Web Development Test

Hi applicant,

This will be your examination before qualifying for the position of Web Developer. The importance of this is not just to gauge of how skilled and proficient you are on the said field compared to other applicants but also to pinpoint skills which you lack and improve it from there.

First we need to know your self evaluation on the following website technologies (write this down on a notepad):

Rate from 1 - 10 (10 is the highest)

  • HTML:
  • CSS:
  • Bootstrap:
  • JavaScript:
  • Jquery:
  • PHP:
  • SQL:
  • Wordpress:

Once done, Click here to download the file for the test using the provided collaterals and replicate the "Homepage" file.

This exam is time pressured and must be finished within a maximum of 6 hours. We are very particular with time and one qualification that we look for as a web developer is their ability to observe deadlines.


  1. You need to develop this design (must be mobile responsive) within 6hrs.
  2. You can use all the website technologies (e.g css frameworks or js libraries) that can help you to develop the website.

After you are done working on your project. Submit all files to us in the form of compressed file (e.g. .rar file) with a filename DevExam-(Last Name).

Submit your Work here


“Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. So be creative. Good Luck! :)”
- Your soon to be Team Leader