Meet The Team



Chief Executive Officer

Sean is the head-honcho and editor-in-chief of SEO Hacker. He is a Bible-believing born-again Christian blogger in God and You. He is passionate about teaching, speaking, leadership development, personal growth, SEO and God.



Chief Operating Officer

Kevin is a Millenial that doesn’t think like one through the mentorship of Sean. Adaptive and interested in learning about growth and productivity, he likes to learn the lessons via audiobooks. In his past time he does mindfulness meditation and photography.


General Manager

Being a loving mother of her two adorable boys, Apple is also the office mom. She understands everyone’s feelings and is remarkably empathic. Even when working for 2 companies, she’s super organized and
detail-oriented that she never misses a follow-up.


HR Manager

Cath is the most affable HR you will ever meet. She exudes the warmness that will instantly make you feel comfortable being around her. Despite that, she means business when it is time to work. Her person-centric view allows her to help her colleagues in any way and every way possible.


Admin Assistant

Always up to the challenge, no matter how hard it is, Paola is one of the most reliable team members in the company. When she’s not doing admin tasks, you will see her in the court playing volleyball or being the overall lakwatsera and caring team member that she is.


SEO Specialist Team Lead

Jules is everybody’s buddy. A witty friend that’s sure to make you laugh every time you get to hang out with him. Aside from being a great writer, he can act as a pillow for comfort.



Marketing Associate Team Lead

As the office senior graphic designer, Jam creates the designs for rush powerpoint decks, proposals, and whatever graphic requests that needs to be done. When at home, she’s busy with one (or all) of three M’s: being a Mom, Memes, or Make up.


Accounts Management Lead

As the senior account manager, Ally is responsible for building and maintaining the good relationship that we have with our clients. When at home, she is a fur mom to her two toy Poodles and Siberian husky.


Business Development Executive

When it comes to kalokohan and hustling, Stephy finds the right balance between the two. While she can be your office BFF, she can also be your trusted and hardworking Account Manager who knows the way around her clients. She knows when and how to get the job done while also maintaining a light air in the room.


Leadership Stack Team Lead

Lara is an integral part of the SEO Hacker team. She is a graphic designer that has helped create fantastic and eye-catching content for all kinds of teams in the company. A kind and humble person, Lara’s passion can be seen in the content she makes. She is also a fan of basketball and K-Pop.


Off-Page SEO Team Lead

Nikki’s bright smile is infectious like her enthusiasm to accomplish her tasks. She faces her responsibilities head on while also being the all-around jeje kween of the team.


Off-Page SEO Manager

You will often see Ynna browsing and exploring the internet. From pop culture to academic topics, she enjoys discovering a whole lot of interesting things. This also goes for her work as an Off-Page SEO team member. Ynna is also a film junkie, a cat mom, and a sucker for coffee and everything dairy.


Blog Management Team Lead

When it comes to films and culture overall, Clark is your guy. With remarkable writing skills and a unique creativity in handling his tasks, he is one of the most approachable and dependable guys in the team.


SEO Specialist

Erika is the perfect balance of work and fun. The BM Team respects her work ethic and attention to detail. She has her own unique way of encouraging her teammates to thrive. Despite that, she is one of the most approachable people in the office. She may have an iron fist at times but she actually has a soft heart.


Associate Inbound Marketer

V has been in school for the past two decades of their life. They aspire to live in a cottage in the mountains someday, dispensing philosophical wisdom to any lucky fellow who happens to come across their home. V also loves fairy tales, magic, and cats.


Blog Manager

Pat embodies the spirit and fabric that unites the BM team. Her genuine friendliness and uplifting attitude makes it fun to connect and collaborate as teammates. From being highly receptive to details, to having a good foundation of writing skills, she consistently gets things done with a positive mindset.


Blog Manager

Even though Mikee seems reserved at first, she is actually fun-loving and one of the best writers from the BM team. She has become an integral part of the company and you can always count on her to get the job done. Outside of work, Mikee likes to spend her time listening to Red Velvet and playing video games.


