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  by Sean Si |

The Top Three Strategies To Optimize Your Online Reputation Management

Reputation is a type of currency! Today, in the 21st century, where digitization rules, your online reputation has gained more prominence. It has become permanent than before! A decade back brands could have afforded take factors like search results, online presence and reputation less seriously. Not today! These are essential aspects of new age brands and form a part of their online presence and awareness strategy as well.

Today, as people put in a greater significance on search outcomes, the relevance of maintaining your online reputation is essential. We have made a shift from the age of data to the age of digital fame. Based on the Pew Research Center, about 91% of the people today place their trust in what they read and see online and come across in the search engine results. And about 65% of these people rely on online data than any other information source.

Hence, the news cycle might shift on fast, but your online footprint and reputation are here to stay for a long time. Therefore, every brand should pave the path to better online reputation management (ORM). And to make this happen, you need to find an SEO company you can trust and join hands, to get a customized ORM strategy.

Online Reputation Management

Online posts, reviews, photos, comments, and social media profiles – everything will shape your online search results. And the impacts are prevalent even beyond Google’s first page. It impacts decisions, behavior and also your online reputation. And keeping this in mind, it is essential to manage online reputation in this era of digital marketing.

Have you been planning to give attention to your online brand reputation? If yes, then you can opt-in for the following three strategies that will help you attain the same seamlessly.


  1. You need to participate proactively

Removing yourself from online platforms is not a smart call! If you want to manage your online reputation in a streamlined manner, it is imperative to participate in the online platforms actively. Today, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have evolved much more than social media channels and function as a search engine by itself. The online users make use of these channels to get the data they need, interact with others and also arrive at informed decisions.

Pondering over the aspect of participation is essential. It’s not just about having a social media profile. You will need to share content on a regular basis. Also, your content should be relevant and carry answers for audience queries. Do you have negative news in the past? If yes, you will need to publish all your content strategically.

However, it’s essential to know that new content doesn’t completely erase past negative news updates. However, it can add positive updates to your kitty. The positive news updates will help build your overall online presence and also help you retain a favorable online reputation.

You also need to take a close look at those people with whom your brand is communicating on a daily basis! Keep a tab on the people who like and follow you as well as share your post and comment on the same. It will help you determine your target audience which is essential in creating an ORM strategy.


  1. You need to know your audience very well

Your social media participation is incomplete if you don’t have the best understanding of your audience. When you collate the information from the professional and social platforms, it’s essential to cater the same in the form of content to your target audience, followers as well as influencers.

Not all content gets created in an equal way!  Do you want to take the complete onus of your company’s online reputation? If yes, then you first should manage what you have decided to say, the manner in which you have shaped the content and who you are telling it to. Reputation management has much more to provide than self-promotion.

It is essential for you to move beyond advertising and develop and share exciting content on various topics that would keep your audience enticed. The more you communicate with your audience and keep them engaged, the better are your chances of developing a great relationship.

It will improve your brand’s presence on social media platforms. Your presence in search results too will boost up. You might want to up your brand awareness and strengthen your brand recall value. But regardless of your objective, it is always essential to stay connected with the correct people.


  1. Always stay well informed and vigilant

The first two tips will enable you to walk your way smoothly through this domain of ORM! However, like SEO even the field of online reputation is continually evolving.  Hence, it is essential for every brand to stay aware of the minute and recurrent changes that takes place in your search results. You also need to be mindful of the modifications that happen in the search engines and also know the way they function.

Twitter, Google, and Facebook frequently update their algorithms. And when you stay updated on these aspects, you are ahead of your competition and also work towards building a solid online reputation.

That is not all! You also have to manage open-source platforms such as Wikipedia sooner or later, when you are planning for an online reputation management strategy. Today, anybody can make a change. However, the cyber-savvy and the well-informed online audience looking for relevant information will only look for answers that get presented in websites which carry the truth. Hence, it is essential to steer clear of inaccurate details and proactively own your account.


Today, if you have a website and social media profile, an online reputation comes along with it. Hence, it’s a smart call to get completely proactive about your online reputation and manage it, replacing the age-old techniques with new age, customized strategies. It’s always an intelligent call to take your company’s ORM in your control.

That way you know how the audience at large perceives your brand and customize your strategy to your favor. To start with, you can refer to the three useful ways that have been discussed above and check out the positive results that follow.

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