Why Choose SEO Hacker?

There are so many companies offering SEO all over the world. Why would SEO Hacker be the best choice for your company’s SEO? Here are some compelling reasons why:

SEO Hacker gives you a client exclusivity benefit

We don’t charge you for just anything we think is right. We make sure that you get value for your money. All clients are exclusive in their fields of business. We do not accept any other prospective client if they have the same business type as an existing client. You can be sure that you are serviced with great quality and that you are our one and only client of your nature of business – hence, all your competitors have to look for another SEO company to service them.

SEO Hacker gives you a complete report every month

The report is composed of your current site analysis, on-site optimization for the week, off-site optimization for the week, accomplishments for the current week, job plans for the upcoming week and additional concerns. This report is complete with screenshots, charts, you name it. It’s easy to understand and everything considered as technical will be thoroughly explained.

SEO Hacker gives you a reply within 24 hours of your e-mail

We make sure that our customer relationship is well taken care of. We communicate personally – without any third party involved. Confidentiality is highly respected and kept. Also, we make sure that my clients are up-to-date with all their site’s SEO status.

SEO Hacker gives you a Service Level Agreement included with the package tie-up

We make sure that we give you the highest quality and quantity service as you like. We give weekly service level agreement reports wherein you would give us our weekly or monthly score based on our team’s performance and reports. This report will be the one to determine if the 6-month minimum tie-up with me is indeed worth your time and money’s worth.