Content Writer

Tyrine is a fun and diligent content writer in the Blog Management team. She is someone you can rely on when it comes to achieving tasks with ease, at the same, she is your go-to for lightening the atmosphere through positivity!



When it comes to getting the job done, you can always count on Faye. She is reliable, adaptable, and responsible.  She also contributes to the strength and bond of the BM Team with her cheerfulness and the ability to brighten up any conversation.


Project Management Team Lead

Phia being the bardagowl queen herself might intimidate you at first (she blocks JOs in just a snap) but once you get to know her, she can be the most hyper! A great communicator and a caring leader that motivates her team by working alongside them through any type of task, whether it’s website or project management concern, she got your back.


Project Manager

Fun-sized and having a shy demeanor is what probably crosses the minds of people who meet Gail at first. But don’t let that fool you, her hardworking spirit and passion to work excellently is what makes her one of the teams’ go-to person in keeping everything in check. What makes her happy? Ice-cream and being a fur parent to her lovable Cooper the toy poodle.


SEO Specialist

When it comes to innovations, Niko’s never a person to shy away from a challenge. In-charge of both guarding and improving the company’s output, he spearheads quality assurance team through leading by example.



Senior Back-End Web Developer

An aspiring developer who tries a lot of new things. He is the person you can go to when things get tough. Whenever he isn’t coding, he’s playing online games.


Web Development Team Lead

Ayam is the team’s charmer, The Web Developer’s Sweetheart, The only pure handsome guy in webdev team. Even while getting stressed out with his codes, he remains the positive flare that lights ups those around him.


Web Developer

Genesis is the super rookie of the dev team who has a strong passion for web development. His work ethics and grit are his strengths. Aside from being one of the most hardworking developers, he is also one of the most approachable and good listeners. He’s willing to listen and hear your shared thoughts and ideas that will push you to expand and improve your craft.



Rei is a team player and the most improved developer in the team. He is always willing to help when his teammates need him. He always gives his best to learn and complete his tasks. He also loves to code, draw and play games in his free time.


Web Design Team Lead

A web designer that is easy-going, bursting with creativity and doesn’t back down from difficult tasks. Sweet is also your one-bot buddy that makes her a great company – just name the place and time and she’s always G!


Graphic Designer

George doesn’t miss out on what’s new in the creative industry. Helping clients build their social media presence is her thing. Besides designing graphics. She is also passionate in dancing and watching films that are cerebral to watch.


Leadership Stack Producer

Peter is the silent type at first, but when you get to meet him he has this active personality. He is a multimedia artist, so whether you need help in graphics, photo, or video editing – he got you. When he’s not busy editing, you can find him playing sports or video games as he has this very competitive spirit.


Web Designer

Pam is a shy-type of person physically but when you get to know her, she’s beyond that. When it comes to web designing, she adheres to trends in order to provide the finest service for their clients. She is a well-rounded person and always takes life in an optimistic manner.


Link Builder

Marian is one of the most hardworking link builders on the team. Don’t be intimidated by her tough looks, you can get on her good side by talking about cute animals, and food. She’s easy to work with and an over-all trusted team player.


Account Manager

While she is called as the “bully” of the AM Team, Oreo is still sweet and caring. She checks up on her teammates and shares stories as a way to bond with them. She is passionate about her work and is one reliable teammate. Her motivation? Her 2 doggies, Covee and Snoopy!


Account Manager

Grace loves to start her mornings with a cup of coffee. Despite her busy tasks she always makes sure to reach out to her clients effectively. After working hours, she likes to listen to classic OPM songs.


Quality Assurance Assistant

Auds may appear shy, but is actually a jokester once you get to know her. She is always down for a light chat and quick exchange of jokes. Outside work, she enjoys boxing, watching old films, and discovering new music. She’s also a full-time parent to her dog, Charlie.


Web Designer

As an optimist, Francis always sees the positive in the worst of times. That’s why negativity doesn’t impact his designs. He plays a lot of different sports and online games. The world is his video game, the harder the challenge, the higher level of standard he gives.

SEO Hacker

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