Choosing an SEO Agency in the Philippines

Choosing an SEO Agency in the Philippines

You clicked on this page, which means you are looking for an SEO Agency. It’s either that or you are juggling between the choices of doing SEO In-House or you’re looking to hire freelancers to do the job for you. Now, we’re not all-knowing beings but our best guess is that you want results. This is probably why you are weighing out your options.

Let me be upfront with you, SEO is an investment which you are going to shell out bucks for so it would not be pretty if you would incur a loss just because you made the wrong choice firsthand. Everyone has reasons why they would want to hire an SEO specialist, but not all have a clear idea of what kind of SEO they should be looking for.

Service-centric, trustworthy and ROI-minded, are some of the few basic traits that a good SEO agency can have. Of course, these are all a given but you may never know if the company you’re hiring is just there to make you a shorthand promise without delivering results.

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In-House, Freelancers, or SEO Agencies?

Hiring someone to do your SEO for you has both its perks and downsides to it. If you are looking to hire an actual SEO agency, best believe you’re on the right track, but you also have other options to talk to freelancers or build a solid team of in-house SEO specialists. Although one can work more than the other, it would still be useful if you would learn about their particular advantages and disadvantages.

1 SEO Agency

An SEO agency is a company that is dedicated to completely doing SEO An SEO Agency is more dedicated and focused on achieving the goals you aim to accomplish from SEO. This kind of company caters to local and international clients, all of which have the utmost trust in the techniques and strategies that they can do in order to help you rank up the search engine pages.

SEO agencies have been hired and tested throughout the years. This is the type of SEO professionals who are legitimate enough to make your business follow suit for their professionalism. They typically have their own working spaces set up with the latest technologies and a stable internet connection; the best technology to help them succeed in accomplishing tasks well.

Because an SEO agency is dedicated to one scope of an operational process, they would have ample time to strategize in order to keep their head in the game, all for the purpose of boosting your site’s ranking. SEO agencies pride themselves on staying sharp and keeping a close eye on trends so expect to be welcomed by a youthful team with seasoned experience. If you want real-time SEO results, an agency would be up to the task of helping you get there.

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2 Freelancer

Freelancers are one of the top contenders in optimizing websites nowadays. They are flexible enough to work with any company or agency, the reason being they work remotely or at a virtual office. Their flexibility in schedule can also be their primary asset because it allows them to cater to different clients from their own respective time zones.

The freelancing community is filled with experienced SEO specialists who have come to master the craft by working for various clients. While they have no affiliations, SEO experts from this field have made their own names in helping businesses increase their rankings. But you should know that there are risks that come with hiring a freelancer because they are not as attentive and dedicated as an SEO agency.

Their means of communication can be erratic because they can have limited resources for a fast internet connection. If you are not sure that the freelancer you are hiring is experienced enough to handle your site, then you would risk having someone who can cause interruptions to your operations because of their flexible schedule. Get someone who knows how to accomplish the job and excellently at that.

3 In-House

Another option that you can look into is hiring SEO employees within your own company. More and more companies are hiring SEO professionals who they can interact with on a daily basis. As members of the company, they will be in charge of all your SEO needs.

This position would be viable and therefore, you should hire someone who is an actual trailblazer in SEO. He or she should know all the ins and outs of SEO, because you would be entrusting your digital marketing efforts to this person.

If you choose to build an in-house team of SEO professionals, you are going to assist them by giving them the same benefits as your other employees as well as giving them a suitable salary for their job description.


Why SEO in the Philippines?

The internet has changed more than technological advancements in our world today. Whether you are in an SEO agency or not, you cannot deny that it has changed people’s perspective when it comes to defining their lifestyle. Social media has been a part of milestones and search engines have dominated in man’s constant search for information.

Not long after the advent of the internet age, people from all walks of life saw the potential that the internet can have over their lifestyle. Businesses have thrived together with the digital age and this is primarily because they took it upon themselves to use SEO and its benefits to their advantage.

