one of the most important components of an effective on-page optimization plan. Experts strongly recommend putting greater attention to the internal links of the website as it makes it more easier for the website to enable the visitor better explore the various related sections of the website as well as increases the level of user engagement with the website.

While diving deeper into the various technical aspects and benefits of focusing internal links it has been widely concluded that structured and consistent internal links develop strong paths of navigation for the end users and considerably increases the level of crawl rate of the website. In addition to that, it largely helps in defining the website architecture and prioritized pages of the website to the search engines. The majority of successful SEO professionals have concluded that internal links play an integral role in equally distributing the “link juice” of the website across its different sections.

Conducting an in-depth review of the websites internal linking and executing a well-structured audit of the various subsections of the website in order to make a better understanding of their respective page authorities provide an exclusive opportunity to critically examine and update the missing and overlooked internal links.

Never expect anything from a poor web copy

Web copy or the content that exists on an entire website is crucially important and considered to be an integral component of the entire online branding and ranking success of the website. We have heard it a lot that “Content is King” but saying that and developing unique pieces of content is not at all sufficient for gaining strong search engine rankings. According to most of the industry experts with decades of experience in digital marketing and search engine optimization, maintaining the best level of industry relevance is key to swift success.

Nowadays, the mobile platform has already started to dominate the desktop platform when it comes to internet users preferences. Mobile devices have now become the primary medium for the users to interact with the internet and browse it the way they used to on the desktop platform. Therefore, it is paramount importance to make sure that the content is not only unique and convincing but it must reflect a greater level of industry relevance.

Most of the professional business copywriters and experts who have continued to efficiently manage today’s successfully managed websites agree that a result-oriented and compelling web copy that not just speaks loud but converts visitors into customers is the one that maintains an exclusive combination of user friendly, easy to understand content with the dynamically changing user interests and industry notions that are largely derived by the search terms that internet users search over the search engines.

Multimedia optimization is critically important to attain further value-addition

It is unquestionably true that visual content where images and videos appears on top of the list is one of the integral ingredients of websites that help in not just featuring eye-pleasing and stunning website graphic design and its layout but in addition to that, this visual content is largely helpful in further fortifying the overall SEO health of the website. If you are just wondering what image optimization means when it comes to improvising the SEO status of your website, they very first step is to make sure that all of the images are adequately formatted .jpg and .png formats for on-site and vector images respectively.

 Next to images format, video optimization primarily requires devising a concrete set of practices that ensure a well-organized video sitemap for the search engines for better indexing. In addition to that, updating the metadata of the website’s images and videos is of paramount importance.

Poor content marketing is not even better than nothing

Renowned experts agree that if everything goes fine and as planned then it all ends up on the content marketing strategy of the website. Content marketing is one of the few most dynamic expertise areas where trends continue to reshape and every year brings new dimensions to the domain of content marketing. Therefore, it is of great importance that a well-balanced, up to the mark, industry-driven content marketing approach is the only way out for swiftly achieving the desired online marketing and search engine ranking goals.

Key Takeaway

According to most of the experts, devising both the short term and long term content marketing plans are essentially important. From posting high quality content over the blog that is absolutely capable of addressing the discrete topics that are trending among the target audience up to sharing resourceful links that link back to the website and much more are all part of an intelligent content marketing and promotional plan that brings the best fruits when it comes to optimizing the website with augmented and strong search engine results.

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