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4 Growth Hacks to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

4 Growth Hacks to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

Many of you may be acquainted with the phrase “growth hacking“. Ideally, this term denotes that every decision you take in favor of your business ultimately becomes the determining factor for its growth, strategy or increase in customers.

Now when it comes to blogging, this principle focuses on how the actions and strategies of the bloggers that will drive the growth of the blog. This process involves traffic, social media shares, links, and ultimately, conversions or sales.

When you are entirely dedicated to seeing your blog grow and drive results, then you have to maintain the following practices as part of the growth hacking process for your blog.

Select topics that have already found many takers

Coming up with new topics every time you write a blog is cumbersome. What’s even harder is finding topics that your audience can actually relate with. However, there is an appropriate strategy that will allow you to come up with topics and titles that are most likely to click with the audiences as they’ve already garnered popularity.

Use a tool like Ubersuggest or BuzzSumo to find posts that gained immense popularity in terms of numerous social shares. Go through those posts, and build on them to create compelling content.

Write intriguing headlines

The headline is the first thing that the audience will be drawn to, so you have to present it perfectly.

Make sure your headlines are optimized properly with the relevant keywords, but also don’t forget that your write-up is as much for the audience as it is for the search engines.

Write intriguing headlines

Share your blog on online forums

Online platforms like Reddit or Quora offer an excellent way to drive humongous traffic to your blog. Check out these websites queries that are somehow associated with your specific blog topic.

For instance, if someone asks a question regarding the best SEO practices, and you have already written a blog titled, “20 SEO tips for driving traffic to your site,” you post a reply to the specific query and urge them to read the blog.

However, you need to proceed carefully with this method. If your comments aren’t pertinent or come across as too promotional, you could receive negative responses.

Include the link to your other blog posts in your content

While publishing the blog posts, you can incorporate relevant links to your other blog content. This proves advantageous for SEO.

When you apply this method of cross-linking, you will notice a boost in SEO and will also be able to drive the traffic to your site.

Find relevant posts that are similar to your blog topic. Now there are several keyword monitoring tools that can show you multiple types of content connected with those keywords.

You can select the key phrases in your new blog post to appear as the anchor text for the links. These keywords should be somewhat associated with the current topic that you’ve written about since Google will utilize this information to rank the post.

Include the link to your other blog posts in your content

Always monitor your analytics

The significance of your analytics has to be immense in case of checking the engagements on your blog posts. This is the only way to understand, which strategies have worked, and which have been futile.

Now when it comes to the blog analytics, make sure it addresses the following questions.

  • Where are most of the topics coming from? Social shares, Search, or referrals? Utilize the channels that are generating the most growth.
  • Which pieces are generating the most number of views? Which landing pages are garnering the most visits to your website? Create related content to continue to drive growth.
  • Which links are driving the most referrals? How can you get more of these links?

Create shareable content through on a blog

Consider whether your blog content is simple enough for your readers to share. You readers aren’t likely to work too hard to share blog a post, so you need to make it simple for them.

Your posts may have several share buttons, but have you incorporated the sharing options to the blog posts itself? There are several WordPress plugins that let you make the blog post shareable with a single click. These are the vital factors that you can leverage to get your audience to engage with your blog content.

Consider guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the major driving forces in the development of any business. It will allow you to reach out to a wider network of people outside the scope of your influence and will help to gain a substantial number of website traffic, social media followers, and subscribers.

First and foremost, check the websites in your specific area or industry that are heavily into content syndication and publish guest posts, and start maintaining connections with their owners. You need to become a reliable and recognized entity, and then you can convey your willingness to contributing guest posts to their site.

If a certain web portal proves to be beneficial in terms of driving traffic, you can pitch in about a long-term posting arrangement. Ideally, this is way more a potent strategy.

Set clear objectives for your blog

Ask yourself where do you want to see your blog in the next six months or a year. Think about how you will ensure the success of your blog, and how you will know you’ve achieved them.

Determining your objectives is integral to the growth of your blog, but that’s not sufficient. So you need to spend time thinking about the steps that will take your closer to achieve your objectives and help you grow your blog.

Be realistic and specific to allow yourself the fruits of your success.

Share the blog content more than once at a regular interval

It’s necessary that you share one specific content on social media more than once (or twice, or thrice). In fact, platforms like Twitter actually need this approach to achieve success.

One of the most convenient ways to multiply the number of audience for every post you write is to simply share it more often. If each share leads to a few new clicks, the engagements will automatically be higher. However, you need to be systematic with this approach, and it’d be wise for you to maintain a schedule for social sharing to determine when it is the right time to share a blog content again.

Nurture your Google+ audience

One of the greatest ways to make yourself visible in search is by having a presence in Google+, Google’s own social platform. Although most brands have a Google+ account, they rarely leverage on the network and put all the efforts on driving traffic through Twitter or Facebook. Well, it’s time you learn the importance of Google+.

The more people you add to your Google+ circles, the higher your chances are to have a prominent presence on the search results. When it comes to the search results on this setting, the onus is put on those in your circles. So if you want to appear in other’s searches, you should get in their circles.

All these crucial efforts will ensure that your blog grows to be successful in terms of driving more traffic and getting your target audience to open up to your business.

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