The Philippines is currently dominated by digital technologies as evidenced by its increasing rank as the country with the highest number of active internet users in the region. A global report on mobile, internet and social media use has shown that for the 7.676 billion people across the globe, 4.388 billion of that population are internet users. 63% of Southeast Asia’s demographics contribute to the total population of these users with the Philippines on its stead with its 76 million internet users out of the 107.3 total population.

Filipinos have an average of 10 hours and 2 minutes of screen time daily, which leads us to think that our country is one of the most technologically literate populations around the world. Developing nations from Southeast Asia also dominate the internet usage index but not as extensively as the Philippines. This is well-versed data that supports the claim that the Philippines is devoted to contributing to its internet usage.

Now more than ever, there is heavy importance imposed on the digital market, especially since the internet users are growing at a rapid pace. Going into 2019, the Philippines has had an increase in active users by 13%, as it grew from 67,000,000 in 2018 to 76,000,000 today. Of this number, 72,000,000 are mobile users, those who use their smartphones as the primary means to gain connectivity.

This is a far cry from the days of dial-up and prepaid internet that signaled the arrival of the digital age here in the country. Back then, it would take a certain level of privilege and financial capability for one to say that they are well adept at using the internet. Not everyone had access to a personal computer and a connection to the internet in the past, but now it has become more accessible regardless of class.

Out of this astounding number, the truth is that most of these users ignore ads in the search engine. Users do not always click ads, they usually prefer organic results which is why an SEO agency is your best bet in generating revenue in the market. Seeing as the general population is all active in the online world, it would be natural to tap into this market and stay professionally visible for them.

In the Philippines alone, these are the people who can see you as you start dominating the search engines, what more if you aim to be a global brand?

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Making the Most Out of an SEO Agency

Business visibility can be achieved by the elements of an excellent SEO agency. It would take a lot of time, effort, and money to optimize your site, which further proves that it is a significant investment for your business. Here is how you would know that the agency you hired is a good one:

These factors, alongside the others mentioned earlier, further pushed the advancement of SEO in the Philippines, and transformed it into an industry that is known for using white hat SEO methods that generate the best results for different companies.

With the factors and a huge labor force at your disposal, It would be strategic for companies - both local and international - to outsource their SEO here in the Philippines. These advantages allow companies to maximize their investments and to gain substantial profits. Here are some of these reasons why the Philippines is one of the best places to start your SEO foundation in:

Trusted by Reputable Clients

Trusted by Reputable Clients

A long list of clientele may just be the first signal that you are talking to an established SEO agency. Working with well-known clients means that they are able to handle great responsibility and accomplish tasks without supervision. If you’re still skeptical of these companies, you can try contacting them and ask for feedback regarding the agency.

Registered and Licensed

Registered and Licensed

A high-quality SEO agency is recognized as a legit company when it is registered and licensed by the government. Being certified to operate legally will put you right at ease because this proves that they are serious in the long-run. Ask for appropriate government documentation from them before hiring them so you wouldn’t risk getting exposed to black-hat tactics and strategies.



You know you landed on a good SEO agency when they are transparent in what they are doing but with no supervision from you. A solid reputation speaks for itself so if you are looking at a particular agency, and they are reputable enough to garner positive feedback, then you are in luck.

No Outrageous Claims

No Outrageous Claims

A client’s experience should be on the first priorities of a highly-respectable agency. This means that they do not go out of their way to make high expectations then fail them in return. SEO is hard work which is why you shouldn’t trust those who say that they can make you rank overnight. They will probably not give you a solid and clear strategy for optimizing your website.

Trust Us, We Make Results Happen

SEO in the Philippines is causing many businesses to thrive in their respective industries. But what would make a great SEO agency stand out from the rest is their ability to empower a business to reach new heights in the digital market, and this is what SEO Hacker aims to achieve. There are many factors which can point to rankings on the search engine which is why our team works hard to make this possible for you. We are visible to over a hundred international and local clients, which is what we will do for you.

Are you seeking a reliable SEO agency for your company but don’t know where to begin? Then look no further, let’s talk about your goals here.